BuckeyeGal007’s American Idol 2009 Columbus, OH Recap

I got to the Schott (aka Schottenstein’s Center’ ¦we central Ohioans pretty much shorten the names of every major building landmark in our city) about 10:45am to get a good spot along the barricades to try to meet some of the Idols before the concert. Luckily I had my pick of spots because I was the fifth person there. The two girls who were there first (at 9am) got Meet & Greet passes, which made me slightly bitter.

None of the Idol started appearing until 2:30. Scott came out first, followed by Matt. I slyly asked Matt if I could wear his fedora and he politely turned me down since his hair wasn’t done yet. He did hug me though and his cologne rubbed off on me. Basically I had a fangirl moment and smelled like Matt Giraud all day, which was nice. But I digress’ ¦Scott was not accompanied by his brother, but by a darker haired gentleman who I have yet to find out his name. Michael was walking around by the buses on his cell and he waved and we beckoned him to us. He made his way down the line and talked to everyone, taking pictures and signing autographs. He even serenaded my friend and I and also burst into song randomly. Super nice guy, good looking too.

No other Idols showed up (Michael said they were all in press), so we headed inside.

I was much more impressed with Michael Sarver during the concert than I was with him on Idol. I thought his Gavin DeGraw song was much more suited to him than the Ne-Yo one. He said Columbus was in the Top 5 crowds they’ve had since starting the tour. What can I say? We love our Idols and we get loud.

Oh Megan. The afro was just a huge no-no. My friend and I couldn’t get over it. She seemed to have toned down the awkward dancing, but she did have the kind of lacksidaisical (spelling anyone?) attitude she had on Idol. I couldn’t figure out if she’s just that chill that she comes across as having a ‘I don’t want to be here’  attitude or if she really didn’t want to be there. Probably my least favorite of the night.

Scott is one funny dude. I love his sense of humor. His Simon Cowell impression was spot-on and the high five story never gets old. High-fiving the audience was a nice touch too. I enjoyed the Vanessa Carlton song a lot. He still has issues with the high notes I noticed.

Call me crazy but I was kind of impressed with Lil. She definitely was leaps and bounds better than she was on Idol. I thought she now had the stage presence she lacked on Idol. Maybe she just feels more comfortable because she’s not being critiqued.

Anoop! I thoroughly enjoyed myself during Anoop’s set. My friend cried during ‘Always On My Mind.’  She said that she doesn’t know what it is, but every time Anoop sings a ballad, she cries. I liked the dancing.

Sweet Matty G. I’m pretty sure I squealed like a schoolgirl when he came out. Actually, I know I did because the older woman in front of me turned around and gave me a look. Whatever, I love me some Matt Giraud and I don’t care who knows it. He is an awesome performer. ‘Georgia’  was on point and ‘Too Hard Too Handle’  was electrifying. I think the record execs are idiots if they don’t give him a record deal.

Group numbers are always kind of blah for me’ ¦dawg. I liked the suits for the guys though. Very dapper. I turned to my friend and was like ‘Hey, it’s Anoop Bond’  because he apparently made me think of James Bond in that moment.

Allison rocked the house. I think she needs to sing Heart-esque rock forever. She moved around a lot so it made it hard to get pictures of her.

Danny Gokey was obviously as vocally pleasing as ever. He’s actually a very good dancer, which he showcased during ‘Maria Maria.’  I know some find Danny’s inspirational-ness to be ‘too in your face’, but I think it actually makes him more likeable. He’s just a super nice guy with a great voice. I think all he wants to do is sing and bring a smile to someone’s face, do some good in the world if he can. I would totally buy a Danny Gokey album and go to one of his concerts.

Adam, by far, got the loudest screams of the night. However, the guys overall were definitely favored over the girls by a mile, even Allison. Adam puts on a good show. I’m not even sure good is doing it justice. I would totally go to an Adam Lambert concert for the experience of it. I found myself awe-struck and speechless during his set. Two women behind me were shrieking and saying ‘OMG’  throughout, which got kind of annoying when I was trying to take it all in. I will say one thing, his set should have come with a parental guidance warning, because it was not all that family friendly. Didn’t bother me one bit, but if I had smaller children, I imagine the hand would have gone over their eyes at a couple points. I know Adam is totally into dudes, but he is all kinds of hot. I almost felt like I should have converted to Catholicism and gone to confession after his set. For realz.

Kris Allen! My friend is totally in love with Mr. Idol Season 8 Winner. I’m pretty sure if the opportunity presented itself, she’d consider leaving her husband for him. But I feel the same way about David Cook, so I can’t hate. Whomever I marry is going to have to know that I will leave him for David Cook. I am that ‘Heartless.’  HA, sorry, couldn’t resist. Anywho back to Kris’ ¦I would definitely buy a Kris record as well as go to a Kris Allen concert. I liked him a lot better than I did on Idol. I felt like he cut loose a lot more. The friend swooned and I just shook my head at her, knowing I was doing the same thing last year with David Cook. It’s all gravy.

Last group number to Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Belivin’.’  If you don’t like this song, there is something wrong with you. Even some girls we were sitting by who weren’t even a twinkle in their momma’s eye when this song came out have Journey love.

Overall, I had a blast. I enjoyed myself much more than last year but I think that’s because I had so many people I liked this year and last year I only really was interested in David Cook. Onto next year, yes?

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