Chris Sligh Signs a New Record Deal

Chris Sligh had blogged that a “major record deal” was in the works, but that some of the finer details–publishing rights in particular–still had to be ironed out. Finally, Chris posts that the deal is done:

Well, the deal is finally done. We got everything worked out with everyone involved and are finally moved on to the long form. So, unless something crazy happens in the long form phase (which rarely if ever happens) then within a couple of weeks, this deal will be done officially, official announcements and press releases will be made and within a few weeks I’ll be in a warm, cozy recording studio working on album #2…tentatively titled “All the Angles”. For that I am very excited.

Read Chris’s entire blog post HERE.

Chris was formerly on Brash records, but they mutually decided to part ways after the release of Chris’s post-Idol debut, Running Back to You.

After the jump, check out the tentative track list for Chris’s new album:

The album will still have 14 song plus musical interludes. Some songs have changed…here is the tentative track listing:

1. Intro/Naive
2. Losing My Faith
3. Only You Can Save
4. In the Weak
5. Taking It Back
6. Catching Up
7. Still You Love Me
8. Chasing Down a Name
9. Beginning/End
10. I’m Ready
11. Love is the Answer
12. One
13. Always You
14. Broken/Beautiful

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  1. Well, Chris will still need a stylist and some loss of weight to make it. Also, why is he not waiting until this deal is really “officially” done before talking about it. The reason why, he is trying to get some attention for his so so career. Nobody really cares anyway.

  2. Very excited about this upcoming album. I love “Running Back to You”, but I think I may like this one even better, and that’s saying a lot. You can head to his myspace production page at and hear several demo versions of some of these songs. Very powerful and moving lyrics on these.

    For those who haven’t been following his career, Chris has found his niche as a songwriter in Nashville, writing for others as well as for himself. He was a co-writer of Rascal Flatt’s #1 song, “Here Comes Goodbye” and was nominated for 2 Dove Awards this year (the Christian equivalent of the Grammies)

  3. I saw him and Aaron Shust live a few months ago.. Chris Sligh’s new songs (of what I heard) are pretty good. I really liked In The Weak..
    Not so sure on his interpersonal skills though from meeting him..yikes.
    I wish him all the best though

  4. why is he not waiting until this deal is really ‘officially’  done before talking about it. The reason why, he is trying to get some attention for his so so career. Nobody really cares anyway.

    Exactly. He’s been such an ass in his blogs, especially his “advice” to the Season 8 Idols. A friend of mine said he was a jerk after she met some of them at the Season 6 tour. He totally blew off his fans and kept complaining about stuff. That just confirms what I already suspected about him.

  5. I met him when on the Season 6 Tour at 3 different locations… and thought he was very witty and gracious to the fans. He stayed later and chatted with people longer than most of the Idols. There was one Diva who didn’t even show up for Meet and Greet 2 of those times – so I only have 9 of the 10 autographs. I have also seen Chris live at a Back to School Tour that he does. He is direct and confident it seemed to me and I think that is what some people react to.

  6. Well, I had a bad experience with David Cook. He was my fav from S7, and when I met him in Charlotte, he was pretty rude. I had a gift for him, and he didn’t even say thank you. Supposedly he had not slept the night before, so I just chalked it up to that. But I was hugely disappointed.

    Maybe Chris had had a bad day…or didn’t sleep.

  7. I think that is a great attitude…. I bet if we took a poll, we would find someone who had a bad experience with meeting each of the season’s top 10 while on tour. I cannot even imagine traveling on a bus all summer and being at the beck and call of us fans 24/7. Late nights, hurried meals, away from family….. I just try to put myself in their places. That is why I didn’t name the Diva – I just figured she had some good reason for not being there.

  8. Congrats to Chris on his new deal and can’t wait for his new album to drop in Sept. RBTY was a great album but the new songs show how he is evolving and IMO are even better. I still really love his voice!

    Very surprised to hear the whole “blew off his fans” thing, doesn’t sound like him at all. You may not like Chris for one reason or another but I have been to many of his concerts and AI concerts as well, and he always hangs around after every one and stays until the last autograph wanted is signed. He works for Compassion Intl. and holds a benefit concert every summer at his hometown for one of his young fans who died of cancer. Just doesn’t sound like an asshat to me.

