Boy Band Episode 3 Recap and Live Blog (VIDEOS)

Are y’all ready for another singing competition? Boyband episode 3 airs tonight on ABC at 8 pm ET. With Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys), Emma Bunton (Spice Girls’ Baby Spice) and Timbaland producer, songwriter, rapper), as “architects” (NOT JUDGES!) hopeful 14 to 24-year-old singers will compete to become a member of what producers hope to be the next great boyband. Rita Ora is set to host.

Thirty boys auditioned the first week. The architects chose their Top 18 and split them into 3 groups. Uplift was the first group to perform. After, Cameron was sent home. Reverb performed last week, Jon Klaasen was eliminated. This week, Six Track performs, and another contestant leaves the competition. Next week the live shows begin.

Timbaland says the group is full of solo singers. Emma wants to see them support each other. This batch of boys are the youngest of the Top 18.

The boys get together to play a little basketball and croon “Heartless” by Kanye West. Violin playing rapper Michael does his thing.

Music Director and vocal coach Tim Davis lets the boys know that they’ll be covering Shawn Mendes “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” this week. 

He stops them pretty quick. He thinks Mikey has listened to too much Justin Bieber. His tone is pinched. “Hair is in my blood,” insists Mikey in his video package. His entire family does hair. He sings for the customers in the family hair salon. Tim accuses Miles of faulty timing. “BUT I’M THE LEAD,” he whines. Tim notes the “strong” personalities. In other words. DIVAS. Oh. Miles identified himself earlier as a “badboy.” Hm… Tim is really impressed with Michael, who seems to have a great attitude. Farm boy, Andrew Butcher, started singing in elementary school we see via video package. He’s into pop country and admits he lacks confidence sometimes. Tim accuses Gavin of rushing the tempo. His early popularity has messed with his head, Tim thinks. Oh. He’s a Youtube star. Tim calls him “a little fish in a big pond.”

Next, the boys meet with music director Andrew Blackstone. He thinks nothing can stop them, as long as they work together. This is the narrative–these six boys are solo singers trying to come together as a band. Andrew pegs Michael as a leader. In his video package, his musicality is highlighted. Besides the violin, he can play a mess of instruments and he’s whip smart. Andrew decides to give Michael Miles’ solo, which crushes him. Miles bursts into tears. Tim joins the session. They are the least cohesive of all the groups, he says. Tim sits with Miles, who realizes he’s allowing his insecurities get the best of him. Tim advises him to take it easy on himself. “Try to shake it off,” he says, which doesn’t seem to be very helpful, actually. 

Choreography with Napoleon and Tabitha is next. The boys are still having issues working together. “Everything just feels like a death march,” says Napoleon. Tabitha noted issues with Dorian. “It’s like a dark cloud over his head.” They ask him what’s wrong. He clams up. In his video package, he talks about growing up in poverty. He feels like an outsider in the group. He’s doing it all for the family–to help get them out of the hood.  “You got a job to do,” says Tabitha. “People are counting on you.” Michael, ever the mature one, says the boys have to suck it up and get their act together.  Really, he’s the only one who seems to have goals and understand how to achieve them. 

Napoleon is NOT feeling confident about Six Track. Architect, Nick Carter has a chat with the group. Contestants who can’t work with others aren’t going to win, he says. As a 24 year boybander, communication is the key, he lectures. They should spend time together, air issues out in the open, HAVE FUN he says. He thinks they can come together in the end. I’m sure they will. THAT’S THE NARRATIVE. THEY FIND THEMSELVES IN THE END AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Well, except for whichever dude gets eliminated tonight. 

Time for Six Track to sing! Uplift and Reverb are in the house to watch. The boys serenade Rita and Emma. They play to the girls in the audience. And of course, when all is said and done, the group manages to get it together. Nick says, “When you got up on the stage something happened!” He says violinist Michael Conor owned the stage. He admits that his Boy Band experience is the first time h’s ever sung harmony.  “Bad boys” need to be sensitive inside, Nick advises Miles. That’s what girls like! Emma tells Andrew his moves are awkward, but its endearing. “Unorthodox Swag” Timbaland calls it. He thought Mikey held back a little. Emma compliments Dorian. “We can see how much this means to you…make sure you listen to your bandmates.” Nick says. “Open up to your team.” Aw. Dorian starts crying, which triggers a hug-fest amongst the boys. The girls in the audience melt.

Next…a Boy is eliminated. Going through to the next round: Mikey Jimenez, Michael Conor, Andrew Butcher, Miles Wesley, and finally…Dorion Tyler of course. Gavin Becker is eliminated.. Timbaland reminds Gavin that he’s special. Nick says Gavin is light years away from where he was at the same age. Chin up–you’re a star on social media, he says. 

Next week, the remaining 15 contestants will be put into new groups. The show goes LIVE and voting begins.

Six Track

Michael Conor (17)
Mikey Jimenez (17)
Dorian Tyler (15)
Andrew Butcher (17)
Miles Wesley (19)

Gavin Becker (18) – ELIMINATED.

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