Big Brother 19 – Week 8 Power Rankings

Thursday night was a live double eviction episode of Big Brother 19. Read on for spoilers to see where the Houseguests stand for the week.

Thursday night was a live double eviction episode of Big Brother 19. By the end of the evening, Cody and Elena were evicted from the Big Brother house. After the eviction, Christmas won HoH. The nomination ceremony will be shown on Sunday’s episode, but Christmas has nominated Jason and Matt for eviction. But before I get to my predictions of the upcoming week, let me discuss the events of the previous week that led to Cody’s and Elena’s evictions.

CODY: Ever since Cody tried to backdoor Paul in the first week of the game, he’s been the biggest target in the house. He was evicted Week 2, but he returned thanks to the Battle Back Showdown. He was safe the following two weeks thanks to Jessica. She won HoH the week he returned, and she used the Halting Hex temptation the following week. Cody received one more week of safety after winning the Temptation Competition. However, his fate was sealed after he was unable to win HoH or compete for the Power of Veto this past week. Cody tried campaigning to Alex and Jason, but his efforts fell on deaf ears. Despite being totally alone in the game, the Houseguests didn’t want to keep him in the house; they chose to stick to the status quo instead. However, at least Cody was a strong competitor and made an effort to play the Big Brother game. He didn’t bow down to whatever Paul said like the majority of the Houseguests have done this season.

ELENA: Elena has been on the target list ever since she was excluded from the plan to evict Ramses instead of Josh. She tried to play a safe game and fly under the radar, but she and Mark became the next big targets after Cody and Jessica were gone. Elena also had enemies in Josh and Alex, and no one in Paul’s group of minions were interested in working with her. Elena was originally one of Paul’s minions early in the game, but she finally caught onto how he’s been running the house and would’ve went after him had she won power. Unfortunately, she was sent to the jury house before she got that chance.


Right now it’s the entire house against Mark. It’s unbelievable that there is still this groupthink mentality at Week 8 of this game. If Mark does get evicted next, the majority alliance will finally have to turn on each other next week. But as of this week, Mark is everyone’s target.

Now onto the Power Rankings. Here are where the Houseguests stand in the house this upcoming week with Paul Christmas as the Head of Household.


1. CHRISTMAS – As HoH, Christmas is safe this week. She’s going to do what the majority of the house wants, which is to backdoor Mark. She and Mark do not get along, so it’s not a bad move for her. However, targeting Paul would be the better move, but she is one of his many minions.

2. PAUL – Just end the season and hand the check to Paul already. If Mark leaves this week, there is no one else in the house that is gunning for Paul. In fact, there are people (Alex and Jason) who have admitted that they’d be fine losing the game to Paul. Matt also made a comment about how it was good Cody is gone since it means Paul won’t likely be a target until Final 5. It’s baffling that these people blindly follow his every order. They are all a bunch of sheep and should’ve listened to Dominique, Jessica, and Cody about taking Paul out of the game.

3. JOSH – Josh has a super close relationship with Christmas, so he’s safe this week. He’s also in a decent spot to go all the way to the finals. People may view him as a waste to get out, and there are other targets in front of him after Mark leaves. However, he may not win if he makes it to the Final 2, especially since he has bad relationships with two current jurors (Cody and Elena) and it’s no secret Mark doesn’t get along with him either.

4. ALEX – It’s unlikely that Alex will be evicted this week. She has a very loyal ally in Jason, and Paul still seems to want to keep her around for now. She’ll be in danger once other targets are gone, but she’s shown to be a good competitor in challenges. Christmas will unlikely target her this week, but Alex’s time on the chopping block may be inevitable in the next few weeks.

5. JASON – Jason is nominated for eviction this week, but he’s not a target. Even if Mark somehow wins the Power of Veto this week, Jason still would survive eviction. He’s got Alex and Jason firmly on his side, and there have not been serious discussions of taking Jason out of the game. He’s a dark horse to make it to the finals, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens in these last few weeks of the game.

6. RAVEN – Raven is a complete non-entity in the house. She’s in a showmance with Matt, and they will likely become the next targets after Mark is gone. However, Matt would be evicted before her. Raven is just another Paul minion that hasn’t made any contributions to the game play this season.

7. KEVIN – Kevin’s game has faltered this past week. Weeks ago, he was in a great position in the house, but that is no longer the case. Paul has been planting seeds of doubt in people’s minds about Kevin, and he has even revealed to others that Kevin won the $25,000 that allowed Paul to enter the game. Nearly everyone is suspicious of Kevin and wants him out sooner rather than later. Sadly for Kevin, he has no idea his allies have already turned on him.

8. MATT – Matt will be evicted if Mark can somehow win the Power of Veto this week. Remarkably, Matt has no idea that there are people in the house that are willing to vote him out. He’s been blindly following Paul’s orders and willingly allowed himself to be a pawn again. He’s completely clueless in the game and doesn’t seem to realize he’s a target. He probably should’ve spent more time playing the game than doing nothing but eat cereal all summer.

9. MARK – Mark is in the same boat Cody was in last week. If Mark cannot win the Power of Veto this week, he’ll be evicted. Mark is completely alone in the game (especially with Cody and Elena gone), and no one is interested in flipping the house and making a bigger move. So, Mark’s fate all comes down to what happens in the Power of Veto competition this week unless he can somehow convince people to keep him. However, judging from this crop of Houseguests, that is quite unlikely.

So those are my thoughts on the house dynamics this week. Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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