Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are Married

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Just in case you care. I don’t really, but my twitter feed is going to annoy me all day with breathless updates on THE MARRIAGE OF BRANGELINA. We’ve been waiting 9 long years for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to tie the knot, and now our lives are complete!  The wedding happened in France over the weekend.

People magazine has all the details!

The wedding was held Saturday at Château Miraval in the village of Correns, where the couple first settled in 2008 and have since performed extensive renovations. The wine-growing estate has a 35-room main house, an ancient chapel and a working vineyard spread over 1,100 acres.

The ceremony came two years after the couple’s 2012 engagement, when Jolie, 39, first showed off the custom sparkler that Pitt, 50, designed for her.

Naturally, the pair’s children were on hand to celebrate: Maddox, 13, Pax, 11, Zahara, 9, Shiloh, 8, and 6-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

People has a photo of Brad sporting his wedding ring here.

Well, congratulations to the happy couple. May you never leave the pages of the gossip rags.

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  1. Congrats and good luck to them, but the clothes they wore for the occasion will probably last much longer than their marriage.

  2. Congratulations. I’m a person who admires them. Who would have ever thought blood drinking quirky Angelina would have become the most most famous female celebrity in the world. As for Brad it was pretty much a given. They have a beautiful family, all the money in the world, and appear to be a happy family. unfortunately this will start a vicious cycle of Jennifer stories.

  3. Welp, nobody can say they rushed into marriage.

    Honestly, I thought they’d been married for years, with one of those weddings where the paparazzi swoop over it in helicopters. I have no idea who I’m getting them confused with.

  4. I realize that celebrites get cynical prognosis just because they are celebrities, but if after 9 years of relationship a couple decides to get married as opposed to splitting up, their chances of lasting together for a longer time are quite good imo.

  5. After 9 years and 6 kids, this is pretty much a formality. They’ve been practically married for years! But congrats to them.

  6. I admire them also. Two very talented Oscar winners. Wish them well. I for one hope this news does not bring up a cycle of Jennifer stories. She has her own life as she should after all these dang years. Of course, we might hear from that unfunny and hateful Chelsea Handler who Jennifer calls her friend.

  7. Sean Penn and Madonna had helicopters. And it was on TV. This was in the era before TMZ. It would be more fun if you brought your emu.

  8. I don’t care how long they remain married. I give both of them much kudos for their humanitarian and philanthropy. They have donated millions and millions of dollars as well as put in many hundreds of hours year after year for their causes. They walk the talk.

  9. The PR surrounding Brad’s divorce from Jennifer was amazing. I think Chelsea is just sticking up for her friend who got a really really raw deal in that situation.

    I mean, Brad cheats on Jennifer with Angelina, and the resulting PR spin was that the selfish kid-hating shrew, Jennifer Aniston, got what she deserved.

    Brangelina’s publicists are worth every penny they are paid.

  10. I disagree. Brad and Jennifer had been over for years. Brad and Angie had five kids and were going on with their lives when Chelsea decided to call Angie a c–t during her standup. It was crude and childish no matter who your friend is. PR or not, if Brad wanted out of that marriage for whatever reason it was his choice. People want to make Jennifer a forever victim. It just seems silly. Marriages break up everyday. It’s not like he is going back to Jennifer because some like Chelsea are forever pi–ed.

  11. Great! 10 years ago I would have thought that Angelina adopted him, but right now Brad looks like the same old.

  12. Brad wanted out of that marriage for whatever reason it was his choice.

    The only thing you said I disagree with is this part. Angelina Jolie knew he was married. Even if she was not the one who made a commitment to his wife, it doesn’t make her blameless. They, together, screwed over an innocent person. Whatever went on in the marriage, Jennifer was still his wife and that should have been respected. Make him come to you AFTER he’s divorced. Now I do agree it was years ago and the parties have seemed to move on, and in the end it is their business not ours, but I don’t agree with this recent trend of trying to make the “other woman” blameless when this kind of thing happens. My apologies if that’s not what you meant.

    Anyway, if you are a public person who sleeps with someone else’s husband, crude jokes about you will be made. Thems the breaks, unfortunately.

  13. Crude jokes about another’s life choices being acceptable aside. None of us were there in that marriage so we don’t really know what happened, who was to blame or why. But that was not my point. Brad and Angie have made a life with their children. Chelsea can stay mad and judgmental about someone else’s relationship or she can worry about her own life choices.

  14. All the entertainment shows and blogs are on the phone right now trying to get hold of Jennifer Aniston’s reps to get her EXCLUSIVE comment on what she thinks of this. Robin Williams died two weeks ago and they need something new to have an orgasm over.

  15. FACT: Brad cheated on Jennifer and then turned around and allowed her to take the blame for the marriage dissolving. That sucked. Period.

    I really don’t care if St. Brad was unhappy in his marriage. He should have gotten divorced first before he screwed around. Or at the very least taken some responsibility for the split.

    As far as Chelsea is concerned. Other than using the C word, what she said doesn’t bother me. She’s a comedian. She makes jokes. It’s what she does for a living OH WELL.

  16. This is the last I will say about this. But MJ we don’t get to tell Brad Pitt what to do, when to do it or how to do it. Doesn’t really matter if you think it sucked. It’s done. I just don’t expect everyone to live their lives according to my standards. But that’s just me.

  17. Its all so stupid. The rags probably will try and drag her into this since the gossip sites are already debating how she must feel about the marriage but ITA she wont comment, Jennifer seems perfectly happy with Justin Theroux

  18. It’s strange how often people who have lived together finally get married and then start having problems. Things may have been fine before they married, but then sometimes go to hell after. With any luck, that won’t be the case with Angelina and Brad.

