Big Brother 17 Week 5 Eviction Live Blog (UPDATED)

Tonight is a live eviction episode of Big Brother 17. Who will be evicted and who will be crowned the next Head of Household? Read a live recap and join the discussion here. UPDATED with HoH Results

The original plan was for Austin to be backdoored this week after Vanessa and Jackie formed an eight-person alliance with Shelli, Clay, Becky, James, Meg, and Jason. However, Vanessa and her close allies Shelli and Clay decided that it was better for their games to keep the Sixth Sense alliance together instead. Therefore, Vanessa named Jason as the replacement nominee. Tonight either Jason or Becky will be evicted. And which HouseGuest will win the Head of Household competition? Will the powerful Sixth Sense alliance remain in power or will there be a power shift? Plus, how will the game change when Julia finally gets to enter the game as herself? Let’s find out now!

After the Veto Ceremony, Jason, Jackie, Meg, and James are blindsided. They all expected Austin to be put on the block and are angry with Vanessa. They go looking for answers, and Jason notices that Clay and Shelli don’t look sad or surprised. He realizes that they have been behind every eviction thus far and this is no different. Meanwhile, Austin celebrates avoiding the block and is glad to be in the Sixth Sense alliance that is running the house.

Meg talks to Clay and asks him if she knew about Jason going on the block. He lies right to her face and says he had no idea she was going to do that. Meg feels like people have been lying to her, so she goes upstairs to talk to Vanessa. She is in tears again as she tries to find out how the plan changed. Vanessa tells her that a majority of the house was in on the plan, including Shelli and Clay. Jackie talks to Vanessa next with Liz and Shelli in the room. Liz tells her she supports Vanessa’s decision, but Shelli tries to pretend she didn’t want Jason gone. Vanessa calls her out and Shelli backtracks and says that she doesn’t want to see anyone go home. After Shelli’s reaction, Jackie is certain she and Clay were in on the plan. Jackie, Meg, Jason, and James go into the parlor room and realize that Shelli and Clay have been running the house for weeks. They also break down in tears over the fact that Jason will likely be evicted on Thursday.

Vanessa talks to Clay and Shelli next. She is upset that they tried to pretend they didn’t know anything about the plan, and Vanessa is having none of that. Shelli tells her that she is worried that the target will most likely be on Clay and Shelli’s backs more than it would be on Vanessa’s. She feels the blame for the plan is mostly being placed on her and Clay.

Jason, Meg, James, and Jackie talk about how they can save Jason. They already have three votes and just need two more. They don’t believe Austin, Liz, John, or Steve will vote for him to stay, so Shelli and Clay are Jason’s only option. They think Shelli and Clay are wishy-washy and could be swayed to flip. Jason then talks to them alone in the have-not room and claims he will always be loyal to them if they keep him. As well, he lies and says that Becky told him she would target Clay and Shelli.

Next we see a segment dedicated to John. We see his coworkers at the dentist office and his family talk about his game. They are glad how everyone is underestimating him and how liked he is by everyone in the house. John’s strategy has always been to be well-liked and then later stab people in the back when they least expect it. So far, it seems like the first half of John’s strategy is going exactly as planned.

It’s time for the live vote and eviction. Becky gives her speech first. She gives shout-outs to her family back home and speaks highly of the people in the house. She also compliments Jason and considers him a friend. Jason gives his speech next. He asks the HouseGuests to vote for the person that will be better for their long-term game and says that he was always true to himself. Afterwards, the voting begins.

Austin votes to evict Jason.

Meg votes to evict Becky.

Liz votes to evict Jason.

James votes to evict Becky.

Steve votes to evict Jason.

Jackie votes to evict Jason.

Shelli votes to evict Jason.

Clay votes to evict Jason.

John votes to evict Jason.

By a vote of 7-2, Jason is evicted from the Big Brother house. He walks out the door and talks to Julie. He admits he was naive to think the Dark Moon alliance would’ve been effective. He also thinks that Shelli and Clay are running the house and calls Vanessa an emotional player. Julie asks why he didn’t use the information of the twins to his advantage instead of just gossiping about it. He admits that Jason the fan took over Jason the player. Julie then reveals to him that there is a six-person alliance and his allies are on the outside. Jason hopes James, Meg, and Jackie can win the competitions to make it far. Next are the goodbye messages. Shelli reveals the Sixth Sense alliance to him and is sorry to see him go. Jackie says Jason should’ve won the game. Liz tells Jason to have fun watching the show from his mom’s basement. Meg says that she will miss Jason and she doesn’t know what she will do without him.

Julie is now sitting with Julia in the studio. She reveals to her that she will get to enter the Big Brother house since she and her sister have survived five evictions. Julie then gathers the HouseGuests in the living room and informs them that the Twin Twist was true before Julia enters the house. Even though no one is surprised, they are all excited as Julia walks into the house and hugs everyone. Afterwards, Julie reveals to the HouseGuests that the Battle of the Block is officially over and the next Head of Household will be determined by a grueling endurance competition.

The HoH competition begins. They must stand on a small platform and hold onto the wall as long as possible as water rains down upon them. The last HouseGuest standing wins.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 17! Thanks for reading and come back Sunday for another live recap.

UPDATE: James won the HoH comp. He and Shelli were the last two. She dropped after making a deal with him not to put up or backdoor her or Clay. John fell as Shelli attempted to make a deal with him.

The order of falling off the perch: Becky, Liz, Jackie, Julia, Meg, Austin, Steve, Clay, John, Shelli, James.  During the comp, the wall moved and tilted, the HGs were pelted with rain and giant birds.

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