Big Brother 23: Week 12 Spoilers and Power Rankings

Last night the Final 3 of Big Brother 23 was determined. Find out who won Part 1 of the Final HoH competition here.

Last night Kyland was evicted and became the eighth member of the jury. After the eviction, Xavier won Part 1 of the Final HoH competition. Azah and Derek F. will compete in Part 2. The winner of that competition will go against Xavier in Part 3. The winner of Part 3 will earn his or her spot in the Final 2 and cast the final eviction vote of the season to determine who will be the final member of the jury.

In this final week of the game, here at the power rankings for the remaining Houseguests:

  1. Xavier – Xavier is the favorite to win the season. He has won the most competitions out of the Final 3. In addition, he has built good relationships with his Houseguests and was an active player in the Cookout alliance. The jury seems to respect his game, and there is no question that Xavier has done more than both Derek F. and Azah in terms of gameplay. However, Xavier will have to win the Final HoH competition to secure his spot in the Final 2. I thought Xavier would keep Kyland over Azah since Kyland promised Xavier a Final 2 deal. If Azah wins Round 2 and Round 3 of the Final HoH competition, then she will evict Xavier and sit next to Derek F. in the Final 2. As long as Xavier wins Round 3, then he will likely win Big Brother 23 in a landslide vote – regardless who he sits next to between Azah and Derek F.
  2. Azah – Even though Azah has a tougher road to the Final 2 than Derek F. does, I believe Azah could win against Derek F. Azah must win Round 2 and Round 3 of the Final HoH competition to get to the Final 2. If she doesn’t, then she will be evicted in third place. However, if Azah does win the final HoH competition, then she could cast the sole vote to evict Xavier. If she does, then that could be enough to give her the win over Derek F. Both Azah and Derek F. coasted throughout the game and relied on their Cookout members to make it to the Final 3. The vote could be a tossup between Azah and Derek F., but I think Azah might have an edge over Derek F. in a jury vote.
  3. Derek F. – Derek F. is most likely making it to the Final 2. Xavier and Azah would both take him to the Final 2, but Derek F. probably won’t have enough respect from the jury to win the game. Derek F. believes he has done a lot throughout the season and has repeatedly claimed he deserves a spot in the Final 2. The reality is that Derek F. has done nothing significant throughout the season. He coasted throughout the game and rode the Cookout’s coattails to the Final 3. He has won no competitions and offered nothing strategically to the Cookout. It would be surprising to see the jury vote Derek F. the winner of this season.

And that’s where the Final 3 stand at the moment. Come back on Wednesday for a live recap of the finale of Big Brother 23.

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