  19. I remember Jennifer getting a lot of sympathy and even today I believe she does. What they did was not right but I think everyone has moved on, at least I certainly hope so. I didn’t know about the Chelsea thing but I’m not surprised. I find her crude and worse – unfunny.

  20. So opposite of Kim and Kanye. I hope they relationship stays strong despite the wedding. I almost wish they hadn’t.

  21. I absolutely felt for Jennifer when that happened but I felt for Brad too. It is not an excuse for infidelity but it happens all the time and the cheater never takes responsibility and the cheated on rarely owns up to their role in the the problem. There are no innocent parties.

  22. Brad’s worst offense was calling Jennifer Anniston “boring.” . I haven’t really liked him since.

  23. Glad to see that they got married and did it their way. They seem happy with each other and their brood. I must say, they have some gorgeous kids.

  24. Chelsea a Handler is a star w…..e! She jumps on any band wagon that furthers her career. Didn’t she sleep with the guy who run the E network, or she would still be doing one night stand ups.

  25. Maybe I’m the only one who remembers the stories that came out long before Brad and Angie teamed up to make a movie. Brad was into art and architecture and “living” life and looking forward to a family. Jennifer was into Jennifer, her career, and her body image. Pictures of them at various events surfaced where Brad just looked totally bored having to communicate with a self-absorbed little twit like Jennifer who doesn’t seem to have much upstairs. If I would have been Brad I would have been looking, too, when Angie came along.

  26. If a woman can’t hold on to her husband, or vice versa, I say tough shit. If Brad’s life had been wonderful why would he have been “looking”. Besides, its been 10 years and Jennifer hasn’t been able to keep others guys interested long enough to tie the knot. Sometimes I think that her latest beau is a nice “beard”.

  27. All of that may be true, but Brad should have told her he didn’t want to be with her anymore before he hooked up with Angelina. Whether he was bored or whatever, Jennifer didn’t deserve the humiliation of finding out about them second hand. He should have manned up and told her that he didn’t want her anymore. He’s happy now with Angelina and all of their kids and Jennifer seems to be happy with her latest boyfriend, but that don’t change the fact that Brad did Jennifer wrong.

  28. “If a woman can’t hold onto her husband…” Thanks for bringing the 1950’s perspective into play. Brad cheated. That’s never cool and never justified. Angelina slept with a married man. That’s probably the most un-feminist thing a woman can do. However, this was all in the long ago past, and they’ve all moved on. We should, too.

  29. Um… into “art and architecture?” Brad, himself, has claimed that during that period, he was into sitting around smoking pot all day. Frankly, I’m not convinced anything has changed in that regard. What exactly has he accomplished re: art and architecture? Or anything, for that matter? I could give a crap about Jennifer, but the undeserved adoration of Angie baffles me.

  30. Please. They are celebrities, and they act every bit the part. If no one gave a shit about what they do in their private life, their careers would be dead, done, gone. In fact, the marriage is perfectly timed as neither has been particularly successful of late.

  31. If a woman can’t hold on to her husband, or vice versa, I say tough shit.

    WOW. Really? It’s up to the woman to make a marriage work?

    Jennifer wasn’t waiting for Brad by the door with in a mini-dress offering him a martini, so she deserved to be cheated on? lol.

  32. I could give a crap about Jennifer, but the undeserved adoration of Angie baffles me.

    Thank you. I could kiss you.

  33. Brad was into art and architecture and “living” life and looking
    forward to a family. Jennifer was into Jennifer, her career, and her
    body image. Pictures of them at various events surfaced where Brad just
    looked totally bored having to communicate with a self-absorbed little
    twit like Jennifer who doesn’t seem to have much upstairs.

    He married her! I doubt Jennifer pretended to be something she’s wasn’t just to “snare” her man. lol.

    Also, I’m chuckling at the image of Brad as an intellectual. He and Angelina do some nice humanitarian work, but there’s nothing extraordinary about either of them.

  34. But MJ we don’t get to tell Brad Pitt what to do, when to do it or how to do it.

    I get to have an opinion on the behavior of celebrities in a comments section on a blog that neither of them will ever read.

  35. “neither has been particularly successful of late.”

    Maleficient had a worldwide gross close to 750 million dollars as of Aug 2014. World War Z grossed about 338 million last year. Brad’s production company won an Oscar last year. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  36. They may not be intellectual giants, although both have directed and produced a number of movies, which takes more than few brain cells and is an impressive feat IMO. But I have to say that I think that their combined level of devotion to various humanitarian causes, bith in terms of money raised and donated, and in terms of personal time donated is more than a lite extraordinary.

    In terms of how their relationship started – they met, sparks flew, they fell in love, he broke it off with Jennifer. They didn’t have kids, they were living seperately at the time, he didn’t string her along or try to have it both ways as many do. The media was unkind to JA but that isn’t on BP. Not sure why P & J are being vilified? It seems like all parties involved are much happier today. Alls well that ends well, and all that.

    On a personal note, my own husband fell in love with a woman he worked with and left me and my children when they were young. Although i was sad I have always respected the fact that he didn’t cuckold me. The heart wants what the heart wants.

  37. I agree. It’s been nine years. She has probably moved on long ago.

  38. Brad wanted kids. Jennifer didn’t. He found a woman who obviously also wanted kids and shared his passion for charity. Jennifer is stunningly beautiful, has a very sucessful career and a fullfilling life. All parties seem to be happy. No need to point fingers at anybody.

  39. She’s an acadamy award winning actress, a humanitarian, a UN Ambassador and a film director that chooses to bring light to important matters.

  40. Wasn’t World War Z a huge sucess, 500 million +, which Pitt followed with an Oscar for Best Picture, as a producer?

    Wasn’t Maleficent a 700 million + blockbuster, the biggest hit of Jolie’s career?

    They seem to be at the top of their games.

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