Big Brother 24 Week 9 Recap: Elimination Live Blog

Pictured: Terrance Higgins, Kyle Capener and Monte Taylor. Photo: CBS ©2022 

After the Split House twist last week, Jasmine and Joseph were evicted from the Big Brother house. Kyle, Turner, Alyssa, and Terrance formed a new alliance called the After Party to target the remaining Houseguests. Turner won the Head of Household competition, and he officially turned his back on the Leftovers and nominated Taylor and Brittany for eviction. Michael was his target, but his plan was thwarted after Michael won the Power of Veto. Nonetheless, it looked like the After Party would still be intact. They know Michael will want to save Brittany with the Power of Veto, so the week was likely going to end with Taylor and Monte on the block.

However, an unexpected series of events changed everything. Michael decided to spill information he had against Kyle. A couple of weeks ago, Kyle pitched an all-white alliance to go against the people of color in the house. Kyle was afraid of another Cookout alliance forming in the house, despite no evidence to suggest such an alliance existed. Michael and Brittany shared Kyle’s theory with the rest of the house, which upset the Houseguests. Alyssa gave Kyle a heads up, and last night’s episode ended with a panicked Kyle going to the Diary Room. Will Turner put his ally Kyle on the block? And who will be evicted tonight? Let’s find out!

The episode begins with Kyle wanting some answers. Kyle talks to Brittany, and he lets her know he’s aware of what’s going on. He says he wishes she talked to him about his comments before today, but Brittany reminds him that she did. We see a flashback of Brittany disagreeing that there could be another Cookout alliance this year. She adds that they shouldn’t assume there is one. Kyle asks Brittany if she thinks he’s a racist, and she says she does not. She says it’s complex. She believes he said things without realizing how they came across. Kyle talks to Monte and Terrance next. He explains that he thought Taylor, Monte, and Joseph were getting too close. This made him paranoid about a possible Cookout alliance since their reasons for wanting to be on the show were similar. Monte says actions speak louder than words. Monte reminds Kyle that he was closer to him than Taylor, especially before the Leftovers formed. Terrance feels played. Terrance says it should’ve been Kyle who was evicted last week instead of Joseph.

Later, Monte, Terrance, and Turner continue the topic of conversation. Monte wonders why Michael and Brittany didn’t bring this up when it happened. They propose a house meeting. All the Houseguests gather in the living room to talk openly about Kyle’s comments. Kyle apologizes in advance for hurting their games with any information that comes out. Michael reiterates how Kyle saw the divisions in the game. Kyle interjects, and he reveals his final 2 with Turner. Kyle says he was closest to Brittany and Michael next. He didn’t see himself to be as close with the other Leftovers, but he admits it may have been his unconscious bias. Terrance agrees that Kyle’s thought process was wrong, but he doesn’t think Michael and Brittany should be left off the hook either. Terrance and Monte are bothered how Michael and Brittany held onto this information. Michael and Brittany admit that they could’ve spoken up earlier. Michael says Kyle could’ve been evicted at Dyre Fest, and this may not have been mentioned. Terrance says if he had this information ahead of time, then he never would have let Joseph be evicted under his HoH reign. He regrets not evicting Kyle instead. Taylor tells Kyle that he should be held accountable, but she doesn’t think he’s an evil villain. She says he can grow and learn from this. She says his only punishment should be eviction from the house.

At the Veto Meeting, Michael used the Power of Veto on Brittany. Turner named Kyle as the replacement nominee. Kyle says he wants to learn, progress, and get better. Monte notes that Kyle seems remorseful. Later, Alyssa breaks up with Kyle. Alyssa felt lied to and manipulated by Kyle. She doesn’t want to be in a relationship with him outside of the house. Kyle also has a heart-to-heart conversation with Monte. Kyle apologizes and says his friendship with Monte means a lot to him. Monte and Kyle are both crying. Monte shares how he experienced racism back in high school. He disliked Kyle’s thought process, but he doesn’t dislike him as a person. Kyle thanks him for his kindness.

Monte talks to Taylor and brings up Michael and Brittany’s timing again. He points out how they are both very smart and calculated players. Monte says he still plans to nominate Alyssa and Terrance if he wins HoH, but he wants to take a shot at Michael too.

It’s time for the eviction vote. Kyle and Taylor can each make a final plea. Kyle thanks them for the opportunity. He gives everyone a compliment. He mentions Taylor’s grace, Brittany’s caring, Monte’s loyalty, Turner’s humor, Michael’s thoughtfulness, Terrance’s example as a husband and friend, and he thanks Alyssa for being there for him. He says this journey is a beginning instead of an end. Taylor says she chooses strength, and she shows that through love. She calls Kyle a friend, and she supports him to grow on his journey. She loves the game, and hope she can keep going and show love to everyone. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

Michael votes to evict Kyle.

Alyssa votes to evict Kyle.

Terrance votes to evict Kyle.

Brittany votes to evict Kyle.

Monte votes to evict Kyle.

By a unanimous vote, Kyle has been evicted from the Big Brother house. He gives everyone a hug before walking out the front door. He sits down for his interview with Julie. She asks how he’s feeling after an emotional week. Kyle says it was a tough week, but he’s thankful for the compassion everyone showed him. Julie asks him about his proposal to form an all-white alliance to go against the people of color in the house. Kyle says he now realizes how terrible it sounds, but it didn’t click at the time. He apologizes to everyone watching and in the house. She asks if it affected his strategy. He admits he was overthinking everything, but Kyle denies he targeted Joseph for his race. Kyle says he felt like he was an outsider on the Leftovers, and he wanted to strike first when the opportunity presented itself. Julie recalls how Kyle was in multiple alliances, and he blew up both Po’s Pack and the Leftovers. She asks if it was to protect Alyssa. He admits he kept blowing up alliances to protect Alyssa, and he was excited to finally be in an alliance with her with the After Party.

The episode ends with Julie announcing the return of Zingbot. In addition, next week will be a two-hour double eviction episode. We also see the beginning of the Head of Household competition. They must assemble a Zingbot puzzle. The first to complete the puzzle will be the new Head of Household. Tune in Sunday night to see who wins HoH, and come back next week for another live recap.

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