Big Brother 23 Eviction Results Week 3 Recap and Live Blog

A live eviction episode of Big Brother 23 airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

Brent is the house target, but he’s convinced he has the votes to stay. Will he be blindsided tonight, or will he finally find out the truth in time? And who will win the next HoH competition? Let’s find out!

After the Veto Meeting, Brent says in the Diary Room that he’s convinced he has the numbers to stay. He believes he has the support of his Aces team members and the Queen team members. Brent even formed an alliance with the two teams called “The Mafia.” However, the alliance is not real to everyone else. Tiffany admits in the Diary Room that she feels bad for Brent. He’s going home this week, but he is still clueless about where the house stands. Brent believes it will be a split vote in his favor, but he’s likely going to be evicted by a unanimous vote.

Meanwhile, Derek F. speculates that Xavier could be a lawyer. Xavier is a lawyer, but he told everyone he is a model and a bartender. Derek F. is convinced Xavier is a lawyer due to how Xavier presents himself. Xavier laughs it off, but he voices his frustration in the Diary Room. Derek F. is in the Cookout alliance with Xavier, so it’s unnecessary for Derek F. to make Xavier look like a threat. Elsewhere, Brent is still clueless about his impending eviction. Whitney and Claire admit they feel guilty, but they are in too deep now. Whitney tries to give Brent advice on how to talk to people better. Brent disregards Whitney’s advice and says he’s not going to “kiss anyone’s ass.”

Whitney, Hannah, and Derek X. talk about the target for next week. Whitney and Hannah agree to target the Kings since they still have all four members. Derek X. is agreeable, but he admits in the Diary Room that he cannot take the shot himself since he’s in the Royal Flush alliance with the Kings. Later, Alyssa and Christian talk to Derek X. about the target for next week. Alyssa and Christian want Whitney to be evicted next week, and Derek X. is agreeable with them too. However, Derek X. admits he is not okay with this plan. If Whitney goes home next week, then his team the Aces will only have two members left. The strategy talk does not end for Derek X. He later sits in the Have-Not room with Tiffany and Claire, and the two women suggest splitting up the showmance couple Alyssa and Christian. They contemplate whether they should let Whitney win HoH so she can put Alyssa and Christian on the block. The Kings talk game in the HoH room with Sarah Beth. They say Whitney seems to be the house target for next week, but Alyssa and Sarah Beth would rather target Hannah. Xavier does not object, but he confesses in the Diary Room that he cannot have his Cookout ally Hannah be targeted.

It’s time for the live eviction. The two nominees can give one final plea. Britini says she loves the game and wants to continue making memories in the house. Brent gives a shout-out to his family. He tells the Houseguests that actions speak louder than words, and he hopes people remember that. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

Christian votes to evict Brent.

Azah votes to evict Brent.

Derek X. votes to evict Brent.

Kyland votes to evict Brent.

Claire votes to evict Brent.

Hannah votes to evict Brent.

Sarah Beth votes to evict Brent.

Alyssa votes to evict Brent.

Derek F. votes to evict Brent.

Whitney votes to evict Brent.

Tiffany votes to evict Brent.

By a unanimous vote, Brent has been evicted from the Big Brother house. He hugs everyone on his way out of the house. He tells them it’s a game and to not worry about it. He sits down with Julie, and she asks him his reaction. Brent says he is not shocked since he believes this was the right play for the other Houseguests. He says he would’ve caused havoc if he stayed in the game. He says he has a strong personality and he looks like a physical threat. Julie points out how his own team members voted him out, but Brent asserts that he’s still not shocked that they turned on him. Julie asks why didn’t he campaign to have the Veto be used on him, and he says he wanted to collect data on the numbers in the house. Brent believed the Veto would’ve only bought him one more week. Julie continues to remind Brent how confident he was throughout the week, but Brent repeatedly claims that he isn’t shocked by the outcome on tonight’s vote. The goodbye messages play next. Xavier called Brent his biggest competitor. Hannah calls Brent arrogant. Derek X. says there was nothing he can do. Alyssa says it’s all game and not personal. Tiffany says the Kings, Queens, Jokers, and Aces all came together to take him out. Brent says they made the smart play getting him out since he had plans for the forthcoming weeks.

It’s time for the HoH competition. Tonight they will be playing with their team members. They must work together one at a time to build a surfboard puzzle. The winning HoH will be the team member to put the final piece of the puzzle and buzzes in. The challenge begins, and everyone is going back and forth and shouting advice to their team members. They switch in and out when their time runs out on the clock. When a new team member switches in, then the clock resets. Eventually, Christian places the final piece of the puzzle for the Kings. Christian wins HoH!

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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