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Big Brother 24
Pictured: Monte Taylor and Jasmine Davis. Photo: CBS ©2022 

This past week inside the Big Brother house has been unlike any other before. The Split House twist was introduced, dividing the ten Houseguests into two groups of five. After Michael and Terrance were named the two Heads of Household for the week, they each picked four Houseguests to join them.

Michael picked Jasmine, Brittany, Taylor, and Monte to join him inside the house for the week. Keeping with the BB Festival theme, they would be Big BroChella. Terrance had Turner, Alyssa, Joseph, and Kyle join him to live outside in the backyard for the week. They were designated to Dyre Fest. Each group had separate nominations and separate Power of Veto competitions. Tonight, both groups will separately vote to evict a Houseguest. Jasmine and Monte are on the block for Big BroChella. Joseph and Kyle are on the block for Dyre Fest.

The Leftovers are still united at Big BroChella. The plan is to evict Jasmine since she is the only Houseguest outside the Leftovers alliance at Big BroChella. However, Kyle exposed the Leftovers to Alyssa and Terrance at Dyre Fest. Kyle has turned his back on the Leftovers to save his showmance partner Alyssa. Turner has seemingly jumped ship alongside Kyle, meaning Joseph is most likely going to be evicted tonight. If Joseph is the first Leftover alliance member to be evicted, how will the Houseguests at Big BroChella react? Michael and Brittany will likely be unbothered, but Taylor and Monte will not be happy. After this week, the Leftovers alliance will be no more. How will the game change and what lines will be drawn now that the Leftovers are breaking up? Let’s find out.

The episode begins inside the house at Big BroChella. Brittany did not use the Power of Veto, and the plan remains to evict Jasmine. However, there is concern for what’s going on outside at Dyre Fest. Jasmine feels confident that she’s staying against Monte, but she doesn’t know about the Leftovers alliance yet.

It’s time for the first eviction vote of the night. Julie greets the five Houseguests at Big BroChella. Monte and Jasmine will get a chance to make a final plea. Monte gives a shout-out to his loved ones back home. He tells his Houseguests that he has their backs and he won’t put them on the block if he wins HoH. Jasmine gives glory to God and sends love to her family. She thanks her Houseguests and tells them to keep her if they want to keep enjoying having a fun time in the house with her. Afterwards, Taylor and Brittany will cast their votes. Michael will only vote in the event of a tie.

Taylor votes to evict Jasmine.

Brittany votes to evict Jasmine.

By a vote of 2 – 0, Jasmine has been evicted from the Big Brother house. She gives everyone a hug before walking out the front door. She sits down for her interview with Julie. Jasmine is not shocked she was evicted. She guessed she could’ve been the target based on their body language of the other four Houseguests this past week. Julie asks if she feels betrayed by anyone. Jasmine feels betrayed by Alyssa since she found out Alyssa spilled secrets about their alliances to other people. Jasmine also predicts Joseph will be evicted tonight too. Afterwards, the goodbye messages play. Michael reveals the Leftovers alliance to Jasmine. Monte respects her and says he will see her on finale night. Brittany also admits to being part of a seven-person alliance. Taylor says she never wanted to target a Black woman, which is why she kept her in the game during her HoH week even though other Houseguests wanted Taylor to target her then.

Now it’s time to catch up on what happened at Dyre Fest. Terrance won the Power of Veto, and he changed his initial nominations. He removed Turner from the block and replaced him with Kyle. Terrance also revealed to Joseph that Kyle exposed the Leftovers alliance and wants him out. Terrance still wants Joseph evicted since he’s more threatened by Joseph’s bromance with Monte than he is with Kyle’s showmance with Alyssa.

Joseph campaigns to Terrance. Terrance reveals to Joseph that Kyle claimed Joseph, Monte, and Taylor run the Leftovers. Joseph tells him that Kyle was the one who helped form the Leftovers, and he’s the one betraying everyone. Joseph hopes he’ll get the votes to stay. However, after Joseph is called to the Diary Room, the other four have a meeting themselves. Terrance, Turner, Kyle, and Alyssa form a new Final 4 alliance. They name themselves the Afterparty.

Joseph wants to have a meeting with everyone to get everything out in the open. Joseph reveals that the only reason Alyssa came off the block is because Daniel chose to use the Power of Veto. Joseph is telling the truth, but Kyle denies he would’ve left Alyssa on the block. Joseph also reveals that Kyle was always lying about the Fly Swatters alliance. Despite all of Kyle’s lies being exposed, Alyssa is more bothered by Joseph’s lies to her. Kyle and Turner say Joseph was playing both sides, but Joseph asserts he was always loyal to the Leftovers. Turner also claims that he feels like he was only invited to the Leftovers because he was HoH the week it was formed. Terrance also tells Joseph that he’s threatened by Joseph’s bonds with Monte and Taylor. Joseph is fighting for his life, but the other four are shooting him down and letting him know that they have no desire to work with him moving forward.

Pictured: Joseph Abdin and Kyle Capener. Photo: CBS ©2022 

Its’ time for the second eviction vote of the night. Joseph and Kyle will get to make a final plea before Turner and Alyssa cast their votes to evict. Terrance will only vote in the event of a tie. Joseph sends love to his family back home. Joseph says it’s been a hell of a week. He says it’s a difficult decision to make, and he hopes they save the person who has always been a team player. Kyle says it’s been a challenge. He hopes he has proven he can win competitions and keep people safe. Afterwards, Turner and Alyssa cast their votes.

Turner votes to evict Joseph.

Alyssa votes to evict Joseph.

By a vote of 2 – 0, Joseph has been evicted from the Big Brother house. He gives everyone a hug before walking inside the house and then out through the front door. The Houseguests from Big BroChella are not present to see that Joseph was evicted. Joseph sits outside for his interview with Julie. Julie points out that Kyle was in a showmance, yet Joseph was the one evicted.

What happened? Joseph said that apparently his bromance with Monte was more intimidating to them. He said this past week was a hard battle, but he does not regret staying loyal. Julie’s asks him his thoughts on Kyle’s game after exposing the Leftovers and throwing him under the bus. Joseph says Kyle’s game is one he did not want to play. Joseph wanted to keep his moral compass, but he admits he should’ve seen what Kyle was going to do coming. Julie asks if he respects Kyle’s game, and Joseph admits that he does not.

Julie asks him if it was a mistake to evict Indy last week instead of Terrance. Joseph doesn’t think so since his loyalty lied with the Leftovers. He wanted to be a good teammate, and evicting Indy is what the group decided what was best. Julie asks him about his close relationship with Taylor. Joseph says he has a soft spot for Taylor, and he can now relate to how she felt when she was on the block a lot in earlier weeks. He’s heartbroken that he didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to her. Julie asks if there will be a romance between them after the season. Joseph admits he hopes Taylor reaches out to him. Julie asks him for final thoughts. He says it takes a team to get to the end, and that’s what he tried to do.

The episode ends with the remaining Dyre Fest Houseguests reentering the house. There are polite hugs from everyone, but Monte and Taylor are hiding their disappointment that Joseph was just evicted.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 24. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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