Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 3 – Nomination and BoB Results! (UPDATED)

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 3 Nomination BoB Results

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 3 Nomination BoB Results

Vanessa and Austin won the HoH competition at the end of Friday’s Big Brother 17 episode. Ever since, the two have been plotting and planning together as a team.

On Friday, they announced their respective nominations at the nominations ceremony. When Da’Vonne said prior to being evicted from the Big Brother house, that Becky would be a pawn once again this week, she was absolutely correct. Austin nominated Meg and Jason, while Vanessa put up John and James.

However, the REAL agreed upon target for BOTH Vanessa and Austin is Jeff. The plan, is to backdoor him. And if that fails, James is the backup. They’re telling the rest of the house that Steve is Austin’s target and Audrey is Vanessa’s. Both agreed that it would be “stupid” to take Audrey out this week.  As long as she is the #1 target, they are not. Audrey is so universally mistrusted that, at this point, she’s not dangerous. Also, I think there’s some truth to what Day said about the others being afraid to take out the the transgender houseguest with the “inspiring” story.

They’ve told Audrey she’s not really the target, and to just lay low this week. We’ll see if she can keep from meddling, but I doubt she’ll be able to stop herself from stirring things up. Steve is also aware he’s a fake target A new alliance was born, called “Freaks and Geeks” that’s made up of Vanessa, Austin, Steve, Liz and Julia.

Austin and Jeff have not hit it off from the start. The idea is to break apart the other side of the house, which includes Meg, James, Jason and  Jeff–whom they consider the most dangerous. He’s also really gross, often crossing a sexual harassment line with the women in the house.

It’s deja vu all over again this week, as John agreed, once again, to throw the Battle of the Block competition, allowing Vanessa to stay in power. The thinking is, it would be better for Vanessa to stay in power so that Austin, a strong competitor, could compete next week. Austin plans to play dumb about all of Vanessa’s moves. The two are clearly aligning themselves with Shelli and Clay, whom they believe to be very strong competitors. Eh. I don’t think Shelli and Clay are as smart as they think they are. But Austin and Vanessa? They could wind up being the final two. WITH AUDREY AS THEIR PAWN. Heh.

Liz is back in the house, having switched places with her twin last night. Julia came out to both Austin and Vanessa, with Liz’s OK, and are working with them. Weirdly Vanessa and Austin are helping the twins stay incognito, despite nearly EVERYONE in the house knowing about the twist. It’s a very strange charade that’s going on right now. If the twins survive 5 evictions, Julia enters the house as herself.

I’ll be updating this post with BoB results, so keep checking back!

UPDATE: Meg and Jason won Battle of the Block. Austin is deposed, John and James remain on the block. Things are going as Vanessa and Austin planned.

UPDATE: Vanessa is paranoid. She’s afraid that backdooring Jeff will leave too much blood on her hands. She was begging Clay, Austin and Steve to keep the nominations the same if they win POV, with the goal of evicting James (whom she personally does not like). The group agreed to support whatever decision she makes, but Clay, Shelli and Austin REALLY want Jeff out. It will be interesting to see how the PoV competition shakes out.

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