Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Spoilers (Week 10 HoH and Nominees)

Fan favorite, Donny, was evicted from the Big Brother house last night. Afterward, an endurance competition commenced for Head of Household that took over 2 hours to complete. I posted a little mini live blog in last night’s racap post. Caleb was the winner, with Frankie and Christine fairly close behind. Nicole, the only hope for change in the house, was not even a contender.

The nomination ceremony took place this afternoon, and it should come as no surprise that Caleb nominated Nicole and Christine for eviction. For now, Christine isn’t the target. However, they are convinced Christine will put them up eventually. They don’t trust her, particularly after Christine rekindled her friendship with the returning Nicole. In any case,  the boys have been dissing Christine behind her back all along. She was obviously going to be one of the detonator’s first targets after the outsiders were evicted.

America chose “snot roast” for the have nots, which consists of “meat products,” mushrooms, and garlic. As he promised last night after winning the $5,000, Derrick volunteered to be a have not. When there were no other volunteers, after a lot of hemming and hawing, Caleb nominated Nicole, who was already a have not and not expecting to be picked again.

After, Nicole was sobbing. “Frankie has only been on it once this whole entire game,” she cried. “Send me home, I’m sick of this crap…you don’t put someone on slop two weeks in a row…” Christine upset Nicole even further by telling her Caleb was “told” who to pick as a have not. Nicole is convinced Frankie is ruining her life in the house.

Meanwhile, In another room, Caleb and Derrick were ratting out Christine to Frankie. Apparently when Caleb was asking if everyone in the room had done it twice, Christine was pointing to Frankie. They agree that she’s “a bitch.” Frankie rationalized choosing Nicole again by pointing out her cushy existence for a week in the jury house. “I don’t give a shit,” he said. Also, he supposedly has some medical condition that doesn’t allow him to be in cold rooms…or something. “It doesn’t matter, I’m not volunteering,” he said. “This isn’t big best friend. It’s Big Brother.”

“Oh well, I’ll be skinny for Julie,” Nicole said, all too aware that she’d be going up again.

Early this morning, Derrick and Frankie were discussing the Team America fail. Frankie had a offered several excuses for why America rejected the mission, other than it SUCKED. Which it did. If you have access to the feeds, begin watching at around 12:47 am as Frankie seethes with jealousy over Donny’s apparent popularity with America. He thinks maybe America punished them for not saving their fav. He also honestly believes that America isn’t ready for a man in drag. WTF? Men have been in drag on TV since Milton Berle did it in the 50s. Frankie is delusional. He also believed, initially, that the task was given to them by production as a freebie. “I thought this was a gift…because I’m building schools in Africa with the money.” God, he’s insufferable.

Derrick kinda nailed it when he suggested that America didn’t like that they were “bashing” other houseguests. Not to mention that at this point, America would pretty much vote against anything Frankie would initiate.

Frankie also said he knows he has haters, then proceeded to compare himself to pop stars like Madonna who have both stans and haters. Ugh.

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