Big Brother 23 – Week 3 Spoilers

Last night the second Houseguest was evicted and a new HoH was crowned. Find out who the Week 3 nominees are here.

Xavier won the HoH competition, and his Team Kings members Alyssa, Christian, and Sarah Beth are also safe. This afternoon, the third Wildcard competition was held. One member from the other three teams competed to win safety for the week. Britini competed for Team Jokers, Derek X. competed for Team Aces, and Tiffany competed for Team Queens. Tiffany won the Wildcard competition. She did not choose to take the safety for the week.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Xavier nominated Brent and Britini for eviction. Brent is the target, and everyone else in the house wants Brent evicted this week. Brent is clueless that his own Team Aces members want him out of the house too. If Brent does not win the Power of Veto, then he will most likely be evicted on Thursday. If Brent does win the Power of Veto, then Xavier will be pressured by his allies to name Whitney as a replacement nominee.

The Cookout alliance with Xavier, Kyland, Tiffany, Azah, and Derek F. is still together. There have been some cracks in the alliances due to Azah and Derek F.’s loyalty to their Jokers teammates, but Xavier is determined to get the Cookout to the end of the game. The Royal Flush alliance with Team Kings (Xavier, Alyssa, Christian, Sarah Beth) and Team Queens (Tiffany, Claire, Kyland) plus an Ace (Derek X.) is going strong as well. Within the Royal Flush alliance, Claire, Tiffany, and Sarah Beth have a trio alliance called Jackpot.

In the third week of the game, here are the power rankings for the remaining Houseguests this week:

  1. Xavier – He’s the HoH and safe for the week. He should have a straightforward HoH week as he’s targeting Brent. Everyone in the house wants Brent out of the house, meaning Xavier won’t be making waves with the rest of the Houseguests this week. He’s part of the Cookout alliance and the Royal Flush alliance, so he has many allies in the game.
  2. Sarah Beth – Sarah Beth is on Team Kings, so she is safe this week. Sarah Beth has an effective social game. She has close bonds with her fellow Team Kings members as well as with Tiffany, Claire, and Kyland.
  3. Christian – Christian is this high simply because he’s part of Team Kings. He can’t be nominated this week. Christian is in a seemingly good spot; he’s part of the Royal Flush alliance. His closest ally seems to be Alyssa as the two of them spend most of their time together. Whether or not they become a showmance, Christian will eventually become a target in the upcoming weeks. But he’s safe this week.
  4. Alyssa – Alyssa is also this high on the rankings because she’s safe as part of Team Kings. However, her name has been thrown out as a potential target for upcoming weeks by the likes of Britini. Even though Alyssa is part of the Royal Flush alliance, she’s lower on the totem pole as the Cookout members in the alliance are tighter with Claire and Sarah Beth.
  5. Tiffany – Tiffany is playing a strong game thus far. She’s heavily involved in a lot of the strategic discussions and has established trust with several of her fellow Houseguests. She’s part of the Cookout alliance and the Royal Flush alliance. She’s also in the trio Jackpot alliance with Claire and Sarah Beth. Tiffany doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s radar right now. If it weren’t for the Team Kings having automatic safety this week, then Tiffany would be higher on this ranking.
  6. Kyland – Kyland has the trust of everyone within his alliance. He’s had Final 2 conversations with both Sarah Beth and Tiffany, and Xavier and Derek X. trust him a lot too. After having a smooth HoH week last week, Kyland is on good terms with his fellow Houseguests at the moment.
  7. Claire – Claire has many allies at the moment, and she’s smartly lying low. Her closest ally seems to be Tiffany. An HoH win would force her to show her cards, but she’s not in a bad spot right now. Brent has thrown Claire’s name out as a potential target, but he’s likely leaving this week.
  8. Derek X. – Derek X. was Frenchie’s target Week 1, but he saved himself with the Power of Veto. After being on the outs, Derek X. has been brought into the Royal Flush alliance. He’s well-liked in the house and is on no one’s radar at the moment. He seems to trust Tiffany, Claire, Kyland, and Hannah the most. However, Tiffany and Claire admitted that Derek X. is someone that could become expendable to them down the road.
  9. Hannah – Hannah has good relationships with people, but she’s not included in either of the Cookout or Royal Flush alliances. However, the Cookout still plans to protect Hannah even though she doesn’t know about the alliance. Hannah has shown some game savviness, but she isn’t being included in any major alliances so far. But if any of the alliances fracture, then Hannah could be picked up as another number.
  10. Derek F. – Derek F. is on no one’s radar, but Derek F. hasn’t shown much agency in the game. He isn’t doing anything noteworthy and is relying on his Cookout alliance to take him far. His only concern is the women uniting to target the men in the house. He says it’s only fair for two women to be the next two evicted after Brent leaves the house. If Derek F. didn’t have the Cookout alliance, then he would be completely lost in the game.
  11. Azah – Azah could be an early target if it wasn’t for the Cookout. Azah’s allies are concerned that Azah is playing the game too emotionally and being too loyal to her Jokers teammates. Azah has gotten very close to Britini, and she was upset that Britini was going to be on the block again. Azah even told Xavier to nominate her as a pawn next to Brent instead of Britini, but Xavier refused. In addition, Azah wasn’t happy how Britini was targeted by both Tiffany and Derek X. in the Wildcard competition. If the Cookout was going to fracture, then Azah could end up being the first one evicted from the alliance.
  12. Whitney – Whitney is expendable to the other Houseguests at the moment. Two large alliances have been formed, and Whitney is not in either of them. In addition, multiple people suggested to Xavier to place Whitney on the block next to Brent instead of Britini. If either nominee comes down from the block, then Whitney will likely be the replacement. If Whitney sits on the block next to Britini on Thursday, then it could be a tossup on who gets evicted.
  13. Britini – Britini is the pawn for the second week in the row. Britini is expendable to many people in the house. If Brent saves himself with the Power of Veto, then Britini could be evicted on Thursday.
  14. Brent – If Brent doesn’t win the Power of Veto, then he’s most likely walking out the door on Thursday. He has no allies and has rubbed many people the wrong way. He doesn’t even realize his own Team Aces members don’t want him in the house. Xavier told Brent he’s the pawn, but Brent sees through that and knows he’s the target. Brent will need the Power of Veto to survive this week.

And that’s where the house stands at the moment. Come back on Thursday for a live recap of the next eviction episode of Big Brother 23.

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