Big Brother 23 – Week 9 Spoilers

Last night the eighth Houseguest was evicted and a new HoH was crowned. Find out who the Week 9 nominees are here.

Last night Sarah Beth was evicted and became the third member of the jury. After the eviction, Tiffany won the Head of Household competition.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Tiffany nominated Alyssa and Xavier for eviction. Alyssa is her target, and Xavier is the pawn. As long as Alyssa is not saved with the Power of Veto, then this should be an easy week for Tiffany. However, if Alyssa does come off the block, then Tiffany would be forced to name Claire as the replacement nominee. Tiffany is Claire’s closest ally, but Tiffany’s loyalty is to the Cookout. But if nominations stay the same, then the Cookout will have the votes to keep Xavier over Alyssa.

Despite tension within the Cookout alliance, all six members are determined to make it to the Final 6 together. Alyssa and Claire are the only Houseguests not part of the alliance. It’s likely they will both be evicted on Thursday since it’s a Double Eviction.

In this ninth week of the game, here are the power rankings for the remaining Houseguests.

  1. Tiffany – Tiffany won the Head of Household competition two weeks in a row. She has the power this week, and she’s staying loyal to the Cookout. Tiffany did not need to win this Head of Household, especially since she could be forced to betray her close friend Claire. Nonetheless, Tiffany has proven to be a great strategist with a solid competition record. If Tiffany makes it to the Final 2, then she will be tough to beat.
  2. Hannah – Tiffany hopes to go to the Final 2 with Hannah, so she’s definitely safe this week. Hannah doesn’t seem to be an initial target for anyone once the Cookout makes it to the Final 6. She’s in a decent spot, but she could be in trouble later on if one of the men in the Cookout win power when it’s down to the six of them. She’s safe for now though.
  3. Azah – Azah hasn’t had much influence throughout the game. She’s largely benefited from the Cookout alliance, especially since she’s butted heads with some of her allies. Nonetheless, Azah isn’t seen as a threat, and Tiffany and Hannah hope to go to the Final 3 with Azah. Azah is this high on the ranking since she’s unlikely to be targeted first if and when the Cookout makes it to the Final 6.
  4. Xavier – Xavier is nominated this week, but he’s not going to be evicted. Xavier should seem like an obvious threat to win, but no one seems to be targeting him. Xavier is also annoyed with Tiffany for targeting Alyssa, and he hopes Tiffany will be forced to nominate Claire. He’s discussed possibly saving Alyssa if he wins the Power of Veto, but that remains to be seen.
  5. Kyland – Kyland’s name has come up often as the first target after Alyssa and Claire are evicted. Kyland has a Final 3 deal with Xavier and Derek F., and a Final 2 deal with Tiffany. Kyland admitted in last night’s episode he’s more loyal to Tiffany, but Tiffany is prepared to turn her back on Kyland if she has to.
  6. Derek F. – Derek F. would likely be Tiffany’s preferred target if it wasn’t for the Cookout. However, Derek F. leaving this week is very unlikely to happen as Tiffany seems dedicated to the Cookout. Even so, Derek F. doesn’t have much of a chance winning this game as he’s been carried by the Cookout all season long.
  7. Claire – Tiffany is Claire’s closest ally, and she believes she’s safe with Tiffany in power. However, Claire will likely be evicted if Alyssa is saved with the Power of Veto. Claire isn’t aware of this, so it would be a brutal blindside if Tiffany is forced to nominate Claire. Even though Tiffany knows she can trust Claire, she would lose the support of all the other five Cookout members and become the #1 target herself if she targeted one of them instead of Claire. As close as Tiffany and Claire are, Tiffany wouldn’t want to risk her game with the Cookout just to save Claire for an extra week.
  8. Alyssa – Alyssa needs the Power of Veto to survive this week. If she doesn’t win the Power of Veto or have someone else save her with it, then Alyssa will be the first Houseguest evicted on Thursday. The only question is who will be the next person to follow her out the door since this upcoming eviction is a Double Eviction episode. Will it be Claire, or will Claire save herself in the Head of Household or Power of Veto competition?

And that’s where the house stands at the moment. Come back on Thursday for a live recap of the next eviction episode of Big Brother 23.

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