Boy Band Episode 7 Breakup Night Recap and Live Blog (VIDEOS)

Boyband episode 7 airs tonight on ABC at 8 pm ET. With Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys), Emma Bunton (Spice Girls’ Baby Spice) and Timbaland producer, songwriter, rapper), as “architects”  hopeful 14 to 24-year-old singers compete to become a member of what producers hope to be the next great boyband. Rita Ora hosts.

It’s “Soundtrack Night.” The remaining 11 boy band hopeful pull at the heartstrings as they take on iconic break up songs.

The show opens with Boyz II Men performing “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye” followed by “MotownPhilly.” No group number tonight. BOO. Next, cut to squeeing outside children lining up outside the studio.

TWO more boys go home tonight. Three will be up for elimination. And they can come from any of the groups. NOBODY IS SAFE. Rita notes that powerful singers were sent home last week making it clear that it takes more than good singing to make a boy band. Not under any illusion that it’s about the vocals, OK.

LOL. One of the Boyz II Men called the network CBS by mistake. They’re giving the guys advice, about sticking together, etcetera.

Next, songwriter Justin Tranter chats with the guys. He’s written the winners song for the final five guys titled “Eyes Closed” and we’re hearing some of it now. It’s about appreciating women, or something.

Time for the performances!

Relentless – Andrew Bloom, Brady Tutton, Michael Conor, Jayden Grey – Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson – Jayden notes that the song’s range is “kind of high.” Eep. This could be a trainwreck. Well, it’s not a trainwreck. But it’s mighty bland. These remaining guys have charisma, supposedly. For instance, think of Kelly’s propulsive, impassioned vocal…and then listen to this. ZZZZzzzz. The harmonies are decent though. Jayden’s upper register is really clean. They finish the tune, falling backward into the audience. That was unexpected. The last third of the song was better than the beginning. Nick warns the guys that they have to WORK to go further. He’s concerned about Brady stepping out of his comfort zone. Emma worries about Andrew’s “character. He may not have the right “persona.” However, she compliments Michael’s confidence. Timbaland compliments Jayden. “You understand yourself, you’re so on point” he says.

Awake – Chance Perez, Devin Hayes, Drew Ramos – Without You by David Guetta – It’s the first 3 person group this season. SO MANY TERRIBLE NOTES. Devin is particularly pitch-impaired. The backing vocals are literally shouted. To work around vocal limitations, I suppose. So. Much. Caterwauling. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP. Nick says, “THAT WAS THREE GUYS HOLDING DOWN THAT STAGE.” Uh barely. He tells Drew that he’s “peaking.” Emma says Chance has a “natural gift…I know how hard you are working.” Timbaland finally…he criticizes Devin’s vocals. He notes his lack of breath control and proper enunciation. But “A for effort.” It’s almost as if these critiques are scripted ahead of time. Hm.

New Wave – Marcus Pendleton, Mikey Jimenez, J-Hype, Sergio Calderon – Jealous by Nick Jonas – J Hype feels guilty that he’s outlasted better vocalists. Mikey’s trip to the bottom last week has affected his confidence. The arrangement is leaden, and there are wonky notes. But it’s the best performance of the night. Good lord though, J-Hype desperately needs to stick to beat boxing. He is a HORRIBLE SINGER. Oh. It kinda falls apart by the end. The trouble, I think: These boys are thrown together in new groups every week and they ALL sound under-rehearsed. Nick felt Mikey proved himself this week. He reminds the audience that J-Hype is only 14, but they have to hold his vocals to standards. Marcus’ little brother is in the audience. Timbaland compliments Sergio’s stage movement, “You’re so consistent…but haven’t found that breakout moment yet.”

Results! The first boy up for elimination is…J-Hype. The next boy up for elimination is…Andrew Bloom. And the third boy in trouble is…Devin Hayes. Aw. J-Hype is crying. Emma says it was a tough decision. Timbaland tells Devin straight up that his vocals are lacking.

OK. Voting is only open through the commercial break. Go to to vote.

More results: Leaving the competition is Andrew Bloom. All the Andrews are gone. America saved…Devin Hayes. The second eliminated contestant is J-Hype. Announcing the first eliminated contestant, followed by the saved contestant is a little confusing?

Eliminated: Andrew Bloom, J-Hype

Saved by America: Devin Hayes

Next Week it’s GIRL POWER night. En Vogue performs. Three more weeks remain.

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