Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 2 – Nomination and BoB Results

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 2 - Nomination Results

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 2 – Nomination Results

Jace was backdoored as planned during Big Brother 17’s first live eviction show on Thursday. After Becky and Shelli won the HoH competitions, it was time to choose this week’s have nots. That turned out to be easy. Steve, Jason, Meg and James all volunteered to eat slop and sleep in the dentist’s room for the week.

With the 4th of July holiday more or less being a day off for the fifteen remaining houseguests, the nominations and BoB competitions have been moved up. The HoH’s scurried to plot their nominees for eviction. They only had an hour or so. At 1 AM BB time, the feeds went to fishies, presumably for the nomination ceremony to begin.

The houseguests worked fast. Becky wants Audrey OUT and plans to backdoor her. Not only because of her lying and general lunacy, but apparently, Audrey spread some terrible gossip about Becky. Not sure what it was. But getting Audrey out of the house is VERY personal for her.

UPDATE: Apparently, Audrey was spreading stories that Becky made racist remarks. (!!!)

Jason and Becky have a chat. He apologizes for putting her up last week. But he’s really keen to get rid of Audrey too, and offers himself up as a pawn. Audrey promises Day that she’s got her back. That may come back to bite her later on. Day wants protection. Becky realizes she’s on the outs with the group, and hopes Day can feed her information and help with her social game.  Becky’s plan b is Steve. Day believes he’s been feeding information to Audrey. She’d love to get rid of him. Becky has a chat with Steve where she hints strongly that she may put him up as a pawn.  He offers her two weeks of safety if she keeps him off the block.

Meanwhile, Shelli is being heavily advised by Clay and Jeff.  She told Becky she’s down with backdooring Audrey.  However, her REAL target is Day, whom she’s certain will come after her as soon as she gets the chance. Shelli is convinced Becky is being driven by Day, and doesn’t trust her entirely She’d love to work with Jason and James, but believes they’re all working together.  However, if she can’t get Day out, she’s OK with backdooring Audrey.  Shelli, Jeff and Clay all agree that Day and Audrey have to go next. Shelli is afraid to backdoor Day. Her plan is to put her up, and put somebody weak next to her. Clay, Jeff and Shelli pull John aside, and promise him safety if he agrees to act as a pawn and throw the BoB so that Shelli remains HoH. They promise to use the POV on him if they win and encourage him to fight hard to get off the block. In any case, they’ll make sure he’s not eliminated.

Clay has a ton of bad ideas. He offers to go up on the block and throw the competition himself. As if the rest of the house wouldn’t find that fishy. They immediately begin working on some of the other house members. James admits that Day is a “sinking ship” and wants to align himself with strong players. He assures them he’s on their side and is cool with targeting her.

Austin, full of information, pulls Steve aside to let him know Becky is definitely going to put him up AND that John agreed to be Shelli’s pawn and throw the game. Steve plans to play the BoB competition as hard as he can. Becky has NO IDEA that Shelli is targeting Day. She also believes that Shelli won’t won’t throw the BoB.

Meanwhile, Audrey, paranoid as ever, has an awkward chat with Becky, who assures her safety. Audrey, rightly, doesn’t believe her. Meg tries to quell Audrey’s fear, and succeeds, to an extent.

The nominations go down at about 2:00 BB time, and as planned, Becky puts up Jason and Steve, with Audrey as her real target. Shelli puts up her target Day and John who has agreed to throw the BoB.

ETA: The BoB went down a few hours later at 5:00 BB time. As expected, Steve and Jason won the BoB, removing Becky from HoH. Day and John remain on the block, with Shelli as the head of household.

Steven and Jason called the competition “stupid and fun.”

John has already promised Shelli and Clay his loyalty–which Jason doesn’t know. In a have-not room chat, Jason suggests that Becky and James use the POV on Day if they win. They aren’t enthusiastic. Jason is thinking he’ll have to campaign against John to save his girl. But it’s doubtful anyone would vote to evict John. Unless Day wins POV, I suspect she’s out of the house this week.

In the meantime, John doesn’t seem happy after throwing the comp. Shelli notices and feels guilty. But later, he assures her and Clay that he’s a little nervous, but OK. They assure him, again, that he’s safe.

Fun Fact: Jason thinks there’s a twin twist. Except he suspects it’s John. Heh.

The POV may happen later today.

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