Blake Lewis – Heartbreak on Vinyl – Released Today!

Blake Lewis’s sophomore album, Heartbreak on Vinyl, on Tommy Boy records is available everywhere today.

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The new record is a danceable mashup of 80’s synth and modern dance beats without the cheesy overtones that marred Blake’s post-idol debut. If you want to take a listen to the album, check it out first at AOL HERE.

If you’re ready to buy now, it’s available at both iTunes and Amazon. Must to download: The infectious title track, “Heartbreak on Vinyl” will have you dancing around your living room.

Blake   Lewis – Heartbreak on Vinyl:

  • Available on iTunes
  • Available at Amazon (only $7.99 at Amazon!!!)
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  1. It’s a fun album. I ordered it. And yeah! to Adam tweeting about it.


    New Blake Lewis album out tommorow! I dug the last one, can’t wait to hear what he’s dreamt up this time.

    about 1 hour ago from Echofon

  2. It seems I’m the only one in this thread.

    Table for one please. :)

    Anyhoo…Blake has made it to #98 in Amazon’s “movers and shakers” with an overall ranking of 240. I think a few days ago it was in the 400s….

  3. I actually liked the Heartbreak On Vinyl song, which surprised me. So I’m going to check out the other tracks and if I like them, purchase at least a few tracks, if not the whole album. Which I would not have expected given how weak I think Blake’s voice is.

  4. I’m gonna buy it in the morning. Can’t decide if I want to get it a physical copy or just download…

  5. I actually really enjoyed the snippets I heard on iTunes. Especially the first two songs.

    I actually liked the Heartbreak On Vinyl song, which surprised me. So I’m going to check out the other tracks and if I like them, purchase at least a few tracks, if not the whole album. Which I would not have expected given how weak I think Blake’s voice is.

    Pretty much this. The title track is very good, and his music is way better than his voice (kind of how I feel about Sam Sparro, except I like Sam’s voice more than Blake’s).

  6. Eh. It relies too much on the back beat. Not much “song” there, imo. Silly me, I expected it to be released on Vinyl, with that title, lolololololol!

  7. I still have his first album playing from time to time, it’s great.
    And this album is even more in his element, listened to it in full and loved it. Definitely buying one sometime this week. Good work Blake!

  8. I’ll gladly join this table! I liked his debut and I like this more. Fun fun!!! And yay about Adam’s tweet.

  9. In Novato Blake mentioned he would bring out HOV on vinyl – I’m hoping he can do that. And I’m really enjoying the CD more the more I listen – there are some wonderful change ups in the songs.

  10. I ordered it the other day. I liked A.D.D. well enough, but HoV is so much better than his first cd.

  11. I’m a hugh fan of Blake’s and have pre-ordered his CD. I loved A.D.D. too I can’t wait.

  12. I listened to this album a week ago (?) when mj added the post with the link to the site where you could listen for free.

    I was a bit of a fan of Blake on the show but didn’t like much of what I heard from the first album, but this one is actually great. I was impressed by how good almost all of the tracks are, yes the sound is kind of 80’s synth-pop (reminds me of depeche mode, pet shop boys, duran duran, howard jones) but in a good way, I kinda dig that sound. I’m going to go pick it up later today. I hope Blake gets a second shot at success with this.

  13. I just bought it on Amazon. I like Blake and some of the songs well enough to splurge 8 bucks.

  14. I really like this cd and I am going to buy it, so much dancing fun for my daughters and myself, well me, watching them dance and have fun with it!

    and yes, so cool of Adam to promote Blake like that!

  15. I love this album so much. I think “Afraid” would of made a really good first single because it is so top 40 and radio friendly. Plus the beats and the song is so freaking catchy.

  16. Count me in! This is a really good album. Heartbreak on Vinyl is my favorite song on the album…can’t get it out of my head.
    I’ll get the download via mj’s link and then buy a few copies of the physical CD from WalMart, one for me and some for Christmas presents.
    Great job Blake!

  17. my computer died, taking my entire iTunes library with it. (sobbing still) but once i get my stuff together, i will download a cpl of his tunes. ive always liked his style and im glad he’s able to make a second album which better reflects his talent.

  18. I bought it today on Itunes. Haven’t listened to it all, but I love it so far. I liked Blake on Season 6 which generally wasn’t that great. I’m happy that he can be more of himself now. Tommy Boy is a great fit for him. FYI, if you like New Order, Erasure, Scritti Politti, etc, you’ll love this. And the electronic/80s thing is quite current.

  19. “Heartbreak On Vinyl” is amazing! Blake gets very deep and personal with this album! “The Point” is a beautiful ballad, one of my favourite ballads by him. “Freak”, “Binary Love” , “Afraid” and “Love Or Torture” I could see being smashing club hits! Every track is amazing! As much as I love “Audio Day Dream and still think it is awesome to this day! I think HOV really shows the amazing artist he is!

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