Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 1 – Battle of the Block Results!

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 1 – Battle of the Block Results!

The Big Brother 17 Live Feeds began tonight! Here’s your first update on what’s been going on in the house since the houseguests began playing last week.

Tonight’s episode left off with Jason winning the second HoH competition. Since then…

The Battle of the Block has already taken place and Jason has been dethroned. Not sure who won the competition and took themselves off of the block, but the two nominees who remain are Jackie and Steve. Austin, who has already formed an alliance with Jace (WARNING: SUPER ANNOYING BroDudes Ahead! They’re calling themselves Shelltown, among other lame nicknames). Austin is sitting pretty right now after Vanessa gave him safety (Choosing a houseguest to be safe was probably a reward for sitting out the HoH competition.)

Jace, however, is worried that he could be backdoored.  And indeed, it is revealed that most of the house is plotting to do just that. During a chat between current HoH James, Shelli and Jackie,  got together to talk particulars. The girls are a little nervous for James, who will deliver the bad news. Jackie suggests that he blame it on the house. James is nervous, but ready to take responsibility for the move.  They see Jace aggressively trying to form alliances in the house. They want to get rid of him now.

This week’s have-nots are Austin, D’Vonne and probably Liz (who is definitely on slop) The houseguests call the have-not room “The Dentists Office.”

Big Brother 17 Spoilers Week 1 - Battle of the Block Results!

Competing in the upcoming Power of Veto competition are James, Steve, Jackie, John, Becky and Jason. The houseguests are under the impression the game will be Friday, but it may be Saturday. We’ll be posting the results right here.

In other non-competition news:

Becky was hit by a train! Not even lying. IN HER FACE. She was awfully cheery as she told the story. It sounded pretty horrific, but she’s fine now. She couldn’t spill all the details, due to legal reasons. But, basically, she was walking along the sidewalk at 6 am in snowy weather. She had her fur hood up. She peaked around a truck to check traffic in the street, and a tram slammed into her face. She had broken teeth. Her lip had to be sewn back on. Her nose was smashed, and she suffered a skull fracture. The impact threw her 15 feet. She broke a wrist, leg and parts of her feet. Remarkably, she’s completely healed without having plastic surgery.

In a weird turn of events, tough as nails Poker player, Vanessa, had a major emotional meltdown–sobbing because she missed her girlfriend. She claimed that she feels isolated and can’t handle watching houseguests being bullied. SAY WHAT? This is the woman who has studied game theory and won millions of dollars keeping her cool at the poker table. Could she be “bluffing” for sympathy?

Next week we’ll find out which houseguest will be switching places with a twin. It turns out that Jeff from Amazing Race is ALSO a twin, along with Lynn. The “twin twist” could be either. Shelli is a twin too, but hers is a brother.

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