Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Spoilers (Week 10 Veto Ceremony)

Find out the details of this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony here:

To recap, Caleb is the HoH. He nominated Christine and Nicole for eviction. Christine won the Power of Veto.

Christine used the Power of Veto on herself. Caleb named Victoria as the replacement nominee.

Well, this was predictable and disappointing. Although there was a lot of talk Sunday night between Caleb, Cody, and Derrick about nominating Frankie and evicting him instead, Caleb decided to just nominate Victoria and send Nicole back to the jury house. So instead of them finally making a big move, Nicole will be evicted on Thursday.

Thursday’s episode is a double eviction, so this means the majority alliance will finally be forced to turn on one another. I doubt Victoria will be evicted since no one sees her as a threat and she will be easy to beat in the end. Unless she wins HoH or Veto, I could see Christine following Nicole out the door. It could also be Frankie. I guess we’ll just have to tune in on Thursday night to see which side of that alliance gains power and who will be joining Jocasta, Hayden, Zach, Donny, and Nicole in the jury house.

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