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A new episode of Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

Miesha is HoH once again. She nominated Carson and Cynthia for eviction. Tonight is the Power of Veto competition and the live eviction. Will the Power of Veto save Carson or Cynthia from the block? And which celebrity will be evicted tonight? Let’s find out!

The episode picks up after the Nomination Ceremony. We hear from some of the celebrities in the Diary Room. Miesha explains that she is threatened by Carson’s social game. She also nominated Cynthia since she is in a tight alliance with Carson. Carson jokes that Miesha is obsessed with him. He says he will just have to win the Power of Veto again. Cynthia isn’t surprised to be nominated with Carson, but she is disappointed her former ally Todrick didn’t give her a heads up. Chris Kirkpatrick says he and Shanna have been playing the middle. He wonders if Shanna or himself will be the replacement nominee if the Power of Veto is used.

Todrick claims he has blood on his hands from Miesha’s decisions. He tells Cynthia that Miesha makes her own decisions. He also assures Cynthia she won’t be going home this week. Later, Todrick speculates with Miesha that the rest of the house is gunning for them. He’s especially worried about Chris Kirkpatrick. Miesha reiterates that her prime target is Carson. She says they can deal with the rest of the threats later.

Shanna is concerned she could be backdoored this week. Chris Kirkpatrick still wants to keep bigger targets in the house. He tells Shanna that if she wins the Power of Veto, then she could save Carson from the block. Chris Kirkpatrick could likely be the replacement nominee, which he realizes is a big risk. He would rather have Carson stay in the house to go after Miesha and Todrick next week. Shanna understands Chris Kirkpatrick’s pitch, but she says too many things need to go their way for this plan to work.

Chris Kattan has been struggling in the Big Brother house, and he wants to go home. He goes into the Diary Room. Later, Miesha has been instructed by production to read an announcement to the rest of the celebrities. She announces that Chris Kattan will not continue playing Big Brother and has left the house. They also get a video message from Chris Kattan. He says it has been a difficult experience and his departure was abrupt, but he wanted all the remaining Houseguests to know he’s been impacted by them. He gives individual shout-outs to each of them. The other celebrities will miss Chris, but they understand that he needs to do what’s best for him.

It’s time for the Power of Veto competition. Shanna, Lamar, and Todrick have been chosen to compete along with HoH Miesha and nominees Carson and Cynthia. For this competition, they must stack snowflakes. The celebrities with the most snowflakes will win the Power of Veto. However, there’s a twist. They need to keep the time on their clock running. In order to do this, they must ride a reindeer rocking chair to add time to their clock. If they forget to add time to their clock and the clock goes to zero, then they will be eliminated from the competition. If they feel confident in their snowflake tower, then they can lock in their number of snowflakes as their final score. The competition begins, and Lamar is the first one eliminated after he forgets to clock in more time. Miesha also accidentally times out. Cynthia decides to lock in 9 snowflakes. She believes everyone else will time out. However, Shanna locks in 22 snowflakes. Miesha whispers to Shanna she is okay with Shanna saving Cynthia. Only Carson and Todrick remain, but Carson and Todrick both time out. Shanna wins the Power of Veto!

Shanna and Chris talk about Power of Veto possibilities. They could play it safe and keep nominations the same, or they could save Carson with the hopes of Todd being the replacement nominee. They decide to shake things up. Chris and Shanna approach Carson, and they share with him the plan. They tell him they want both him and Cynthia to stay this week. Meanwhile, Miesha is concerned about Chris. She wonders if Chris will target her if he wins HoH next week. She noticed his mannerisms have changed, and she’s unsure if he is still loyal to her. Later, Miesha pulls Chris aside to talk game. Miesha asks Chris to vote out Carson if Shanna saves Cynthia with the Power of Veto. Chris asks Miesha if she would put him up, and she tells him no. She just wants to make sure they are on the same page. Chris deflects and tells Miesha that everything he has done in the game has been for her. Miesha reiterates that she just wants to make sure Todd won’t go home this week if he is the replacement nominee. She asks Chris again about his vote. Chris is noncommittal in his answer. He explains in the Diary Room that he wants to play with integrity, so he doesn’t want to lie to her face. However, he’s worried that Miesha will now name him as the replacement nominee since he didn’t tell her want she wanted to hear.

Miesha asks Shanna about her plan with the Power of Veto. Shanna tells Miesha she plans to save Cynthia with the Power of Veto. Miesha would rather the Power of Veto not be used. Miesha asks if she would save Carson. Shanna hesitates, but she tells her she won’t use the Power of Veto on Carson. Miesha says if Carson is going to be evicted regardless, then she shouldn’t even use the Power of Veto. In the Diary Room, Shanna vents her frustration. She believes Miesha is ordering everyone around. Shanna tells Miesha that they’ll just play their own games.

