Big Brother 19 – Week 9 Power Rankings

Thursday night was a live eviction episode of Big Brother 19. Read on for spoilers to see where the Houseguests stand for the week.

Thursday night was a live eviction episode of Big Brother 19. By the end of the evening, Mark was evicted from the Big Brother house. After the eviction, Jason won HoH. The nomination ceremony will be shown on Sunday’s episode, but Jason has nominated Matt and Raven for eviction. But before I get to my predictions of the upcoming week, let me discuss the events of the previous week that led to Mark’s eviction.

MARK: After Jessica, Cody, and Elena were evicted, Mark was the last remaining mutual target for Paul and his group of minions. Mark was totally alone in the game with zero allies, and he needed to win HoH or Veto to secure his safety. Sadly, he lost both competitions. Even though he made a good case for why he should stay in the house, his plea fell on deaf ears as the house just wanted to stick to the status quo.


Now that Jessica, Cody, Elena, and Mark are out of the house, Paul and his minions will finally have to turn on each other. There are tight duos within this majority group (Alex/Jason, Josh/Christmas, and Matt/Raven). Paul is most loyal to Josh and Christmas since he believes he can beat either of them in a Final 2 scenario. Kevin is most loyal to Jason, Alex, and Paul, but he is unaware that he is on the outs of this group.

Now onto the Power Rankings. Here are where the Houseguests stand in the house this upcoming week with Paul Jason as the Head of Household.


1. JASON – As HoH, Jason is safe this week. His plan is to get Matt out of the house to split up Maven. However, a better move would be to take out Paul this week. Matt and Raven are totally useless and no one respects their game; they would be easy to beat toward the end of the game. But since Jason is one of Paul’s minions, he’ll just be following his orders.

2. ALEX – Alex is Jason’s closest ally, so she’s safe this week too. She’s on board with the plan to split up Maven, and she’s also completely loyal to Paul as well. Jason and Alex are regarded as the strongest duo left in the game due to their multiple competition wins. If Alex doesn’t win the next HoH, she and Jason will likely be on the block together next week.

3. PAUL – It’s unbelievable that no one left in the house has considered targeting Paul. The people who would have taken that shot against Paul have all been evicted from the game. It’ll likely be a cakewalk for Paul to get to the Final 2. His plan is to allow Jason/Alex and Matt/Raven to go against each other before taking Josh and Christmas with him to the Final 3.

4. JOSH – Josh is in a good position in the house right now. Week 1 he was the house pariah, but now he’s got a legitimate chance at making it to the Final 2. There are much bigger targets in the house, and no one is thinking of targeting Josh anytime soon. If it’s Josh and Christmas in the Final 2, he actually could win this game.

5. CHRISTMAS – Last week Christmas took out Mark, which was a very safe and boring move. She’s got Josh’s loyalty, and Paul plans to take her far too since she’s been a non-entity in the house. If Christmas does end up in the Final 2 with Josh, she could have a chance at winning this game too. However, she and Josh aren’t exactly great competitors (although Christmas’s injury is to blame for her lack of challenge prowess), so it’ll likely be up to Paul to whom gets to sit in the Final 2 with him.

6. KEVIN – Kevin should be higher on this ranking with Jason as the HoH. Kevin trusts Jason completely, and Jason should equally trust Kevin as well. However, several people have become suspicious of Kevin, and Jason is letting their paranoia get to him as well. The plan for this week is to tell Maven that Kevin is the backdoor target, including maybe even putting Kevin in Raven’s place after the Veto Meeting. However, they will likely blindside Matt and Raven when they vote to evict Matt instead of Kevin.

7. RAVEN – Raven and Matt are so clueless. They actually are gullible enough to believe that Kevin is going to get backdoored this week, even after Jason has put them on the block together. Raven is a complete non-entity in the house with zero chance at winning this game. She’s done nothing all season long except attach herself to Matt and Paul.

8. MATT – Just get Matt out of the house now. He is so useless and a complete waste of space. He jokes about being the biggest loser in the house, but he never even tried to play the game anyway. His only goal was to make it to jury, and he’ll happily give up his game for Raven. He’ll likely be evicted on Thursday after offering absolutely nothing to the game play this season.

So those are my thoughts on the house dynamics this week. Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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