Big Brother 23 – Week 7 Spoilers

Last night the sixth Houseguest was evicted and a new HoH was crowned. Find out who the Week 7 nominees are here.

Last night Britini was evicted and became the first member of the jury. After the eviction, Sarah Beth won the Head of Household competition.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Sarah Beth nominated Claire and Derek F. for eviction. She nominated the same people Kyland did last week. In addition, the High Roller’s Room reopened today, and Alyssa won safety. Along with her safety, she removed Derek F. from the block and Xavier was randomly named as the replacement nominee.

As for the alliance, the Cookout is still in control of the game. Despite Sarah Beth winning the HoH competition, she’s doing Kyland’s bidding. The Cookout will most likely get their way at the upcoming eviction. Claire and Derek X. believe they’re in a group alliance with Tiffany and Hannah. However, they’re in the most danger this week. Tiffany and Hannah are even ready to cut them loose from the game already.

In this seventh week of the game, here are the power rankings for the remaining Houseguests.

  1. Sarah Beth – She’s the Head of Household and has the power this week. She claims she’s making her own decisions this week, but she allowed Kyland to influence her decisions. She’s planning to backdoor Derek X., which only helps the Cookout. Sarah Beth is safe this week, but she could be the next target for the Cookout.
  2. Alyssa – Alyssa is only this high on the rankings since she won safety. She cannot be nominated this week. Alyssa was originally a target option, but now Sarah Beth won’t be able to go after her this week. Alyssa seems to only trust Xavier at the moment, but little does she know that she’s expendable to him.
  3. Kyland – Kyland is essentially the HoH again. He’s Sarah Beth’s closest ally, and he’s using his bond with her to influence her HoH decisions. Sarah Beth doesn’t even realize that Kyland was ready to let Sarah Beth get evicted if she didn’t win HoH this week. The Cookout is still doing a good job remaining undetected by the other Houseguests.
  4. Tiffany – Tiffany wants Sarah Beth gone ASAP, which Sarah Beth seems to still be unaware of. Tiffany has chosen to stay loyal to the Cookout, even though Claire and Derek X. are more likely to stay loyal to her than the other Cookout members besides Hannah.
  5. Hannah – Sarah Beth was targeting Hannah weeks ago, but the two seem to have come to an agreement to not target each other. Hannah is choosing the Cookout over Derek X. Derek X. is a very loyal ally to Hannah, but she’s already on board with evicting Derek X. this week.
  6. Azah – Azah remains safe thanks to the Cookout’s control of the game. She’s very blunt and admitted to Sarah Beth that she was unhappy with Kyland last week, but she’s still unlikely to find herself in danger this week.
  7. Derek F. – Derek F. will likely be the pawn to send other Houseguests out the door for the remainder of his time in the house. However, since he’s no threat and a number to the Cookout, he’ll be safe. Derek F. was initially nominated by Sarah Beth, but he’s now off the block.
  8. Xavier – Xavier finds himself on the block for the first time due to a random roulette game. Even though he’s nominated, it’s unlikely Xavier will be evicted this week. The only way he’ll be in possible danger is if Derek X. wins the Power of Veto and uses it to remove Claire from the block.
  9. Derek X. – Derek X. is the target for the week. He’s strong in competitions and he’s well-liked in the house. Derek X. isn’t last on the ranking since he’s not on the block yet, but it’s very likely Derek X. will be walking out the door this week. Derek X.’s best chance of survival is if he gets picked to play in the Power of Veto competition and wins it.
  10. Claire – Claire has been nominated for the second week in a row. Although the plan is to backdoor Derek X., she’s the one on the block right now. The Power of Veto will determine the outcome, but the week will likely end with either Claire or Derek X. getting evicted

And that’s where the house stands at the moment. Come back on Thursday for a live recap of the next eviction episode of Big Brother 23.

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