At the Veto Meeting, Shanna uses the Power of Veto on Carson. Miesha jokingly asks for any volunteers for the replacement nominee. After some thought, Miesha chooses to nominate Chris. She says she believes this is the decision she has been forced to make at this time. Miesha felt blindsided by Shanna’s decision. After the ceremony, she tells Chris that this doesn’t mean he’s going home. Miesha explains in the Diary Room that she’s been uncertain about Chris’s loyalty, so that’s why she chose Chris as the replacement nominee. Shanna is worried about Chris being on the block. “Who backdoors themselves on purpose?” Chris says in the Diary Room. He hopes he can save himself. Todrick, however, is eager to vote Chris out of the house. Next Miesha and Todrick talk to Shanna. Miesha just hopes Shanna won’t target her if she wins HoH. Shanna was worried she was the next one out if Carson or Cynthia won the Power of Veto. She thinks she needs numbers on her side, so that’s why she saved Carson. Miesha tells her that the line has now been drawn. In the Diary Room, Miesha says Shanna has went from her teammate to her opponent. Later, Chris tells Shanna that they still won. He says the house has flipped and the power has shifted after this move. Shanna is still worried about Chris since he’s on the block. Chris says it’s okay and it’s game on now.

Next Julie shares some news with the celebrities. In a true or false game, she reveals that Denzel Washington broke the record for the most Oscar nominations for a Black actor, Rafael Nadal broke the Grand Slam record, Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner named their baby Wolf, Dolly Parton and Eminem received nominations for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams will be playing in the Super Bowl.

Next we see discussions of the vote. Lamar and Todd talk game, and Todd wants to evict Cynthia. This is because she voted against him in the first eviction vote of the season. Later, Cynthia approaches Todd. She explains she already gave her word to Teddi, and she hopes he can understand that. Todd said that if she cuts his throat, then he will do the same to her. The argument gets heated. Cynthia says it was never personal and she didn’t owe him anything. She tells Todd she doesn’t need his vote, and she’s fine if he evicts her. She asks Todd why does his word mean more than hers, and Todd gets irritated. The conversation ends with him standing up from the table and cussing Cynthia out before they both walk away from each other. Todd vents that he was just minding his own business before Cynthia approached him. Carson is worried this could hurt Cynthia’s chances of staying in the house, but he says anything can happen in the Big Brother house.

It’s time for the live vote and eviction. Chris and Cynthia will each get to make one last plea to their Houseguests. Chris thanks CBS and his family. He says this has been a roller coaster ride. He appreciates all of his fellow Houseguests, and he’s okay with whatever happens. He wishes them the best of luck. Cynthia thanks God for making this possible. She says she can only play this game one way and her loyalty is everything. She says she will appreciate their votes. She ends by giving shout-outs to her family members. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

Todrick votes to evict Chris.

Todd votes to evict Chris.

Shanna votes to evict Chris.

Lamar votes to evict Chris.

Carson votes to evict Chris.

By a unanimous vote, Chris Kirkpatrick has been evicted from the Big Brother house. He gives everyone a hug before walking out the door. He sits down for his interview with Julie. Julie asks about the vote, and he’s surprised by the unanimous vote. He thought Shanna would’ve given him a vote. Julie asks about the big risk of Shanna using the Power of Veto. Why would he take that risk? Chris explains that the game wasn’t fun with one side running the house. He wanted to shake up the house and go out swinging. He says he doesn’t regret the decision. Julie asks why he didn’t tell Miesha what she wanted to hear. He says he couldn’t lie to Miesha after the bond they built. He hopes he played the game with integrity. He’s a big fan of Big Brother, and he says it’s still surreal to be there. Julie asks his assessment on his game. He says he just wanted to have fun. Next the goodbye messages play. Miesha has respect for Chris and says they will have a lasting friendship. Carson says they have to say “Bye, Bye, Bye” to him. Cynthia adores Chris. Shanna says this was not the plan. She couldn’t imagine playing the game with anyone else. Todrick accuses Chris of running a smear campaign against him and says it was his mission to outlast Chris. After the messages play, Julie asks Chris what his fellow *NSYNC band member Lance Bass (who is a Big Brother fan) is going to say about his game. He says he’ll say “it sucked.” Julie asks Chris who is playing the best game right now. Chris says Miesha and Todrick are playing a good game.

The episode ends with the start of the next HoH competition. It’s an endurance competition that requires the celebrities to hang onto a tilting wall. The last celebrity to fall will be the next Head of Household.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother. Thanks for reading, and come back next time for another live recap.

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