Carrie Underwood: The Complete Track List

Brian Mansfield over at Idol Chatter got an early listen to Carrie Underwood’s Play On last week, and has posted a complete track list to her album.

As rumored, pop hitmaker, Max Martin co-wrote a tune called “Quitter.”   Carrie’s got a whopping 7 c0-writes–over half of the album’s 13 cuts.

Sneak Peek of 'She Used to Be M...
Sneak Peek of 'She Used to Be Mine' from the WAITRESS Cast Album

Kara DioGuardi co-wrote “Mama’s Song” and “Undo It”, and “Unapologize” is co-written by Carrie, Raine Maida and his wife Chantal Kreviazuk. Raine and Chantal co-wrote songs for David Cook’s 2008 post-Idol debut.

The Sons of Sylvia aka The Clark Brothers, winners of   The Next Great American Band, 19’s ill-fated reality show from 2007 are featured on “What Can I Say”.   One of the brothers, Ashley Clark, played fiddle in her band.

Can’t wait for new Carrie music? iTunes is releasing a song a week from Play On in the weeks before the album’s release on 11/3. In addition to the single “Cowboy Casanova” you can also download “Mama’s Song”.   Billboard will preview the track on Sunday’s.   Look for “Temporary Home” this Sunday…   Carrie will be featured on Billboard’s 10/16 print issue.

Download Carrie:

  • Carrie Underwood ‘ Mama’s Song ‘ iTunes
  • Carrie Underwood ‘ Cowboy Casanova ‘ iTunes
  • Pre-order Play OnAmazon

Track List after the JUMP…

Update: Don’t forget–Carrie Underwood’s Wal-Mart Souncheck debuts tomorrow!

1. Cowboy Casanova (Carrie Underwood/Mike Elizondo/Brett James)
2. Quitter (Max Martin/Shellback/Savan Kotecha)
3. Mama’s Song (Carrie Underwood/Kara DioGuardi/Marti Frederiksen/Luke Laird)
4. Change (Katrina Elam/Josh Kear/Chris Tompkins)
5. Undo It (Carrie Underwood/Kara DioGuardi/Marti Frederiksen/Luke Laird)
6. Someday When I Stop Loving You (Hillary Lindsey/Steve McEwan/Gordie Sampson)
7. Songs Like This (Marty Dodson/Jerry Flowers/Tom Shapiro)
8. Temporary Home (Carrie Underwood/Luke Laird/Zac Maloy)
9. This Time (Hillary Lindsey/Steve McEwan/Gordie Sampson)
10. Look at Me (Jim Collins/Paul Overstreet)
11. Unapologize (Carrie Underwood/Hillary Lindsey/Raine Maida/Chantal Kreviazuk)
12. What Can I Say (Featuring Sons of Sylvia) (Carrie Underwood/David Hodges/Steve McEwan)
13. Play On (Carrie Underwood/Natalie Hemby/Luke Laird)

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  1. Good for Carrie getting some somgwriter cred. That makes me happy especially on Cowboy Casanova! Hopefully they will release more singles that she co-wrote.

  2. Thanks MJ! That description of Songs Like This is simultaneously intriguing and scary. LOL. I’m excited about that one.

    Walmart Soundcheck’s tweeting to remind everybody that Carrie’s Walmart Soundcheck goes live tomorrow! Can’t wait, especially to hear Carrie sing her new tunes!

  3. Walmart Soundcheck’s tweeting to remind everybody that Carrie’s Walmart Soundcheck goes live tomorrow! Can’t wait, especially to hear Carrie sing her new tunes!

    Me too how can we listen is there a link.

  4. I am soooo interested to see what this album will bring, eg., how “pop” does she go?

    BTW, is it me or is this Carrie’s Breakaway? Say hello Max Martin, Kara, Chantal Kreviazuk AND David Hodges?

    I do like that she worked with Luke Laird and Hillary Lindsey again…hopefully something good came out of that.

  5. Me too how can we listen is there a link.

    I am soooo interested to see what this album will bring, eg., how ‘pop’  does she go?

