Big Brother Live Feeds Spoilers (Week 2 Nominees and Battle of the Block Results)

Find out which four houseguests were nominated for eviction here.

The nominations typically happen later in the day, but Amber and Devin had to make their nominations much earlier than usual (most likely to not get in the way of 4th of July celebrations).

Devin nominated Brittany and Paola.

Amber nominated Hayden and Nicole.

Since Amber and Devin are part of the Bomb Squad (an alliance of eight people), they only had a few houseguests to choose from. Both of them refused to nominate Donny and Jocasta since they like them, meaning Victoria was the other potential nominee.

It’s not absolutely clear who is in most danger of going home this week. Devin wants Brittany gone this week, but a lot of people are fed up with Devin and don’t want him to get his way. There have even been talks about backdooring Devin if he’s dethroned after the Battle of the Block competition. However, Hayden and Nicole won the Battle of the Block.

Therefore, Brittany and Paola are left on the block and fighting for the Power of Veto. Even though Devin wants Brittany gone, other houseguests plan to go against his wishes and save Brittany. Cody and Zach want to start a new alliance outside of the Bomb Squad, and they want Brittany to be a part of that (along with Christine, Donny and Jocata). However, there are a lot of swing votes that will determine whether it would be Brittany or Paola leaving the house if the two of them stay on the block after the Veto Ceremony.

Things can always change in the Big Brother house. Last week, the four initial nominees all survived as Joey was evicted after Donny won the Power of Veto. Maybe things will be clearer in a few days, but unpredictability always makes for a good week inside the Big Brother house.

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