Big Brother 17 Week 9 Eviction Live Blog

Tonight is a live eviction episode of Big Brother 17. Another HouseGuest will be evicted, but will still have a chance to reenter the game by the end of the night. Read a live recap and join the discussion to see how it all unfolds tonight.

Eight HouseGuests remain in the game and one will be sent out the door tonight. However,  there will still be eight HouseGuests remaining by the end of the night. Either John or Steve will compete against Shelli, Jackie, and Becky to reenter the game. How will the returning HouseGuest shake up the game going forward? And will it be either John or Steve that has to fight for his life to remain in the game? Let’s find out!

After the Veto Ceremony, John is feeling good about his chances since Vanessa is upset with Steve. Meanwhile, Vanessa breaks down in tears to Austin and Liz. She believes she is in the bottom of the totem pole of their alliance, but Liz assures her it was John and Steve who wanted to target her. However, Liz admits in the diary room that Vanessa leaving this week was an actual possibility if she didn’t win the Veto.

Later, Liz confronts John in the backyard. She asks John why he revealed the five-person alliance to Vanessa, and he tells her it’s because they went back on the deal. John then vents his frustration with Liz in the diary room. Liz and her allies Austin and Julia were the ones who put him on the block, so he owes them no loyalty. John then talks to Vanessa about saving him. He thinks the only way he’ll stay if he can convince Vanessa to flip against Austin and the twins and vote with Meg and James. However, Vanessa says in the diary room that she will only vote with Liz and Julia.

Vanessa confronts Steve in the comic book room. She tells him that if he doesn’t come clean, then he will be going home. She wants him to reveal the truth about the five-person deal to target her, and he lies when it was formed. John then walks into the room and Vanessa asks when that deal with him, Steve, Austin, and the twins was formed. He confirms the deal was formed during Liz’s HoH reign. Vanessa cries once again and tells Steve that he’s being rotten with her.

John then pleads his case to Liz and Julia in the parlor room. He tells them that he will not put them on the block if they vote to keep him. Liz admits in the diary room that she knows Vanessa is mad with Steve, but she doesn’t really trust John. The twins then talk to Vanessa about who to vote out. They are torn about the decision, but will ultimately vote together.

Next is a James segment. We hear from his friends and family back home in South Carolina. They talk about the pranks he pulls on the HouseGuests, his crush on Meg, and how he’s playing the game. They believe he has a shot to win.

Afterwards, it’s time for the vote. John gives his plea first. He says Steve knows a lot about Big Brother, whereas he doesn’t. He asks for everyone’s vote. Next Steve rambles on about Big Brother being a life-changing experience. The voting begins after.

Meg votes to evict John.

James votes to evict John.

Vanessa votes to evict John.

Julia votes to evict John.

Liz votes to evict John.

By a unanimous vote, John is evicted from the Big Brother house. He gives everyone a hug before walking out the door. The audience erupts in cheers for John before he talks to Julie. He gives Austin and the twins credit for making alliances with everyone when needed to. He also says that people didn’t take him seriously, but also said he was too much of a competitor. He also reveals he would have worked with Vanessa if he stayed since they would have no other choice since Austin and the twins and Meg and James are two unbreakable alliances. The goodbye messages are next. Since John is a possible jury member now, all the messages are pretty nice and they all say they enjoyed their time with John and wished they could’ve worked together earlier. After the goodbye messages, Julie asks John who he would target if he reenters the game. He says he would target Meg. Julie then reveals he may have a chance to target Meg since he will be competing against Shelli, Jackie, and Becky tonight to reenter the game.

We next see a jury segment. Shelli and Jackie have been enjoying how low-key the jury house is. Becky then enters the house. Shelli and Jackie are both disappointed that she’s out of the game. Afterwards, they see footage from last week, including the competitions and when Becky got evicted. Becky then says if she goes back in the game, she would target Liz since she has a twin and a showmance. She still wants Vanessa gone, though. Jackie says she would realign with James and Meg. Shelli says she wants to be the first returning jury member to win the game.

It’s time for the competition. Shelli, Jackie, Becky, and John are all in athletic clothes as they stand on the stage with Julie before she tells them to reenter the house. Everyone is excited, and they all hug each other before Julie instructs them to go outside to start the competition. They must hang in midair by holding onto a rope with a small disc under their feet. They will spin around in a circle as they try not to fall off. The last HouseGuest standing will win HoH, and the the last jury member standing will reenter the game. If the returning jury member is the last HouseGuest standing, he or she will not only reenter the game, but be the new Head of Household too.

Julia, Steve, and Meg are the first three to fall off before the episode ends. On Sunday night we will see which HouseGuest returns and who is the new Head of Household. As well, next Thursday’s episode will be another double eviction. Thanks for reading and come back next time for another live recap.


SPOILERS FOR HOH AND RETURNING PLAYER. Read on only if you want to know results of the competition.



The endurance competition only lasted a few minutes. John is the returning player and Vanessa won HoH.

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