    Brian Mansfield was tweeting about Carrie’s album all weekend long and one of the things he said is that it maintains that country-pop balance that Carrie seems to like so much. He said that for every pop moment there’s a country one. Me personally I’d rather Carrie go more country but if she does it’ll be incrementally not wholesale. She is a big rock fan too so that’ll probably keep influencing her music and her choice of writers some.

    One of the Kara and Luke cowrites with Carrie is Mama’s Song and that’s country-pop (with no crossover possibility because of the subject matter IMO) so I didn’t really hear Kara pulling Carrie more in a pop direction on that one. But supposedly Undo It (which is also a song Carrie cowrote with Kara, Luke, and Martin Frederiksen) has a more crossover style. That’ll be on i-Tunes in a couple weeks. The next song on the i-Tunes Countdown is a song that Carrie wrote with Luke and with Zac Maloy and it’s called Temporary Home.

  6. Thanks for the scoop. Though, really, I guess it does go to the current definition of “country” is…not what it used to be, imo. As far as Carrie goes, she’s can straddle that line well. I’ve enjoyed her “rock” covers and wouldn’t be opposed to see her explore that some more.

  7. Kara co-wrote Mama’s Song? Wow… that explains the crappy lyrics.

  8. wiredforsound
    October 14, 2009 at 4:29 pm

    Kara co-wrote Mama’s Song? Wow’ ¦ that explains the crappy lyrics.

    I don’t know if I would call them crappy lyrics….but then again I am comparing it to No Boundaries and compared to that song Mama’s song is Pulitzer worthy in comparison. ;-) …..and most importantly Carrie’s voice is outstanding on that song!

  9. Good heavens, I am a Bo Bice fan and not a country fan but I am definitely excited for this album. I have come to love Carrie since S4 and with the exception of JTTW, love everything she sings. I just love the sound of her voice. I can not WAIT to hear ‘Songs Like This’. Go Carrie – sell a bajillion!

  10. Most of Carrie’s songs are too county for me, but I like a few of them, and look forward to hearing these, especially Unapologize.

  11. Long ago I rooted for Bo Bice, but Carrie has long since won me to her side (So Small did it, I think, or maybe Just a Dream). I’m looking forward to hearing the Raine Maida/Chantal K co-write!

  12. Gah why is CC the only new song she sang for Soundcheck?? Not that I mind listening to any of them but I want to hear new stuff. Damn she sounds amazing on CC though.

  13. Well, that’s weird…what about advertising her new album? One song? that we’ve already heard? Would anybody who would go to the soundcheck NOT know those songs? It’s a waste if you ask me.

  14. She did Mama’s Song too but they won’t put it up until Nov 2nd according to the Soundcheck Twitter. I think we can blame the i-Tunes countdown for CC being the only new song performance available – they probably demanded the exclusive.

    I loved all the performances. JTTW will never be my favorite song but she sounds incredible on it and I love that she did the tour version with the head voice part here. I love the different intro to So Small too.

    I also liked hearing a little about how they wrote Cowboy Casanova. It started with a chunky guitar riff and drum beat from Mike Elizondo and they built it from there.

    There’s an interview with her guitarist Ed Eason and her producer Mark Bright under the All Access section. Good stuff from both. Mark Bright makes sure to emphasize that the way this album sounds is Carrie’s vision. LOL – he’s probably heard all the complaints about overproduction that Carrie fans have made about Carnival Ride. I’m actually excited by what he says about Carrie doing things vocally on this album that she’s never done before.

    There’s an extra Carrie interview under the All Access section too where she says her favorite song is Someday When I Stop Loving You (based on the demo I can see why – it’s GORGEOUS) and her favorite cowrite is Temporary Home. One of the things I like about Carrie – she’s never shy about singling out songs she didn’t cowrite as her favorites. She did that with Carnival Ride too (she said Wheel Of The World is her favorite).

  15. Interesting. Besides the Maida/Kreviazuk co-write, she’s got Temporary Home (which sounds Great with a capital G) – with co-writer Zac Malloy. As in Zac Malloy of David Cook’s Come Back to Me, Life On The Moon, and Lie. I guess she really did like Cook’s album. I totally agree with Carrie’s faves thus far – just the snippets of those two ballads are heartaching.

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