Big Brother 17 Week 1 Eviction Live Blog

Tonight is the first live eviction show of Big Brother 17! Find out which HouseGuest will be evicted. Plus, the secret twin will be revealed tonight, as well as the next BB Takeover twist. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

Last time Steve used the Power of Veto on himself, and James chose Jace as the replacement nominee. Either Jace or Jackie will be evicted tonight. Jace has been the target since the beginning, but will he be able to flip the votes and save himself? Let’s find out!

Clay and Shelli approach Jace after the Veto Ceremony, and Clay tells him he has to keep his cool. People are worried Jace is going to blow up. Austin and Jace are upset that the alliance they made with James and Audrey turned out to be fake. Jace goes up to the HoH room to talk to James. James tells him it was nothing personal and it was solely a strategic move. Jace is angry and tells James that it felt personal. Jace talks to Audrey next, and she tells him that she had nothing to do with Jace going up on the block (which is a lie). Jace is still very angry and doesn’t believe anything Audrey says. He goes to Austin next and tells him he will rally up the votes to save himself. We see Jace campaign to several HouseGuests, but no one believes he will get the votes to save himself. Steve admits in the diary room he wants Jace to stay, but he doesn’t think the house will change their mind.

Audrey approaches Jace later and comes clean about him being the initial target, but in front of other HouseGuests. She tells him the truth that everyone was in on the fact that he was the target from the beginning. Jace doesn’t believe Audrey, and the two of them get into a heated argument. Jace calls Audrey a master manipulator while Audrey tells Jace that he is delusional and will be going home.

It’s time to find out which HouseGuest has secretly playing with a twin. They have switched four times so far. So who has a twin? It’s Liz! She has been switching with her twin Julia. Liz tells Julia everything that has happened so far in the diary room before they switch places. We see them switch each time, but they only have ten to fifteen minutes each time. Audrey brings up the idea of there being a twin inside the house, but no HouseGuest knows the truth.

It’s time for the eviction. Jackie gives her speech and is very gracious and asks them to do the right thing. Jace speaks very fast and throws James under the bus for forming a fake alliance with him and stabbing him in the back. Now it’s time for the votes.

Jeff gladly votes to evict Jace.

Da’Vonne votes to evict Jace.

Jason ecstatically votes to evict Jace.

Audrey votes to evict Jackie.

Steve votes to evict Jace.

Liz and Julia simultaneously vote to evict Jace.

Austin (and his alter ego Judas) regrettably votes to evict Jace.

Meg votes to evict Jace.

John sadly votes to evict Jace.

Clay sadly votes to evict Jace.

Becky votes to evict Jace.

Shelli sadly votes to evict Jace.

Vanessa votes to evict Jace.

Julie reveals the results. With twelve votes to evict, Jace has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Jace gives everyone a hug as he grabs his bag and walks out the front door. He sits down for his interview with Julie. She asks him who he thinks voted for him to stay, but he talks in circles and doesn’t answer the question. Julie aks him again, and he guesses Audrey. Julie tells him he’s correct. He also speaks very highly of Audrey before it’s time for the goodbye messages. Jason is not sad Jace is gone and calls him a ticking time bomb. Steve is sorry and wanted to work with Jace, but couldn’t do anything when the house wanted him gone. Da’Vonne gives a sassy goodbye message and says Jace irritated her. Austin says he will avenge Jace. Lastly Liz and Julia give a goodbye message together, and Jace is very surprised.

It’s time for the next BB Takeover Twist! Kathy Griffin appears on the screen to inform the HoueGuests that she will reveal the next twist. But before she reveals it, she tells them all to go to the backyard to get ready for the next HoH competition.

She sits down for an interview with Julie. She plugs her comedy tour before talking about the season. She is disappointed the alliances haven’t been kept secret and is sad the Audrey, Shelli, and Da’Vonne alliance didn’t work out. She likes Audrey, but is disappointed in her game. But she does like Vanessa. It’s time for the twist reveal. There will be a telephone in the house, and the seventh person who answers the phone will have the power to prevent three people from voting in next week’s eviction.

Round 1 of the HoH competition begins. They must assemble a billboard from retrieving a puzzle piece from a bin across the yard one piece at a time. The first HouseGuest to assemble the billboard will be the first HoH. Steve takes an early lead, but Becky wins and is the first HoH of the week! 

Round 2 begins next. Shelli takes an early lead and she wins! Shelli is the second HoH of the week!

Before the episode ends, we see Kathy Griffin tease the upcoming twist. All she tells them that the twist will give someone “the last laugh” at the next eviction episode. The HouseGuests are left speculating what this will mean.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 17! Thanks for reading and come back Sunday night for another live recap.

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