Big Brother 19 Eviction Results Week 3 Recap and Live Blog

Tonight is a live eviction episode of Big Brother 19. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

Dominique and Jessica have been nominated for eviction, and one of them could be the next Houseguest evicted from the Big Brother house. Unless one of them won the Halting Hex and uses it tonight, the Houseguest evicted will have to battle Cameron, Jillian, and Cody for a chance to reenter the house. Who will be evicted and who will win HoH? Let’s find out!

At the Veto Ceremony, Jason chose not to use the Power of Veto. He hopes Dominique will be evicted this week. Some of the Houseguests were bothered by Dominique’s speech, and Paul even hisses at her as a taunt. In the Diary Room, Dominique says she doesn’t do well with people who stab her in the back. She’s not willing to play a dishonest game, but says her team did. Minutes after the Veto Ceremony, there’s a heated exchange between Dominique and Elena. Elena is eager to see Dominique go, and Mark feels like he’s in the middle. However, he says he’ll side with Elena.

Jessica campaigns for votes to Elena and Raven. They tell her she’s fine, but Raven says in the Diary Room that Jessica is still on her radar. She wants her gone sooner rather than later.

Later, there’s a big fight between Mark and Josh. What was supposed to be a friendly game of pool leads to a shouting match between them. Josh claims he won a game, but he scratched on the 8 ball. Mark is adamant in the fact that Josh did not win the game, but Josh keeps asserting he won. After Josh continues to claim he won, Mark throws a cup of pickle juice and hot sauce into his face. Josh retaliates by throwing ketchup and ranch dressing onto Mark. Josh is extremely upset, and he shouts in Mark’s face and Mark shouts right back. Josh feels very disrespected.

The fight continues in the backyard in front of the whole house. Josh brings the game into the argument, and he claims Mark isn’t loyal. Josh believes Cody’s claims that Mark plotted against Paul in the first week of the game. Josh also tells Mark he lost all respect for him. Josh says unlike Mark, he always stays true to his word. However, Jessica brings up the fact that Josh gave his word to her that he was going to vote out Christmas instead of Jillian. Jessica says that Josh is a liar since he lied to her, so Josh is contradicting himself.

It’s time to find out who received this week’s temptation: the Halting Hex. This temptation allows the chosen Houseguest to halt any of the next four evictions. America voted to tempt…..Jessica! She accepts the temptation without hesitation. If she chooses to use the Halting Hex, she must do so right before the voting process begins on eviction night.

It’s time for the live vote and eviction. Jessica and Dominique give their pleas. Jessica gives a shoutout to her family and to Cody. She asks her fellow Houseguests to vote to keep her. Dominique recites a poem. She says she came into the house with integrity and will walk out with integrity. She says her team betrayed her, and thanks CBS for the opportunity. She also thanks Jesus too, and she tells her Houseguests to have a great summer. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

Josh votes to evict Dominique.

Kevin votes to evict Dominique.

Mark votes to evict Dominique.

Christmas votes to evict Dominique.

Jason votes to evict Dominique.

Raven votes to evict Dominique.

Matt votes to evict Dominique.

Elena votes to evict Dominique.

Paul votes to evict Dominique.

Ramses votes to evict Dominique.

By a unanimous vote (10 – 0), Dominique is evicted from the Big Brother house.

Dominique walks out of the house and talks to Julie. She explains she was convinced Paul betrayed her due to things not adding up, such as Paul’s behavior and Elena telling her twice that she should talk to Alex. She also said people were afraid to talk to her. Julie asks her what would she do if she got a second chance, and she says she would “be quiet.” Julie reveals the Battle Back Showdown to Dominique, and Dominique is excited for another chance at the game.

Next, Julie talks to Cameron, Jillian, Cody, and Dominique. Cameron walks out first, and Julie asks him to predict who was evicted next. He predicts Ramses, but sees he’s wrong as Jillian walks out. Julie asks Jillian the same question, and she predicts Jessica or Cody. Cody walks out, and Julie asks him the same question. He doesn’t know who to predict, but he says he just hopes it isn’t Jessica. Dominique walks out, and Cody is surprised to see her. Julie asks them all more questions. Cameron said he felt his fate was sealed when he had to do a striptease for votes. Jillian says her biggest mistake was fully believing in people. Cody is shocked to see Dominique. He says if it could have happened to her, then no one is safe in that house. Dominique hopes to win the Battle Back Showdown, and predicts they’ll all do well. Julie ask final thoughts, and Cameron says he just wants to stay longer, Jillian hopes to align with Elena or Raven, and Cody says he’ll just listen to Jessica. Julie also says that this year’s Battle Back Showdown will be different than last year’s, but doesn’t give anymore details than that.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 19. Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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