The Biggest Loser – “Take a Trainer Home” – Recap and Discussion

The Biggest Loser - Season 15


Ruben Studdard eliminated for the second time from The Biggest Loser

As I predicted  the episode begins with Allison announcing someone was going home to represent their entire team for the week. They get the trainer to go with them. This is decided by the spin of a wheel. Jay wanted to go home to Missouri and he got his wish. Jillian is not happy.

After Jay’s nice homecoming we get an update on Olympian weightlifter Holly and see her in competition for the first time. Dolvett sets up a football type workout to remind Ruben of his high school athletic days. See video below.

Ruben Studdard wears his High School Football Jersey

Keeping up that trend later he takes Rachel back to a swimming pool to re-live her high school competitions. Bob lets the white team workout with his team since Jillian is gone.

In Missouri Jillian and Jay use his farm equipment and body weight to work out. Apparently she doesn’t like it because it’s hot and dirty there haha.  Jay tells Jillian how his parents divorced after 40 years and his childhood home burned down a couple of years ago leaving a huge void in his life.

Red team begins the weigh in with Ruben losing only 2 lbs.,  Jennifer 4, Tanya 4, David 7 getting out of the 300’s , and Rachel 5.

Blue team:  Hap loses 2, Matt 4, Chelsea 6, and Bobby 12.  Earlier in the episode Bob and Hap commented on how crazy it is Bobby loses all this weight when he doesn’t work as hard as the others.

For the white team, Marie loses 5 getting her into the 100’s, and Tumi loses 7 even though their weight losses don’t count.  Jay loses 12 keeping his team safe.

This sends Ruben Studdard home yet again! As Dolvett said during the episode, Ruben just never lost the weight a guy of his size should have . He lost a total of 70 lbs. on the ranch.

What are your thoughts on Ruben’s time on the ranch?