Big Brother 23 Eviction Results Week 6 Recap and Live Blog

A live eviction episode of Big Brother 23 airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

Kyland is the Head of Household, and he nominated Claire and Derek F. for eviction. Claire was his target and Derek F. volunteered to be a pawn. However, Kyland reconsidered targeting Claire after his conversation with Tiffany. At the Veto competition, Alyssa and Kyland each won a Power of Veto. Kyland plans to use his Veto to save Claire and replace her with Britini. Will he follow through on this plan? Or will he listen to Derek F.’s idea to backdoor Derek X. instead? Let’s find out.

The episode picks up at the Veto Meeting. Kyland uses the Power of Veto on Claire. Kyland nominates Britini as the replacement nominee. Alyssa decides not to use her Power of Veto. In the Diary Room, Kyland says he believes they will have the votes to evict Britini. Claire does not believe she needs to be grateful since Kyland put her on the block in the first place. Meanwhile, Britini breaks down in tears to Azah and Derek F. She calls Kyland obsessive for putting her on the block again. She’s upset to be nominated for the fourth time out of the six weeks.

Claire and Tiffany talk about the upcoming vote. They agree that Derek F. can skate by to the end since he isn’t a threat to anyone. Claire would rather evict Derek F. since he could already have a seat in the Final 2. However, Tiffany has to shut down the idea of evicting Derek F. Unbeknownst to Claire, Derek F. and Tiffany are in an alliance together. Elsewhere in the house, Derek X. and Hannah have a similar conversation. Derek X. entertains the idea of keeping Britini in the house. In the Diary Room, Hannah says she would be on board with Derek X.’s plan if the Cookout didn’t exist. Derek X. later talks to Hannah, Tiffany, and Claire. He proposes the idea of pulling in Britini as a number for them. Although he’s making good points, Tiffany and Hannah won’t agree to the plan. Tiffany admits that she likes Derek X. and Claire, but she says they may have to go sooner rather than later if they keep targeting members of the Cookout.

Xavier and Tiffany talk about the plan for next week. They agree that Derek X. and Claire need to be the next targets. Tiffany admits she would be sad to lose them since she’s close friends with them, but she says that the Cookout is her priority. Xavier talks to Kyland later. They want to dissuade Derek X. from trying to win the upcoming HoH competition. Derek X. joins them in the HoH room. Xavier tries to convince Derek X. that they are not going to target each other. Later, Derek X. tells Claire about his conversation with Xavier. They figure out that Xavier is likely planning to backdoor Derek X. if he wins the next HoH competition.

It’s time for the live eviction. Britini and Derek F. can each give one final plea. Britini does another rap before asking her Houseguests to keep her. Derek F. thanks God and gives a shoutout to his family members back home before asking his Houseguests to stay in the house. Afterwards, the Houseguests vote.

Xavier votes to evict Britini.

Hannah votes to evict Britini.

Claire votes to evict Britini.

Derek X. votes to evict Britini.

Azah votes to evict Derek F.

Tiffany votes to evict Britini.

Sarah Beth votes to evict Britini.

Alyssa votes to evict Britini.

By a vote of 7 – 1, Britini has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Britini gives everyone a hug before walking out the door. She sits down for her interview with Julie. Julie asks Britini why she thinks she was evicted this time. Britini thinks her underdog story would be tough to beat in a Final 2 vote. Julie points out that Britini received 100 BB Bucks this week, but she didn’t’ use them. Britini explains she wanted to save her BB Bucks and believed in her deal with Kyland. In addition to Kyland breaking their deal, Britini also feels betrayed by Claire and Tiffany. She says people are scared to make moves. Afterwards, the goodbye messages play. Azah said she did everything she could to keep her. Xavier says Britini will be missed. Claire says keeping Britini would have been better for her individual game, but her group didn’t want to keep her. Derek F. says Britini is special, and he calls himself her big brother.

It’s time for the Head of Household competition. They must navigate a balance beam course one at a time. The Houseguest with the fastest time will be the new HoH. Claire is up first.

Claire’s time is 34.97.

Alyssa’s time was faster than Claire’s, but she trips and steps on the ground before pressing the button. She is eliminated.

Derek F.’s time is longer than 34.97. He is eliminated.

Sarah Beth’s time is 21.03. She is now in the lead.

Azah is unable to beat Sarah Beth’s time.

Hannah is unable to beat Sarah Beth’s time.

Tiffany is unable to beat Sarah Beth’s time.

Derek X. is unable to beat Sarah Beth’s time.

Xavier is unable to beat Sarah Beth’s time.

Sarah Beth is the new HoH.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 23. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.


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