Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 1 – Veto Ceremony Results

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 1 – Veto Ceremony Results

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 1 – Veto Ceremony Results

What’s been going on in the Big Brother house? Here are your latest Live Feed spoilers!

Steve won the Power of Veto on Saturday, and as predicted, he used took himself off the block during Sunday’s Veto Ceremony. And,  as everybody expected, James stuck to his guns and named Jace as the replacement nominee.

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To say that Jace was furious, would be an understatement. The two had a showdown in the HoH room. James said it was only a game and a “last minute decision.” (Uhm. No. Jace had been James’ target from Day 1).  Hurt and really really angry, Jace said he didn’t understand, because he had James’ back from from the beginning. He’ll get nowhere with the people he’s surrounding himself with.

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James said Jace came on too much like a Beast right out of the gate, and didn’t want to compete against him in competitions. He wasn’t going to take out weak contestants like John or Steve. Besides, he heard rumors that Jace wanted to flip on him. Jace said there were a lot of liars around him, and that whoever is whispering in James’ ear threw him under the bus. It doesn’t matter, James responded, the house wanted to target him.

James hoped that after the competition was over, they could be friends. Jace said “No way…You sh*t on me in front of the whole house.”  What about James’ “What Would Jesus Do” bracelet, Jace wondered. “How does your character look now, James? Jesus wouldn’t go back on his f*cking word!” Jace also accused James of having a “secret alliance.” James managed to keep his cool throughout, saying again and again that it was only a game. If the situation was flipped, he said, he’d shake Jace’s hand.

Jace will work hard to rally votes, but it looks like, for now, the house is turning against him. Even his “best pal” Austin, has said on several occasions, that he’ll vote for with the house. Unless there’s a big shift in the house (does Jace have a famous sister he can namecheck? Heh) Jace is toast.

Jace blowing up at James after his backdoor nomination wasn’t the only drama in the house over the weekend. Audrey continued throughout the day Saturday, and literally all night, to pull people aside to talk about this, that and the other person. The result is that she’s blowing up her own game. It’s dawning on some of the other houseguests, like Jeff and Da’Vonne that she’s planting seeds of paranoia on purpose. She’s telling different people different stories in order to pit people against each other. Jeff and Jason agreed that the case against Da’Vonne is overblown. Jeff even cleared the air with Austin, who agreed that Audrey  is an instigator who has to go.  While Da’Vonne had been fingered by Austin, Clay, Jeff, Audrey, Liz and others for eviction, she’s now becoming less and less of a target.

Some examples of Audrey’s Cray Cray:

  • Audrey held an early morning meeting with Jeff, Jason and Shelli. She accused Jeff of faking his fight with Austin, and that she believes the two are actually working together. He said she was psycho if she believed that.
  • Audrey told James Jeff, Shelli and Jason that she caught Vanessa in a lie, and believes she’s a mastermind who is manipulating people. Audrey added that she told Vanessa about an all girls alliance that Becky is trying to start, and Vanessa spread it. The all girls alliance rumor had everyone guessing all weekend.

There’s talk of getting Audrey out of the house, but there seems to be some fear of backlash because of her transgender backstory.

A couple of other tidbits

  • Clay was upset after Da’Vonne insisted he be replaced in the highrollers with Jeff, because she didn’t trust him.
  • After Liz apologized to Da’vonne, for some earlier misunderstanding, she left the room. Da’Vonne turned to the cameras and said to the feedsters, “That bitch just lied to me…Aren’t you in an alliance that’s trying to evict me next week?”
  • On Saturday, Shelli lost it. She cried, as Clay tried to comfort her. Shelli said she hates playing a “fake” game. Her role is to lay low and behave like she’s not playing a game. She kept referring to herself derisively as “Victoria.” She’s the BB16 houseguest who made it to 3rd place playing Derrick’s patsy. “It’s a lot harder than I thought it was going to be,” she said about playing BB.
  • Steven’s social game is awkward. The guys make fun of him behind his back. They’ve caught him lurking around, trying to eavesdrop. There’s a story about finding him hiding in a trashcan? This was pre-feeds. He’s also easily threatened. Steve seemed truly freaked out when Jace got him alone and tried to intimidate him. Jace said he had Steve’s back, so he better have his. If he was keeping ANY info to himself, he better spill it. The exchange was really menacing. Steve looked like he was going to pee his pants. Nevertheless, Steve managed to get away without revealing secrets.
  • Jace is an a**hole.

There’s a guy on reddit who claims to be Liz’s cousin, and seems to confirm her twin, Julia, will be switching out for her. Fans are speculating that the switch has already happened.

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