Chris Daughtry – Life After You – Ellen Degeneres – VIDEO

Chris Daughtry and his band Daughtry perform their new single “Life After You” on the Ellen Degeneres Show. The episode airs today.

Whole lotta love solo
Whole lotta love solo

Check out Daughtry doing their thing, after the jump.

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. Am I strange? This sounds, to me, just like most of Chris’ other stuff. Not bad, but not great, safe and reliable…totally Daughtry. And, I do have to say that I would rather hear Daughtry or listen to his song through a video. The band, and Kris, have never grabbed me as visual performers. Granted, I have never seen them in concert…just TV or online stuff. I enjoyed him so much on AI when he was OTT and bombastic and made a spectacle of himself…does he do that in concert?

  2. It does sound very much like the Daughtry I know and love – awesome! :)

    Sue this is one of my very favorites off the album too (can’t say #1 favorite because that changes with my mood. If I’m the mood for something that really rocks and pounds, then my favorite is ‘You Don’t Belong’, if I’m feeling reflective then it’s ‘Tennessee Line’ or ‘Open Up Your Eyes’, etc…)

    This is my ex-girlfriend’s favorite song (we almost got married, broke up, and are now seeing each other again, so there’s a lot of the theme of this song that sort of applies). She was never an AI fan before this album (didn’t hate it, but always teased me for being such a huge fan of Daughtry and Cook) but when she heard ‘No Surprise’ on the radio she liked it so much she bought the album (ironically she thought that the song was by Cook at first and it took her awhile to find the right album – I could have told her of course but that was before we started seeing each other again).

    But I love this song and I’m very happy that they picked it to be the next single.

  3. I love Chris and this song, I have the CD and have played it to death. But he sounds a little off-key or something. Don’t jump on me on his worst day he sounds better than 90% of what’s out there. I have listened to the studio version so much maybe it just sounds different and makes it sound a little off to me.

  4. Thanks so much for the video!!

    Chris’ voice sounded great!! Usually there’s an interview too…kinda bummed there’s not.

    As far as their visual performances….first I’m biased because I love each of them so as for visual all they need to do is show up and I’m good lol. But in concert so far they’ve been pretty much what you see on their TV performances, just getting lost in the song and playing it with all they’ve got which is what moves me. They’re just about to start their first headlining tour with their own stage design that supposed to include pyro and all that fun stuff so I’m sure their stage game is about to step up big time. As far as putting on a production….something like you’d expect from Adam let’s say….then no, that’s not their thing, it wouldn’t work for them. So it’s all about what you’re into.

  5. I have listened to the studio version so much maybe it just sounds different and makes it sound a little off to me.

    It does sound different than the studio version and I actually LOVE it! His voice doesn’t sound off to me at all….it does seem like the guitars got a little loud and he was trying to sing over them but I do like what they’ve done with the song…it was very cool to see Brian doing a little back up too, he doesn’t usually even have a mic in front of him.

  6. This one is much better than No Surprise, and it sounds like a Daughtry song instead of a Nickelback song, thank goodness. I’m surprised they’re releasing the new single already though. No Surprise is still at #3 on HAC with a bullet on this Mediabase chart:

    Also makes it that much more frustrating that RCA hasn’t released another David cook single, and hasn’t released any of the best songs.

  7. This is the Daughtry I know and love, most definitely – just like his first cd, I bet almost every one on this one will be a hit also!

    He ALWAYS sounds so good live unlike so many singers out there

  8. All of Daughtry songs sound the same to me, and I just can’t stand to watch him. Hearing the song on the radio is one thing, but he shows no emotion when performing live. Now DC is quite the opposite – lots of emotion and shows that he’s into the performance.

  9. Thanks MJ for posting this.
    I work full time and have to DVR Ellen, and tonight my family and I are going to see Spamalot so no time to watch this….. So I would have to wait until tomorrow to see this.
    AND HERE IT IS! thank you soooo much. I just found your blog this year, how did I ever survive without it??? I adore Daughtry and this live version is just heavenly.

  10. That performance was a mess. It started ok but it got really bad.

    I like this songs more than No Surprise, reminds me of Home.

  11. Loved this performance by the boys! This is not my favorite song from the album but it’s still better than some of the stuff that I hear on the radio now so I hope this will be another hit for them!

  12. Always liked Daughtry. I credit him as helping me get over by bias against anything Idol. True, I once thought I was too good to get sucked into Idolmania and thanks to Daughtry, Carly Smithson, Amanda Overmeier, Allison and one Glittery Alien, here I am…

    Anyways, loved his performance, love his voice. I hope this CD is selling as well his first effort.

  13. God that was boring. All his songs sound the same to me. It’s a shame because I love his voice but he’s a one trick pony.

  14. I enjoyed it. I did tape it but hadn’t had a chance to watch with DWTS on.

  15. Man, I like this song SO much better than No Surprise which I can’t stand, lol. I’ll have to pick up his album if I ever get paid again :).

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