Big Brother 24 Week 5 Recap: Elimination Live Blog

Pictured: Taylor Hale and Nicole Layog. Photo: CBS ©2022

Last week Monte won the Head of Household competition. He aimed to protect his Leftovers alliance members (Joseph, Kyle, Turner, Michael, Brittany, and Taylor) and target the other side of the house. Monte nominated Alyssa and Indy for eviction. Monte’s preferred target was Nicole. However, due to the Festie Besties twist, that would mean placing Taylor on the block next to Nicole. Monte didn’t want to place Taylor on the block without her consent. Taylor was previously nominated twice already, and she wanted a break from being vulnerable for eviction.

There were discussions of taking Alyssa out of the game. If Alyssa were to be evicted, then Michael and Brittany were hopeful they could persuade Indy to join them in a new Festie Bestie group. If Indy joined Michael and Brittany, then all the Leftovers alliance members would be protected next week regardless who won HoH. After Kyle and Daniel won the Power of Veto competition, the Leftovers decided to target Alyssa and take out Nicole next week.

However, Daniel and Nicole became very paranoid. Monte discussed Veto options with them and suggested leaving nominations the same. Daniel and Nicole mistakenly believed Monte was trying to protect Taylor from certain eviction. Daniel and Nicole convinced themselves that the votes weren’t there to save Taylor. Therefore, Daniel used the Power of Veto on Alyssa and Indy. Monte went through with his initial plan to target Nicole, so he placed Taylor and Nicole on the block. Nicole has been Daniel’s closest ally since the beginning of the game, yet he was willing to risk her safety just to try to get Taylor evicted from the house. Daniel made a very foolish decision. The Leftovers have the numbers to keep Taylor in the house, so Daniel inadvertently sealed his #1 ally’s fate.

Nicole is set to be evicted tonight. Will it be another blindside, or will she see the writing on the wall? And who will win HoH tonight? Will the Leftovers remain in power? Let’s find out!

The episode begins after the Veto Meeting. Daniel believes he’s taking a shot at a new alliance by using the Power of Veto. Daniel has figured out that Monte, Joseph, Turner, Taylor, Michael, and Brittany are working together. However, Daniel has failed to realize that Kyle is part of this alliance too. Daniel shares his theories with Kyle, which is information Kyle will share with his Leftovers alliance members.

Since Daniel decided to use the Power of Veto last minute, some of the Leftovers were surprised by his decision. Michael pitched to keep nominations the same, so he isn’t pleased his plan fell through. Taylor isn’t happy to have to sit on the block yet again. Nicole says she feels “euphoric” in the Diary Room. She believes they can finally evict Taylor from the house. Meanwhile, Daniel tries to rally votes to evict Taylor and keep Nicole. Unbeknownst to Daniel, the vote could end up being a 5-5 tie vote. Joseph, Kyle, Turner, Brittany, and Michael will be enough to keep Taylor. If there’s a tie, then the HoH Monte will break the tie in the Leftovers’ favor.

Nicole campaigns for votes. She also confesses to Alyssa, Jasmine, and Indy that she used to be a cop. She assures them that the majority of the house will be voting to keep her in the house. Nicole and Daniel are so confident the vote will go their way. They even laugh at their perceived good fortune and badmouth the other side of the house.

Next is a showmance segment between Kyle and Alyssa. Kyle has been trying to avoid getting into a showmance, but he succumbed to temptation. Kyle and Alyssa make out in bed. Alyssa is not in the Leftovers alliance, which complicates Kyle’s position in the game.

Joseph talks game with Monte, Turner, and Taylor. He points out that their Leftovers alliance will be exposed if the vote ends up being 5-5. They plan to persuade people outside the Leftovers to vote to evict Nicole too. Later, Monte talks to Nicole. She makes her pitch to Monte, and she lies to him about her intended targets. She tells Monte that she will target Jasmine, Indy, and Alyssa if she were to win HoH. Monte takes this information and uses it to try to flip the girls to vote out Nicole. Monte first talks to Jasmine. He shares with her the details of his conversation with Nicole. Jasmine is stunned to hear this. Jasmine wants to keep Nicole, but she realizes she could be on the wrong side of the vote. Jasmine tells Alyssa and Indy the vote is flipping, but Indy is adamant that Taylor has to go. Indy says if Taylor survives another vote, then she will win the game.

It’s time for the eviction vote. Taylor and Nicole will each get a chance to make a final plea. Nicole gives a shoutout to her mother battling cancer. She tells she played the game with loyalty and integrity. She says this week put a fire underneath her. She will fight to make sure the right person wins the game. Taylor also gives a shoutout to her family members back home. She quotes Big Brother super-fan Rihanna and says Nicole “looks so dumb” right now. She mentions how her closest ally Daniel is to blame for her sitting on the block. Taylor says she’s been very straightforward and never tried to mislead anyone. Taylor says Nicole wants to manipulate others, and that’s not the game she wants to play. Afterwards, the Houseguests cast their votes.

Joseph votes to evict Nicole.

Terrance votes to evict Nicole.

Michael votes to evict Nicole.

Indy votes to evict Nicole.

Jasmine votes to evict Nicole.

Daniel votes to evict Taylor.

Turner votes to evict Nicole.

Kyle votes to evict Nicole.

Alyssa votes to evict Nicole.

Brittany votes to evict Nicole.

By a vote of 9-1, Nicole has been evicted from the Big Brother house. She gives everyone a hug before walking out the front door. She sits down for her interview with Julie. Julie asks for her reaction to Taylor’s speech. Nicole calls it “amazing and comical.” Nicole admits Taylor was right and that she did try to play a game of manipulation. Nicole says her mistake was trying to play for her alliance instead of just herself. Julie asks Nicole why was she so confident to sit on the block despite what happened to Ameerah and Pooch the weeks prior. “Big risk, big rewards,” Nicole reasons. She also explains that she thought they had the numbers. Julie asks if it was personal or strategy to try to get Taylor out. Nicole claims it was strategy since she was still with the Po’s Pack alliance. She thought they wanted Taylor out. Julie asks who’s to blame for her eviction. Nicole blames Monte.

Afterwards, Julie reveals the Leftovers alliance. She tells Nicole who is in the alliance, as well as how they formed. The Leftovers felt like the outsiders in the house, and they also didn’t like how Taylor was being unfairly treated in the house. Nicole says she’s not surprised by the alliance, but she admits she and Daniel didn’t realize Kyle was part of it too. Lastly, the goodbye messages play. Daniel says he will lose his mind without her. Kyle says sorry and takes credit for forming the Leftovers. Michael admits to being in the Leftovers, and he also reveals he convinced his allies to keep nominations the same. He says Daniel is why the Veto was used and why she was evicted. Taylor says to never volunteer to be a pawn. She says pawns go home before the queen.

Before the episode ends, Julie tells Taylor to join a new Festie Bestie group. Taylor joins Indy and Alyssa. The HoH competition will not air tonight, so tune in Sunday night to see who won power for the week.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 24. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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