Big Brother 23 – Week 8 Spoilers

Last night the seventh Houseguest was evicted and a new HoH was crowned. Find out who the Week 8 nominees are here.

Last night Derek X. was evicted and became the second member of the jury. After the eviction, Tiffany won the Head of Household competition.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Tiffany nominated Sarah Beth and Kyland for eviction. Sarah Beth is her target, and Kyland is a pawn. Xavier is also nominated as the third nominee due to a punishment from last week’s Power of Veto competition. In addition, the High Roller’s Room reopened today, and Claire won the Coin of Destiny. Along with her safety, Claire had the chance to anonymously usurp the Head of Household and change Tiffany’s nominations. Since Claire’s targets Xavier and Kyland were already nominated (and Tiffany being her closest ally), Claire chose to keep the nominations the same.

As for alliances, the Cookout continues to dominate the game. Each member of the alliance is still in the house. Claire, Alyssa, and Sarah Beth are the only three Houseguests remaining who are not part of the alliance, but each of their closest ally is a Cookout member. Claire’s closest ally is Tiffany, Alyssa’s closest ally is Xavier, and Sarah Beth’s closest ally is Kyland. It’s very likely the Cookout will achieve their goal of making it to the Final 6 together.

In this eighth week of the game, here are the power rankings for the remaining Houseguests.

  1. Claire – As the winner of the Coin of Destiny, Claire has the power this week. She’s on board with Tiffany’s plan to target Sarah Beth. Claire’s closest ally is Tiffany, and she trusts Hannah too. However, Claire is likely going to be targeted next week if she or Tiffany doesn’t win HoH.
  2. Tiffany – Tiffany started the week in power, but the Coin of Destiny twist has kicked her out of the HoH room. Regardless, her closest non-Cookout member won the Coin of Destiny and didn’t change her nominations. Tiffany is a great strategist and has positioned herself well in the game. She’ll have the chance to compete in next week’s HoH competition too since she was usurped.
  3. Hannah – Hannah has the protection of the Cookout, and she’s not viewed as one of the biggest threats in the alliance. She also has a Final 2 alliance with Tiffany, and the two will look out for each other when only the Cookout members remain in the game.
  4. Azah – Azah has benefitted from the Cookout alliance. She hasn’t had much sway in the house and she’s been called an emotional player. Despite Azah butting heads with her Cookout allies throughout the game, they are all committed to the cause and plan to remain loyal to each other.
  5. Derek F. – Derek F. has ridden the Cookout’s coattails all season long. Nobody views him as a threat in the game, and he’ll be a favored choice as someone to sit next to in the Final 2. It’s unlikely Derek F. will win this game, but he could still be in the game by finale night.
  6. Xavier – Xavier is playing the best game in the house. He has covered his bases throughout the game, and it’s unlikely he’ll be evicted this week despite being a third nominee. Xavier is the favorite to win the game at the moment, but he’s only this low on the ranking since he’s a nominee.
  7. Kyland – Kyland is nominated next to his loyal ally Sarah Beth. By placing him on the block next to her, Kyland will be unable to save Sarah Beth with a Power of Veto or to vote to keep her on eviction night. Kyland is aware that his Cookout allies have wanted Sarah Beth gone for weeks, but he’s still unhappy about it. Once it’s just the Cookout in the house, Kyland could be in trouble. Kyland’s name has often come up as the first Cookout target once they all make it to the Final 6 together.
  8. Alyssa – Alyssa is not nominated this week, but I’m still placing her low on this list since she’s still in danger. If Sarah Beth wins the Power of Veto, then Alyssa could be the backup target. She won’t have the support that both Xavier and Kyland currently have from the Cookout.
  9. Sarah Beth – Sarah Beth is the target this week. Tiffany has wanted her out of the house for weeks, and everyone in the Cookout (sans Kyland) is on board with evicting her. Claire and Alyssa are also fine with evicting Sarah Beth too. If Sarah Beth doesn’t win the Power of Veto, then she’s doomed.

And that’s where the house stands at the moment. Come back on Thursday for a live recap of the next eviction episode of Big Brother 23.

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