Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 1 – Power of Veto Results

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 1 - Power of Veto Results

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 1 – Power of Veto Results

It’s only day 9 and paranoia and insecurity seems to have taken over the Big Brother 17 house.

On Friday, Jason’s nominees. Becky and John won Battle of the Block, making James the sole HoH. The losers, Jackie and Steve remain the nominees. Vanessa gave Austin safety–probably as a reward for sitting out the HoH competition, so he’s sitting pretty this week.

Steve won the Power of Veto on Saturday, and will likely take himself off of the block. Austin hosted the competition and there appeared to be spelling, water and mud involved. Austin said that Steve basically “beasted that sh*t.” The other players in the competition were James, Jackie, John, Becky and Jason.

The house plan all along has been to backdoor Jace in order to break up his alliance with Austin. James STILL plans to put him up, but in the meantime, there’s been non-stop drama in the house during the last 48 hours.

Attempting to get to the bottom of some gossip about her, Audrey, created  non-stop drama-lama all afternoon, raising the ire of  some of her housemates.

First, there is a meeting with Jeff and Clay, who warns her not to trust Da’vonne (whom they would love to evict, ASAP.)  Audrey immediately confronts her.  Da’Vonne swears she wasn’t ground zero for the gossip.

Audrey then confronts Liz and Austin about planting stories about her. They awkwardly, and not very convincingly, deny it. Audrey and Austin then have a one-on-one where he flatters her with final two talk, and tries to convince her to help him get rid of Jeff.  Austin admits that it was Jace who planted the stories about her.

Austin swears to Audrey that Da’Vonne namechecked her as somebody not to trust. Austin promises not to tell Jace about their final 2 deal, before she drags him into the conversation.

Jace admits he was planting stories, but only because of the gossip. He wanted to see if Audrey would spread what he told her around. He was testing her trustworthiness and had no intentions of backdooring her, like she heard.

Da’Vonne and Liz are eventually invited into the conversation. Da’Vonne once again swears that she’s not attempting to undermine Audrey. Austin thinks there’s a mole in the house, and it’s probably Jeff. There was a discussion about backdooring Jason, and Austin believes Jeff tipped him off.

Eventually James and then Jason are invited to join the conversation.  James is still planning to backdoor Jace, so it’s a little awkward. Everybody knows about the plan to backdoor Jace except for Austin and Jace. Oops.

Confirming Austin’s paranoia, Jason insists that nobody told him he was a target. He just figured that he was. “Nobody talks game with me,” he says.

More whispers and gossip. When Austin and Liz get together, he reveals that he KNOWS Da’Vonne isn’t a school teacher. ‘She’s some kind of poker player, or sh*t.” OOPS.  Liz and Austin don’t trust Audrey anymore after her flip out.  He only trusts Liz and Jace, he tells her. “That’s the final three,” he says.  They discuss the possibility of making  Da’Vonne their next target.

Austin, Jace and Clay plan to confront James with an ultimatum. If he messes with any of them, he’ll have a target on his back. Austin believes Audrey, James and Da’Vonne are up to something.  He thought Jeff was the bad guy, but now he’s having second thoughts.

Suspicion all around, targets shifting lightning quick, just in the space of a few hours!

Eventually, Audrey makes her way back to Jeff to promptly spill tea on Austin, and on Liz whom she calls a ruthless liar. Da’Vonne is bad for their game too, says Audrey, because she panics too easily.

It’s Austin and Liz vs Jeff and Audrey.  Nobody seems to be down with Da’Vonne, who could be the next houseguest to leave, after next Thursday’s eviction.

New Alliances (via Hamsterwatch)

  • High Rollers Audrey, James, Meg, Da’Vonne, Jason, Jeff, Jackie – plans to lure in “sidepieces” for insurance/extra votes as needed –  Clay, Shelli, and John included.
  • Five Alive Audrey, James, Clay, Jace, Austin – a fake alliance for Jace and Austin’s benefit. Complete with hand signals/secret handshake. When Jace and Austin left the room, James said, “Dumbest damn alliance ever” because he’s still planning on putting up Jace.

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