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Tonight a new episode of Big Brother 17 airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

Clelli was sadly broken up on Thursday after Clay sacrificed his game for Shelli and was evicted by a unanimous vote. Tonight a new HoH will be crowned and two HouseGuests will be nominated for eviction. Will the remainder of the Sixth Sense regain power or will the other side run the house for the second week in a row? Let’s find out.

The episode continues where Thursday left off. The HouseGuests are racing back and forth on their slippery lanes to transport liquid from a barrel to a round container. Once the container is full, they can claim any of three prizes: HoH, $5,000, or to never be a have-not again. If desired, the winning HouseGuest can claim all three prizes. Becky gets an early lead, but Julia is right behind her. Shelli wants to win to avenge Clay, so James is her primary target. John also wants to win since there was a big fight that he was in the center of hours before the eviction.

We next see a flashback of that fight. John and James were talking, and Clay saw them as he walked by. John talks to Clay afterwards, and he tells him that he would rather see Clay stay since he believes Vanessa has too much influence on Shelli. Clay tells him not to worry about that and that Shelli won’t be manipulated by Vanessa. Clay then goes to Vanessa and he tells her what John told her since he doesn’t want Vanessa and John turning against one another, but he mistakenly assumed that John got that idea from James. Right afterwards, Vanessa confronts James about this. He says he never said what Clay told her. Now James goes to confront Clay. James angrily tells Clay to keep his name out of his mouth, and Clay tells him to shut up. The argument gets more heated as Clay gets in James’ face and tells him to never come at him like that again and that he’ll be leaving the house next week. Vanessa joins the room and confronts Clay too. She is certain that Clay is lying and that John had no reason to believe that Vanessa has too much influence on Shelli. John tells Vanessa the truth; he came up with that thought on his own, but Vanessa refuses to believe him. And since Clay knew he was already leaving and didn’t want to hurt John’s game, he takes all the blame and tells Vanessa and James that he did lie. However, what really happened was Clay incorrectly assumed that John’s thoughts about Vanessa were planted by James. The miscommunication between Clay and John resulted in this huge blowup. Clay, Shelli, and John then talk, and John warns them how dangerous Vanessa is. He says she is too emotional and every time Vanessa gets in a confrontation with someone, that person goes home.

We return to the HoH competition and Becky wins. Becky is the new Head of Household! She also claims the $5,000 and the never have-not prize. Steve is very worried that Becky will target him, but Becky says in the diary room that she wants to go after a “big fish.”

After the HoH competition, Shelli is already missing Clay and breaks down in tears in the bed she shared with Clay. Meg goes over to comfort her, but Meg calls the situation annoying in the diary room. Shelli also talks to Liz and Julia about Clay too, and she admits she never cried over a man before. She knows her feelings for him won’t change, but she’s worried how the two months away will affect Clay while he’s in the outside world.

Liz and Julia are not worried about being nominated, but they do fear that Vanessa will be targeted. Steve and John also talk about possible nominees. John is very close allies with Becky, so he has an idea what Becky will do and that Vanessa is likely her target. This makes Steve uneasy since he admits in the diary room that John and Vanessa are his closest allies, and it upsets him that they are at odds against each other.

After the HoH reveal, Shelli and Vanessa speculate who Becky will nominate. They are worried since once again they are out of power despite running the game the four weeks prior to the week of Clay’s eviction. Vanessa’s mind is so distracted that she mistakenly sprays her hair with disinfectant instead of with hairspray.

Becky informs Jackie, James, and Meg her plan. She wants to nominate Steve and Shelli, and mislead people into thinking Shelli is the target. However, her real target is Vanessa and she wants to keep this under wraps. She tells the three in the room to not tell anyone in the house that she’s after Vanessa.

Next we see a segment of Steve’s alone time in the house. He talks to himself and does a bunch of quirky things. The show keeps including these random Steve segments in the episodes for some reason. Anyway, afterwards we see Shelli and Becky talking game. Even though Becky told Jackie, Meg, and James not to tell anyone Vanessa is the target, she tells Shelli. She hopes that this will build trust between them. Shelli is uneasy about Vanessa being the target since she’s close to her and someone she wanted to continue working with. However, Shelli realizes that she’s a target too and she can’t do much to help Vanessa without hurting her own game.

Becky talks to Vanessa and Austin next. She tells them that she will nominate Shelli and Steve, but obviously doesn’t tell them Vanessa is her real target. Vanessa says she is on board with sending Shelli home. After Austin leaves the room, Vanessa tries to make a deal with Becky. However, Becky shuts her down right away and says she is done with making deals or alliances. This worries Vanessa, and she admits in the diary room that she knows that she’s a potential target now and she doesn’t like Becky’s game at all.

John goes up to the diary room next. Becky tells him the plan. She will nominate Shelli and Steve, but backdoor Vanessa. She also asks him to pretend he doesn’t know the plan, and he agrees. John is happy that Vanessa is the target and that he and Becky finally have a say in the week’s target.

At the nomination ceremony, Becky nominated Shelli and Steve. She tells Shelli it was not easy nominating her again after the tough week she had with losing Clay, but she thinks a lot of the drama that happened last week (including the fight that occurred before the eviction) was because of her and Clay. She tells Steve that he has been laying too low for a superfan and she wants to give him the opportunity to compete and play the game. Afterwards, we hear from Shelli, Vanessa, Steve, and John in the diary room. Shelli knows she’s not the target, but is still uneasy since things change all the time in the Big Brother house. She does not want to be the first member of the jury, especially since Clay isn’t there waiting for her. Vanessa is glad Becky is sticking to the plan so far, but she is still worried she could be a potential backdoor target. Steve is irritated that Becky called out his game and says that Becky is now his next target. John is glad Vanessa is the true target for the week since she has been responsible for nearly every eviction so far, but has yet to be blamed for any of it.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother 17! Thanks for reading and come back Wednesday for another live recap.

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