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‘Idol’ finds talent in Boston, but little confidence

The most surprising aspect of the Boston auditions was that a city not exactly known for its politeness has a bunch of singers who had everything but confidence.

Leah Laurenti, Katie Stevens, Bosa Mora, Justin Williams … each made it to Hollywood, but all seemed really surprised to be liked. Laurenti in particular was dinged for not having the necessary swagger. As Kara said, I think you need to know you really are good.” She was one of the bright spots in a mostly bland two hours.


‘American Idol’ premiere recap: Bean There, Done That

There are hundreds of reasons to not watch American Idol’s ninth season, and as EW’s resident Idoloonie, I’ve heard just about all of ’em from friends, relatives, and Twitter followers: No Paula, no Idol. Kradison broke the show. I can’t deal with another year of that overzealous table-banger. Simon’s heart isn’t in it. I’m still waiting for the producers to call Mishavonna Henson’s name for the season 8 Wild Card round.

Okay, so that last one comes courtesy of the voices in my head (not that they don’t have a point), but the fact of the matter is, there are dark storm clouds congregating at the edge of Idol’s perpetually sunny ratings forecast, not the least of which arrived when Simon simultaneously announced on Monday that he’ll abandon America’s No. 1 talent competition at the end of May, and launch the similar (but not identical) The X Factor on Fox in fall 2011.


‘American Idol’ Recap: Goodbye Paula, Hello Boston!

Tuesday (January 12) night’s “American Idol” season nine kick-off had everything we’ve come to expect from the series’ early audition episodes: Sob stories, delusional wannabes and Alicia Keys covers. Everything, of course, except Paula Abdul.

Producers shrewdly addressed the Paula Issue with the very first audition of the season: A walking Boston stereotype named Janet McNamara whose sole purpose — aside from saying “wicked” and conveniently promoting the “American Idol” video game — was confusing “new” judge Kara DioGuardi with Paula. “See?” the TV show said to its devoted fanbase. “This random girl who can’t sing didn’t notice Paula was gone. Neither should you.”

Well, okay then!


‘American Idol’ 9 Premiere In Boston: More Than A Feeling?

Wow. How can it be premiere night already? It’s hard to believe that season 9 of American Idol is upon us so soon. Seems like only yesterday Tatiana Del Toro was having one of her many meltdowns; a Bermuda-shorted Norman Gentle was inappropriately rubbing up against the AI neon logo; Bikini Girl and Kara DioGuardi were catfighting; Jackie Tohn was rocking that leopard-sequined fannypack; Alex Wagner-Trugman was bugging his eyes out during his heartstring-tugging singoff with Cody Sheldon; Casey Carlson’s Idol dreams were imploding midway through her ill-advised Police cover; Nathaniel Marshall was enthusiastically jazzercising to Meat Loaf; and Ryan Seacrest was announcing the “big news” about an innovation called a “Judges’ Save” while unimpressed crickets chirped in the background.

‘American Idol’ opens its first post-Paula season

That splashing noise you heard Tuesday night was the sound of sharks being jumped on “American Idol” as it kicked off its ninth season.

Paula Abdul is gone as an “Idol” judge, of course after a money dispute with producers and the network — and with her departed all sense of danger from the increasingly been-there-done-that auditions with which the show kicks off.

How fitting, then, that they brought in multiple-comeback veteran Victoria Posh Beckham-Spice to be the first Celebrity “Paula Fill-In” for the season debut in Boston.

Washington Post

The same old ‘American Idol’

It always happens. The striver who intrigues me the most on any given audition episode of “American Idol” just sneaks in, earning a few minutes of screen time, probably at the end of a long two hours. On Tuesday’s season premiere, set in Boston, it was a nattily dressed fellow named Antoine who squeaked by Simon Cowell’s rejection, hit one amazing note and then, despite a bit of heft, did the splits in the air.

Yell king? Former choirboy? Redirected hopeful from “So You Think You Can Dance”? We may never know. Antoine represents the long shots of these first “Idol” weeks, the hopefuls who earn a golden ticket but weren’t singled out for anything else by the show’s producers. Their stories aren’t heartwarming enough; they don’t emanate what Simon pointedly calls “it.” But if this show were really a free-for-all, they could become stars.

Los Angeles Times

ARE YOU READY??? It’s American Idol: Season 9 (Starting in…oh please no, not Boston!)

Greetings my fair readers! It’s been so long and I’ve missed you so. No, I did not abandon you, I was just WORKING in Vienna for the past five days. And while I was chained to a laptop, I never had a single moment to come to my other life”. The one that lives here…on this blog…but I’m back! And since I am STILL not quite finished with REAL WORK, it may be tonight another late night, however…better just do this thing now, shall we?

And if you want to see a bit of what I was doing in Vienna, and check out my new NON-AMERICAN IDOLS, please take a gander :)

As I hear the familiar music and see the all-too familiar scenes from last season (The country was split??”), I remember that I don’t have any Percocet and I feel like I should take some prescription medication as a sort of black armband for Paula, ya know?

Top Idol

Boston Auditions – It’s Either This or Psychic Kids… Dammit

American Idol is back for its ninth season. Nine seasons. That’s more words than Randy Jackson knows in the English language. That’s more orgasms than Kara had watching teenage boys perform for her. That’s more expressions than Victoria Beckham can make. And that’s more than the number of terrible reality shows Simon Cowell has created. I couldn’t go more than a few minutes without a break. When I went to get a glass of water, I caught my boyfriend watching some horrible TV show. I asked what it was and he said it was called Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. I was about to judge him, but then I realized it was probably 100 times better than Idol, so I let it go and mentally smacked myself instead. But I still braved the 2 hour shitfest so that the loyal VFTW readers could have a good recap of what went down. You’re welcome. I accept hazard pay in the form of large checks.

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