Big Brother 23: Week 10 Spoilers and Power Rankings

Last night two Houseguests were evicted and a new HoH was crowned. Find out who the Week 10 nominees are here.

Last night Claire and Alyssa were evicted and became the fourth and fifth members of the jury. After the Double Eviction, Kyland won the Head of Household competition.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Kyland nominated Tiffany and Hannah for eviction. Tiffany is the target, but Hannah is a backup target if Tiffany wins the Power of Veto. It’s possible both Tiffany and Hannah will be evicted this upcoming week since there will be another Double Eviction on Thursday.

The Cookout alliance has made history and achieved their goal of being the Final 6. Despite the tension within the group, they stay committed to the cause and every member of the alliance is still in the game. Now they are forced to turn on each other. Only a few weeks remain until finale night. Who will claim the $750,000 grand prize?

In this tenth week of the game, here are the power rankings for the remaining Houseguests.

  1. Kyland – Kyland is the HoH this week, so he has the power to take the first shot at the Cookout. Despite initially wanting to go to the end with Tiffany, he has changed his mind and plans to go to the end with Xavier. It could be a mistake as Xavier would be a tough person to beat in the Final 2. Kyland is a possible target for Azah and whoever remains between Tiffany and Hannah, but both Derek F. and Xavier seem to be on board with going to the Final 3 with him.
  2. Xavier – Xavier is in the best position to win this game. He could win the remaining competitions to get himself to the Final 2. He also has loyalty from Kyland, Derek F., and Azah to fall back on. If he makes it to the Final 2, then he will likely win the game. The only person who could beat him is Tiffany, but it’s very unlikely they will sit together in the Final 2. The only reason Xavier is not #1 on this ranking this week is because he’s not the current HoH.
  3. Derek F. – Derek F. could likely make it to the Final 2. He is not a threat to win this game, so he’s a desirable person to sit next to in front of the jury. Derek F. has largely benefited from the Cookout alliance. He’s rode their coattails to the Final 6, and now he’s likely going to be brought to the Final 2 as an easy person to win against.
  4. Azah – Azah is likely going to be the replacement nominee if either Hannah or Tiffany wins the Power of Veto. Azah has also benefited from the Cookout alliance as she’s made it all the way to the Final 6 without winning a competition or being put on the block. Azah isn’t at the top of anyone’s target list at the moment, but the two who promised to take her to the Final 3 are sitting on the block right now.
  5. Hannah – Hannah is in danger this week. If Tiffany wins the Power of Veto, then Hannah will be voted out. The other Cookout members recognize how well she does in the mental competitions. Hannah has played a savvy game, but the only person who seems to truly have Hannah’s back is Tiffany. Kyland, Xavier, and Derek F. are all on board with sending both Hannah and Tiffany out of the house as soon as possible.
  6. Tiffany – Tiffany could’ve won this game, but she has sacrificed her individual game for the sake of the Cookout. She has willingly let people closer to her on a personal level get evicted, such as Claire, Derek X., and Christian. Now Tiffany finds herself to be the likely first boot of the Cookout; Xavier and Derek F. are especially eager to take her out. Regardless what Xavier and Derek F. said about Tiffany playing a selfish game by winning last week’s HoH competition, Tiffany has actually played a selfless game and will likely pay the price for it on Thursday. Tiffany will need to win the Power of Veto to survive this upcoming vote. Even if she does win the Power of Veto, then she will also need to win HoH or the Power of Veto during the Double Eviction to survive Thursday’s episode.

And that’s where the house stands at the moment. Come back on Thursday for a live recap of the next Double Eviction episode of Big Brother 23.

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