    Anyway, sending Chris kudos for his new deal and hopes he continues to do well! He is very deserving! Thanks MJ for keeping us in the loop!

  9. Well glad to hear that Chris isn’t always such an ass to his fans. I wish him well, but I refuse to support his career. I do love his voice but I cannot stand the way he has presented himself since coming off Idol. I’ve seen and heard enough to know that I cannot support someone like that. And I refuse to listen to or make excuses for his behavior to fans at any tour stop. No amount of good deeds or other good fan encounters can make up for it. It’s why I’m glad there wonderful representatives of Idol who I’ve never, ever heard a single negative thing about regarding fan encounters, the ever-gracious and giving Idols such as Melinda, Phil Stacey, Archie, Brooke, Jason Castro, Michael Johns, Kris Allen, Matt Giraud, Danny Gokey, etc. to make up for the less than stellar meetings that some fans have had with the likes of Chris Sligh or sadly even David Cook. I love Cook and am sad to hear about that, but I guess it’s the way it is. His mom was very rude and standoffish to fans when she and Andrew were at a local show near KC for the Brooke and Michael show. I was standing right next to her and thought about saying hi, but she had a very pissed off look on her face the entire time. Thankfully Andrew Cook was awesome to everyone who approached him.

  10. Thanks for all the congrats…obviously this is minor minor news. It’s really not what I would consider news at all, actually…I just wanted to let my core fans know what was going on, since this record deal negotiation process has taken over 8 months. I did want to answer a couple of things:

    1) Pat…seriously where do you people come from? I mean dislike me all you want but don’t make silly claims to try and make a point. I love that I need to do something to “make it”. I’ve made it LOL…sure, I’d love to be a higher-selling artist, but for the market I’m in, I’ve done pretty well. And the belief of my new label is that we will build quickly on that. I’m in the Christian market. It’s a niche market about the same size as the dance market or jazz. The average artist who is making a healthy living doesn’t sell a lot of records. They work hard make a good living doing what they love and every now and then they see crossover success that sells a lot of records. If I never sell a gold or platinum record, I will still be more successful than 99.9% of artists in the world. That’s “making it” in my book.

    2) Kay…I’m so sorry if I was rude or whatever at the Back to School tour. I try really hard to stick around and sign autographs as long as there are people waiting. I will admit that there are many times when someone says “I watched you on American Idol” that I don’t know how to respond other than “Thanks”. So…I’d love to hear how I was rude…I never ever ever want to be rude to someone who has spent their money on an album or a concert ticket…ever. Seriously, please let me know and I promise you I will work on it. I think people sometimes expect me to be the same in person as I am on stage and unfortunately that isn’t the case…but I always want to make sure and address blind spots, esp in that area.

    3) Sunshinegirl…um? When would your “friend” have been around that I would’ve had time to complain about anything? Seriously? When fans were around, we were in a line, signing autographs. Your “friend” would’ve have 30-45 seconds at best passing by. Not sure how it’s possible your “friend” could’ve heard me complaining. And if they came to the aftershow meet & greet I would have to call bs on your “friend”…that was my favorite part of the night…the aftershow. And 55 out of 59 nights on the tour I spent as much time signing autographs at the fence as anyone could (the other 4 I was sick). I mean, seriously, don’t like me all you want. But don’t make outlandish claims to make me look bad…it’s just silly.

    4) Diane, I have met a certain Idol 3 times in aftershow meet and greets and every time he completely blew off his fans. Wouldn’t sign autographs for those of us that got backstage passes, wouldn’t take pictures with a buddy of mine who was with me at one of the shows, wouldn’t take pictures in general. But I have seen reports of him being incredibly gracious with his time in after shows at other times…so I had to mark it up to him simply being off his game. I will leave him nameless for that reason. He seems like a great guy the few times I’ve met and hung with him. But I just thought his treatment of fans on those particular nights was not great. So, I think that is a great attitude to take (agreeing with Sanfrangirl).

    5) Thanks to BS for the kind words. If you’ve met me more than once, I really do try and reach out as much as I can…

    Peace and love,

  11. Wow, surprised by some of the responses on here. I’ve had the opportunity to see Chris many times in concert, and have seen him interact with many fans. I can tell you that there aren’t a lot of artists who wait and make sure every fan who wants an autograph or a picture gets one. Anyone can have an off day, but one of the most important things to Chris is connecting with his fans.

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