Big Brother 17 Episode 3 Recap and Live Blog (VIDEOS)

Tonight a new episode of Big Brother 17 airs on CBS. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

James and Jason are the two Heads of Household for the week, and tonight we will see which four HouseGuests they have nominated for eviction. The Battle of the Block will also take place and one of the pair of nominees will save themselves and dethrone either James or Jason as Head of Household. So how will all of this play out tonight? Let’s find out!

The HouseGuests are left wondering what the reward Da’Vonne and Vanessa will get that Phil alluded to at the end of the last episode. While they’re all speculating, we see a segment of Austin and Jace. They have formed a bromance with each other and are obviously aligned. They list off a bunch of bro codes, which seems to annoy a lot of the HouseGuests.

Next it’s the HoH room reveal. After all the HouseGuests see the room for the first time and leave, James and Jason agree to work together. They discuss the other HouseGuests and are worried about Steve and John. They don’t believe John is a dentist. Jason also doesn’t believe John is from Scranton because that’s where The Office takes place. He thinks John completely fabricated his story.

Jeff and Jackie talk game, and Jeff admits in the diary room that their relationship became shaky after The Amazing Race. However, they agree to work together in the game. Jeff is worried they will be nominated together just because they seem like an obvious pair and already got a cool experience on another reality competition show.

It’s time for the next BB Takeover. Phil reveals that the next twist is inspired by The Amazing Race. It’s called a Fast Forward, meaning they cannot be nominated for eviction this week and will automatically be safe for next week. As well, they each can select another person to be safe for the week too. Vanessa decides to talk with everyone in the hammock room to decide who she will give safety to. Vanessa tells a lot of people she doesn’t think they will be nominated this week anyway. She’s hoping to save someone who has a different set of skills than she does. We next see Da’Vonne talk to Shelli and Audrey, and she tells them she won’t give them safety to not expose their alliance. Shelli is bothered by this, and in the diary room she says she doesn’t think anything would be exposed and Da’Vonne should save one of them anyway. It’s time for Da’Vonne and Vanessa to make their choices. Da’Vonne saves Liz and Vanessa saves Austin. Da’Vonne chose to save Liz since she offered her the most when asking for the safety. Shelli now has doubts about her alliance with Da’Vonne since she didn’t save either her or Audrey.

We next see another segment with Austin and Jace. They’re hanging out at the hot tub and name their alliance Shelltown. Afterwards, we see Shelli and Clay in the hammock room. A bond is forming between them and they both speak highly of each other in the diary room. They both admit to being attracted to each other in the diary room too. A possible showmance is likely to form between them.

While Shelli and Clay were talking, Da’Vonne walks past them and she goes to Audrey. She tells Audrey that Shelli has to be on the outer ring of their three-person alliance due to her getting close to Clay. The two of them then talk strategy and agree that Jace should be the target this week and will try to influence Jason to target Jace. Audrey talks to Jason, and Jason admits he’s already been thinking about targeting Jace. Audrey is glad that they’re on the same page and that Jace could be the first to be evicted.

We next see Steve and Da’Vonne talking game. Steve wants to work with her, especially since it wouldn’t seem like an obvious pair. Next Audrey and James start talking game, and Da’Vonne joins them. Jason joins the conversation too and the four of them agree to work together. All of them want Jace gone and agree that he should be backdoored this week.

Now James and Jason have to find pawns to put on the block. James talks to Jackie first and strongly hints that he wants to put up Jackie. She agrees to go up. Jason talks to John about being nominated. He agrees to it, but he says in the diary room he isn’t comfortable with it. They talk to Meg together, but she doesn’t agree to it like Jackie and John did. However, they approach Becky next. She’s told that she will be safe this week, and she tells them that she will go along with whatever they plan to do. But she doesn’t know that that requires her being a pawn. Lastly, they talk to Steve. Steve is very unwilling to go up as a pawn, but Jason and James keep pushing for him to go up on the block. Steve is scared since pawns go home sometimes.

It’s time for the nomination ceremony. Jason has nominated John and Becky. He says that his personal connection hasn’t been as strong with those two, but he will give them the chance to compete. James has nominated Steve and Jackie. He tells them that he’s confident they will save themselves with the Battle of the Block, and that’s why he nominated them. We hear from Jace and Audrey in the diary room. Jace says he was never worried since he believes he has a strong social game. He still doesn’ t know he’s the true target. Audrey is very excited that everything is going according to plan. Steve and Jackie talk in private and say they will try their best to win the Battle of the Block. Becky has broken down in tears and is blindsided by the nomination. In the diary room, she says she will nominate Jason for eviction if she wins HoH next week.

It’s time for the Battle of the Block competition. They must construct a tower by transporting one block at a time by walking across a balance beam. They must follow a blueprint to see how to exactly build the tower. If anyone falls of the balance beam, her or she must go back to the start and walk across it again. John, Jackie, and Steve fall off the balance beam numerous times throughout the competition. Becky does really well in the challenge and soon enough she and John finish their tower. John and Becky win the Battle of the Block! Jason is dethroned and James remains HoH. Jackie and Steve remain on the block, but there is still the Power of Veto competition. Even though Jason is dethroned, he hopes James will stick to the plan of backdooring Jace.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 17! Thanks for reading and come back Wednesday for another live recap.

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