Big Brother 17 Week 2 Eviction Live Blog

Tonight is a live eviction episode of Big Brother 17. Who will be the second HouseGuest evicted? Which two HouseGuests will be the new Heads of Household? Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

Last time John used the Power of Veto on himself, and Meg was named as the replacement nominee. Either Meg or Da’Vonne will be evicted tonight, but will the Last Laugh twist have an effect on the outcome? Let’s find out!

After the Veto Ceremony, Da’Vonne calls everyone in the diary room cowards and is certain no one will vote against Meg. Meg feels bad for Da’Vonne, while Audrey is glad that she survived the week. Meanwhile, Shelli cries in the HoH room alone since she feels really bad about sending Da’Vonne home.

The HouseGuests then learn about the Last Laugh twist. Kathy Griffin appears on the screen to inform them how the twist works. She tells them that the HouseGuest that answers the correct call will win the power to ban three people from voting at this week’s eviction. A phone booth is placed in the living room and they all answer the phone one at a time whenever it rings. Clay says he wants to answer the seventh phone call since that’s his lucky number, but Da’Vonne cuts ahead and answers it instead. Da’Vonne wins the Last Laugh twist. She then gets to work on campaigning for votes, and even Audrey tells her she would consider voting for her since she’ll be the biggest target in the house if Da’Vonne leaves. Meanwhile, Shelli and Clay talk in the HoH room. They are worried that Da’Vonne has the Last Laugh twist and could get five votes to stay in the house.

Liz and Julia have been switching in and out of the house every few days as part of the Twin Twist, but it looks like their secret is about to be exposed. Da’Vonne recognizes that Liz looks different on certain days and she talks to Jason about this. They agree that Liz is a twin and have been switching in and out of the house. The rumor spreads around the house, and several HouseGuests realize it too. They gather around the memory wall and are besides themselves with excitement with this discovery. Da’Vonne tries to use this information to save herself. She approaches Julia (pretending to be Liz) about this rumor spreading around. Julia doesn’t admit to being a twin, but thanks Da’Vonne for letting her know about the rumor and says she wants her to stay in the house.

It’s time for the vote. First, Julie reveals which three HouseGuests have been banned from voting: Becky, Jeff, and Jackie. Next Da’Vonne gives her speech. She calls the people in charge cowards (an insult meant for Shelli and Clay) and tells the HouseGuests that if they vote her out, then they’ll be on the block next week with Meg – someone she thinks could become the perpetual pawn of the season. Meg gives a very gracious speech and doesn’t throw anyone under the bus. Afterwards, the voting begins.

Jason votes to evict Meg.

Clay votes to evict Da’Vonne.

John votes to evict Da’Vonne.

Audrey votes to evict Meg.

Austin votes to evict Da’Vonne.

Julia votes to evict Da’Vonne.

Vanessa votes to evict Da’Vonne.

James votes to evict Da’Vonne.

Steve votes to evict Da’Vonne.

By a vote of 7-2, Da’Vonne is evicted from the Big Brother house. She only hugs Jason and Vanessa before she walks out the front door to greet Julie and the live audience. Julie first confirms to Da’Vonne that Liz is a twin. She then asks how did Audrey survive the week, and Da’Vonne says that everyone is too scared to nominate Audrey because she is transgender. She believes that no one wants to face the backlash of being the one to send Audrey home. Da’Vonne then sees the goodbye messages. Clay gives a classy goodbye message and says he has no hard feelings for her; he just couldn’t trust her. Audrey tells her that karma bit her in the end. Jason says that he will avenge Da’Vonne while Julia and Liz confirm the Twin Twist in their message.

It’s time for the next BB Takeover twist. Rob Gronkowski appears on the television screen and says he’ll be leading the BB Takeover for the week. Before the HoH competition begins, he only reveals that there will be no have-nots this week.

HoH competition time! One at a time, a HouseGuest will catapult a ball into over-sized cups with point values. It’s set up to look like a giant version of beer pong. The two with the highest scores will win.

Julia (pretending to be Liz) is first and her ball lands in a cup with the number 23.

Jackie gets 0.

John gets 0.

James gets 23.

Audrey gets 17.

Clay gets 6.

Jeff gets 14.

Becky gets 0.

Austin gets 28.

Jason gets 0.

Meg gets 1.

Steve gets 0.

Vanessa gets 23.

It’s a tiebreaker round between Julia, James, and Vanessa. Julia gets 22. James gets 35. Vanessa gets 52.

Austin and Vanessa are the two HoHs of the week!

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 17. Thanks for reading and come back Sunday night to see which four HouseGuests Austin and Vanessa nominate and which two will win the Battle of the Block.

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