Boy Band Episode 9 Semifinal Recap and Live Blog (VIDEOS)

Boyband episode 8 airs tonight on ABC at 8 pm ET. With Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys), Emma Bunton (Spice Girls’ Baby Spice) and Timbaland producer, songwriter, rapper), as “architects”  hopeful 14 to 24-year-old singers compete to become a member of what producers hope to be the next great boyband. Rita Ora hosts.

On tonight’s Semifinal, the remaining eight boys will sing solos for your vote. And for the first time this season, viewers from all time zones will have 24 hours to vote for their favorites.  The new five member boy band will be unveiled in next week’s finale. 

Marcus Pendleton – Grenade by Bruno Mars – Because his dad abandoned him when he was a child, Marcus wants to be a role model for his little brothers. Gosh, this performance is bland as well as pitch impaired. He ends the performance on his knees. The last 20 seconds or so were the best part of the song. Nick is in hyperdrive tonight. CALM DOWN SKIPPY. He screeches his critique, comparing Marcus to MJ, Bobby Brown and Justin Timberlake. Wut?  He begs America to vote for Marcus. Timberland says, “A boy band needs a strong performer like you.” He calls him a great man and leader. OK then.

Sergio Calderon – Shape of You by Ed Sheeran – Sergio shares that he gets his work ethic from his Mexican parents. HE WANTS TO MAKE THEM PROUD.  A nod to his heritage, Serio sings the first verse in Espanol. It’s a nice vocal performance, but lacks flair. “That is it!” Timbaland says. He calls it a “breakout moment.” He was in the bottom two last week. Emma admits she did not want to put him there. “I was right,” she crows.

Brady Tutton – I’m Not the Only One by Sam Smith – He began singing as a child and it helped him overcome a severe stutter. Brady has a very nice tone. Actually, he’s one of the better singers here. Not sure this was a good song choice, however. While his tone is pretty, his vocal lacks strength. Good thing he’s not competing as a solo act.  “You had the ladies in the palm of your hand,” says Nick. “You gave me that soul I’ve been asking for,” says Timbaland.

Michael Conor – Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore. He’s the “resident rapper.” Michael also plays violin. He didn’t expect to stick around long. For instance, he had never harmonized with other singers before competing in Boy Band. Out of all the boys, Michael appears the most grounded and focused. But, he’s a much better rapper than singer.  Lots of tuning problems when singing the chorus. Emma is so proud of him. “Never stop growing,” says Timbaland. A little bit of faint praise, there.

Drew Ramos – PILLOWTALK by Zayn –  He’s from a tough neighborhood, and was singing in the subway before auditioning for Boy Band. This is the best vocal performance so far and the only performer to present as lead singer material. “You are the star we always thought you were,” says Nick. “You have literally transformed before our eyes,” says Emma.

Mikey Jimenez – Chains by Joe Jonas – He went from signing in his mom’s salon to competing in Boy Band. He’s been in the bottom twice. It really did a number on his confidence.  But eventually, he rallied and impressed the panel. Mikey accompanies himself on guitar, but grabs the mic after the first verse. He needs to stay away from falsetto, but other than that, he’s decent. His vocals aren’t perfect, but he’s got charisma. “You’re still here!” says Timbaland “You took control of your fate,” says Nick, screaming again, “You sang like a man!” Honestly Nick. YOU NEED To CHILL. I get the feeling despite his so so vocals, Mikey is a fan favorite.

Jaden Gray – Skyscraper by Demi Lovato – His father has been in and out of jail “a lot.” He sang in church prior to Boy Band. Jaden is the other very good singer in this group. But holy cow. BANDZILLA. He’s got an impressive range, with a sweet falsetto. I can’t imagine him not advancing next week. The girls in the audience chant his name. Timbaland and Emma claim they both cried. “What you would bring to this band would be undeniable,” Emma says. “You belong in this boy band,” says Timbaland.

Chance Perez – Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson – He has a two year old daughter and his dad passed away when he was 8. His daughter means EVERYTHING to him.  That performance was very heartfelt, and the vocal solid. The girls won’t be able to resist.   Nick is having a nervous breakdown, I think. “You are the chance this Boy Band needs.” Oy. Nick.  He’s literally fighting tears. “You need to vote for Chance!” says Emma.

Voting is officially Open: Go to YOU CAN VOTE 1000 TIMES! THAT IS NOT A TYPO. Power vote your heart out. Voting ends at 11:59 pm tomorrow.

Who I think will advance: Chance, Jaden, Mikey, Michael, Drew. What do you think? Oh. Hey. POLLS

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