Big Brother 19 Eviction Results Week 8 Recap and Live Blog

A live eviction episode of Big Brother 19 airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

Christmas is the HoH, and she nominated Jason and Matt for eviction. However, the plan from the start has been to backdoor Mark. After Jason won the Veto and used it on himself, Christmas named Mark as the replacement nominee. Will Mark be sent to the jury house next, or will Paul’s minions finally vote out one of their own? Let’s find out.

After the Veto Meeting, Christmas reveals in the Diary Room that she chose to target Mark since she believes he’s very disloyal. In his Diary Room confessional, Mark points out how Jessica, Cody, and Elena have been the last three evicted. He’s the last from that group, so he is aware he is likely going to be evicted on Thursday.

Paul says that he want to go to the Final 3 with Josh and Christmas, but he still wants to maintain his relationships with the other people in the house. He talks with Alex, and he gets her to agree on a pecking order. He tells her he wants Matt, Kevin, Raven, and Christmas to be the next ones out. In the Diary Room, Paul admits he would like to take Alex as far as he can, but he doesn’t want to go to the end with her since she’s a good competitor in the challenges. Later in the evening, Alex and Jason talk game, and they agree Matt and Raven need to be split up next week. They also completely trust Paul and doubt he’ll ever turn on them.

Paul updates Christmas on the game talks he has had with the people in the house, and he says the two of them and Josh just need to lay low and let the others take each other out. They are confident about their positions in the house.

Meanwhile, Mark is trying to campaign for votes to stay. He tries to sway Jason to vote out Matt instead, but Jason is hesitant about it. Mark talks to Kevin next, and Kevin said he’ll vote to keep Mark if Alex and Jason agree to it. Kevin also admits to not liking Matt or Raven. Later, Mark campaigns to both Alex and Jason. He tells them he’ll be the bigger target if he stays in the house, and they should evict Matt instead. Alex says this is the same argument Cody made last week. Mark eventually talks to Paul, and he promises he’ll keep Paul safe if he stays in the house. Paul pretends to be open to the idea in the Diary Room since he wants Matt evicted next week anyway.

Next, Julie talks to the Houseguests and asks them some viewer questions. Christmas didn’t think she’d make it as far in the game after her injury, Julie points out how Matt is finally wearing a different shirt, Alex has no camping plans after her camping guide punishment, Kevin hopes to win HoH so he can get a letter from home, and Josh thought Zingbot was fun. Afterwards, they next see clips from the Veto competition when they all were falling down. Mark admits being a big guy caused him to easily fall down, and Jason was excited to find out his wife is pregnant.

We next see footage of Jason’s family back home. His wife Holly was excited for him to find out she was pregnant. She also discusses his game. She says he has a good focus and a great ally in Alex. She believes he can win the game.

It’s time for the live vote and eviction. Matt and Mark give their pleas. Matt jokes about being a big loser. Mark says this summer was a blessing, and he’s been a fan of the show for ten years. He also gives a shout-out to friends back home too. He also will respect whatever choice the Houseguests make. Afterwards, the voting process begins.

Raven votes to evict Mark.

Josh votes to evict Mark.

Kevin votes to evict Mark.

Jason votes to evict Matt.

Alex votes to evict Matt.

Paul votes to evict Mark.

By a vote of 4 – 2, Mark is evicted from the Big Brother house. In his interview with Julie, Mark admits to flipping to the power. He said he wanted a strong alliance, and he blames Cody for ruining his game. He really wanted to play with Cody and Jessica, but they were the outsiders. Julie asks if Mark was ever truly loyal to anyone, and Mark said Cody and Jessica would’ve been safe had he ever won HoH. He also admits Dominique kept him levelheaded, and his game fell apart when she was evicted. He says the game was harder than expected, and he admits he played “a poor game.” The goodbye messages play next. Christmas called him a flip-flopper, Paul said he aligned with the wrong people, Jason called him a stand-up guy, and Josh said Mark was too disloyal.

It’s time for the next HoH competition. It’s an endurance competition that requires the Houseguests to stand inside a hot dog bun suspended in the air. The last person to fall will win HoH.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 19. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.


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