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Last time on Big Brother, Pooch was evicted and Turner won the Head of Household competition. Turner nominated Michael and Brittany with Taylor as a possible backup option for eviction. However, a series of events unfolded in the Big Brother house that completely changed the dynamics. The male alliance of Kyle, Joseph, Monte, and Turner (named The Pound) feared they were on the outs. They wanted to form a new majority, thus bringing in outsiders Michael, Brittany, and Taylor. They formed a new secret alliance called The Leftovers.

A new alliance

After Michael and Brittany won the Power of Veto, the rest of the house is expecting Turner to name the Festie Bestie duo Taylor & Nicole as the replacement nominee. Nicole even threw the Power of Veto to ensure Taylor would be a possible replacement nominee. Several members of the house want Taylor gone. Daniel and Nicole even got into a heated exchange with Taylor, belittling and disrespecting Taylor. However, Taylor now has the support of her new alliance members. The Leftovers alliance plan to target Ameerah for eviction this week. After Michael and Brittany save themselves with the Power of Veto, Turner will name the Festie Bestie duo Ameerah and Terrance as the replacement nominee. This will blindside half the house. How will they react? And who will be evicted tonight? Let’s find out!

Turner calls out the bullying against Taylor

The episode begins with the Veto Meeting. Michael and Brittany used the Power of Veto to save themselves. Turner named Ameerah and Terrance as the replacement nominee. Turner explains that Taylor has been bullied by other Houseguests, and he didn’t want to contribute to the dogpile. He also points out that he doesn’t talk game with Ameerah and Terrance. The Houseguests outside of the Leftovers alliance is shocked. Nicole says Turner turned the house upside down. Ameerah is shocked that she was a target of Turner’s big move.

The Leftovers act shocked and confused too, hiding the fact they knew of Turner’s plan all along. Terrance says he wants Ameerah to stay in the house, but Michael says in the Diary Room that the Leftovers will be keeping him in the house whether he likes it or not.

Nicole expects Terrance to be evicted, so she shares some secrets with him in the HoH room. She confesses that she used to be a cop for ten years. After Turner walks in, Nicole leaves to give them some time alone. Turner tells Terrance not to say anything to anyone, but he’s staying in the house. Turner says he knows how the votes are going, and it’s Ameerah that’s going to be evicted. Meanwhile, Ameerah is counting votes with the Girls Girls alliance. Jasmine reassures Ameerah she has enough votes to stay. However, as Brittany says in the Diary Room, Ameerah does not have the numbers to stay this week and she will be going home.

Plotting a Big Brother Blindside

It’s time for the eviction vote. Ameerah and Terrance each get a chance to make a final plea. Ameerah says hi to loved ones back home. She thanks her fellow Houseguest for welcoming her. She is having the time of her life and wants to keep enjoying playing the game. Terrance says hi to loved ones back home too. Terrance says Turner’s decision was an unexpected move. He alludes to a pool game earlier, and he asks “What if?” to his fellow Houseguests. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.


Alyssa votes to evict Terrance.

Indy votes to evict Terrance.

Monte votes to evict Ameerah.

Nicole votes to evict Terrance.

Jasmine votes to evict Terrance.

Brittany votes to evict Ameerah.

Taylor votes to evict Ameerah.

Kyle votes to evict Ameerah.

Michael votes to evict Ameerah.

Daniel votes to evict Ameerah (as a sympathy vote for Terrance).

Joseph votes to evict Ameerah.

Blindside, Ameerah is stunned

By a vote of 7-4, Ameerah has been evicted from the Big Brother house. She is stunned and quietly gives hugs to everyone before walking out the front door. Nicole and Alyssa are visibly shocked as well. Ameerah sits outside for her interview with Julie. Julie asks Ameerah her thoughts. Ameerah admits she’s surprised, but she was still nervous. She knew she was a bigger threat than Terrance. Julie asks her what she thinks happened. Ameerah thinks Daniel and Nicole may have played a part in her eviction, but she’s not certain.

Julie reveals the Leftovers alliance. A screen behind Julie shows images of Kyle, Monte, Joseph, Turner, Michael, Brittany, and Taylor. Ameerah says a lot of those people were already in alliances, so she’s surprised they formed another group. Afterwards, the goodbye messages play. Kyle admits to creating the Leftovers alliance and calls Ameerah the biggest threat. Nicole says she will turn the house upside down if Ameerah is evicted. Taylor says the girls never had her best interest, so she had to do what was best for her game. Taylor hopes to be friends with her outside the house. Turner blames Ameerah for Pooch’s eviction and says Ameerah could’ve gone on to win the game.

Triple Festie Bestie!

Julie reveals the next part of the Festie Bestie twist. Since Terrance’s Festie Bestie has been evicted, he can now join a pair of Festie Besties of his choice. Terrance chooses to join Monte and Joseph. They can be nominated as a trio, but all three will be safe if any of them win the Head of Household competition.

Next is the Head of Household competition. Invitations will rain from the sky. The first eight Houseguests to find a red invitation inside an envelope will advance to the second part of the HoH competition. Jasmine, Terrance, and Brittany are the first three to find a red invitation. Everyone else is hurriedly opening the many envelopes scattered on the ground. The remaining five will be revealed on Sunday night’s episode.

And that wraps up tonight’s eviction episode of Big Brother 24. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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