Big Brother 23 – Week 4 Spoilers

Last night the third Houseguest was evicted and a new HoH was crowned. Find out who the Week 4 nominees are here.

Christian won the HoH competition. He and his team members Alyssa, Sarah Beth, and Xavier are also safe. This afternoon, the fourth Wildcard competition was held. One member from the other three teams competed to win safety for the week. Azah competed for Team Jokers, Whitney competed for Team Aces, and Claire competed for Team Queens. Claire won the Wildcard competition. She chose to accept safety for two weeks.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Christian nominated Whitney and Hannah for eviction. Whitney is the target, but the Cookout may have to vote out one of their own allies if Whitney wins the Power of Veto. The Cookout has the numbers to save Hannah if the nominations remain the same. However, if Whitney takes herself off the block, then Christian could nominate Azah as the replacement nominee.

The Cookout and the Royal Flush alliances are still together. A notable difference is Hannah is finally included in the Cookout, and the other Cookout members are determined to keep her in the game. The Kings discussed targeting Hannah this week, but Xavier nudged them into targeting Whitney instead. However, Sarah Beth wants Hannah out and could continue to campaign against her. Christian and Alyssa could be swayed into wanting Hannah gone this week. The Cookout still plans to be loyal, so the Cookout members in the Royal Flush alliance (Xavier, Kyland, and Tiffany) could show their cards if they refuse to vote out Hannah this week.

In this fourth week of the game, here are the power rankings for the remaining Houseguests.

  1. Christian – Christian is the HoH and safe for the week. However, Christian could be a target sooner rather than later. Various Houseguests have discussed splitting up Alyssa and Christian. Even Christian’s own Royal Flush allies want them targeted, even if they’d rather not get the blood on their own hands. Christian could earn some good will depending how he plays this week, but he’ll be a target eventually. But he’s safe and in power this week.
  2. Xavier – Xavier is part of the Kings team, so he’s safe this week. Xavier played his HoH week well, and he has protection from both the Royal Flush and Cookout alliances. He’s aligned with everybody in the house except for Britini and Whitney. Xavier could be seen as a threat eventually, but he’s set himself up nicely to make a deep run in the game.
  3. Sarah Beth – Sarah Beth is also part of the Kings team, so she’s safe this week too. Sarah Beth has trust with the people in the Royal Flush alliance, but she’s been outspoken about wanting Hannah out this week. It’ll be interesting to see if Sarah Beth will continue to push for Hannah’s eviction or if she will go along with the current plan to evict Whitney.
  4. Claire – Claire won the Wildcard competition and accepted safety. Claire can continue to fly under the radar and build the relationships she has in the Royal Flush alliance without fear of eviction this week.
  5. Alyssa – Alyssa is part of the Kings team, but she’s lower than Claire since Claire is also safe this week. Plus, Alyssa is more likely to be nominated in upcoming weeks than Claire. Christian and Alyssa will be targeted when they no longer have any safety. But she’s part of the Kings team and her closest ally is the current HoH, so she’s safe for now.
  6. Kyland – Kyland is playing a strong game so far. He has many people trusting him within both the Cookout and the Royal Flush. He’s not in any danger at the moment, but he could be viewed as a threat down the line.
  7. Tiffany – Tiffany is proving to be a great strategist. She is very savvy and determined to make logical decisions to advance further in the game. She’s most loyal to the Cookout alliance, but she has close allies within the Royal Flush alliance too. Tiffany is playing the game maybe a bit too hard though. There’s a chance the other Houseguests could catch on to how much of a strategic threat Tiffany is. However, she’s thinking two steps ahead of everyone in the house and in a good spot this week.
  8. Derek X. – Derek X. has continued to improve his standing in the house. He was the target in the first week of the game, but he’s now a number many people are hoping to count on moving forward in the game. He’s in the Royal Flush alliance and has a good bond with Hannah too. Derek X. isn’t in any immediate danger, but how low he is on the totem pole of the Royal Flush alliance could mean trouble for him later. But he’s safe for now.
  9. Derek F. – Derek F. is still riding the coattails of the Cookout alliance. He’s part of the Jokers team, and no one in the house is considering the Jokers as contenders in the game. After three men have been evicted in a row, it’s more likely that Christian will only nominate women this week. Therefore, despite not being aligned with Christian, it’s unlikely Derek F. will find himself on the block this week.
  10. Britini – Britini was on the block two weeks in a row. She’ll likely get a break this week, but it’s still a possibility Britini could be a replacement nominee if the Power of Veto is used. If Whitney or Hannah wins the Power of Veto, the Cookout members within the Royal Flush alliance will likely try to sway Christian to name Britini as the replacement nominee. It’ll be tough to make Christian consider Britini instead of Azah though. And speaking of Azah…
  11. Azah – Azah could be in danger this week. She’s not nominated this week, but Christian has already said he might nominate Azah as the replacement nominee if the Power of Veto is used. If the week ends with Azah and Hannah sitting on the block, Azah could be saved as an original Cookout member. However, Azah’s emotional approach to the game has made some Cookout members uneasy about her.
  12. Hannah – Hannah is nominated this week. She has many people on her side, including the Cookout and Derek X. She’s currently the pawn this week, but she could be evicted on Thursday if Whitney wins the Power of Veto. Sarah Beth wants Hannah out, and she could continue to push for Hannah to be evicted this week (even if Whitney remains on the block). Tiffany, Kyland, and Xavier will try to be as subtle as possible in protecting Hannah, but they may have to choose if fighting for Hannah’s safety is worth exposing the Cookout.
  13. Whitney – Whitney is the target this week. However, she has a chance as the eviction plan could flip back and forth throughout the week. There are a lot of discussions that can happen to spare Whitney this week, and Hannah could be seen as a bigger threat if nominations remain the same. Nonetheless, Whitney isn’t part of an alliance like Hannah and Azah are. Whitney would be the easy vote to evict this week.

And that’s where the house stands at the moment. Come back on Thursday for a live recap of the next eviction episode of Big Brother 23.

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