Big Brother 15: Thursday EVICTION NIGHT LIVE BLOG & RECAP! (Week 9)

Aryn and Andy are ON THE BLOCK. Who will leave the Big Brother 15 house tonight? Big Brother 15 eviction results RIGHT HERE.

First, a recap of Amanda ACTING LIKE A LUNATIC. And Andy. Oy. He’s such a worm. Loyal to no one.

The 3 a.m alliance will be broken up tonight, as two members sit on the block. Elissa wanted Amanda out of the game this week, but Andy was the second choice, because he’s obviously working with McCranda.

Now, Andy, who is on the block for the first time, is thinking he’ll make decisions that will save him from eviction, even if it means he has to  betray McCranda.

Amanda continues to harass and bully Elissa, trying to get under her skin. She’s CRAAAAZY. But unlike Candice, Elissa isn’t taking the bait and it’s DRIVING AMANDA EVEN CRAZIER than she already is. Amanda works on the other housemates to turn them against Elissa (whom Amanda is pissed at for putting McCrea up on the block.) Andy and Gina Marie are appalled by Amanda’s behavior. Spenser is sick of McCranda running the house. The power couples’ game is falling apart.

A new alliance, “The Exterminators” is forming to get rid of McCranda, headed by Spenser. Amanda tells Aaryn that she has known Andy longer and will probably back him. In the diary room she confesses that she doesn’t trust Aaryn anymore. Amanda turns on the tears, “I’ve tried so hard.” But, everyone has run out of sympathy for her.

Gina Marie assures Aaryn that she’ll vote to evict Andy. However, she admits in the diary room that she still forged an alliance with Andy to cover her butt.

Spenser tells Aaryn that he doesn’t trust her. She claims that her actions were based on the alliance she was in with McCrae. In the diary room, Spenser admits he is pretty sure he’ll vote to keep Andy in because he needs him for his game.

Aaryn tells McCandra that she does not understand why HGs think she’s a bigger threat than Andy. She tells McCranda that Spenser is gunning for them. They call him over to confront him. He lies and says he isn’t going after them. He angrily calls Aaryn a liar and walks away. Aaryn promises McCranda that she is their’s forever if they vote to keep her in. They are now thinking about voting to keep her in.

Viewers get to vote whether the loser of the upcoming HoH competition will have to wear a Bunny Suit or Chicken Suit. Whee.

Season 10 winner, Dan Gheesling, sits for an interview with Julie.  He thinks Amanda is playing the game like a brat. She’s not a good villain. He didn’t attack people on a personal level when he played the game.  His favorite player is Judd.  He’s rooting for him the rest of the way. His take on McCranda – They aren’t going to be even talking to each other a month after the competition. He’s not a fan of showmances.

Next, it’s time to check in on some of the show’s biggest showmances. Brendon and Rachel are married. They call each other “Bukie”.  Hm. Dani & Dominic are also married. Their romance really didn’t begin until after the competition was over.  Jeff and Jordan have been together for 4 years.  Jordan wants Jeff to put a “ring on it.” All of the couples are surprised that McCranda have lasted so long, because typically, the couples are big targets.

Back from break, Julie interviews the houseguests. She congratulates Amanda on winning her first competition. She asks her about taunting Elissa. Amanda says Elissa pushed her buttons, but she’s made amends. She really believes her loony behavior has cowed the house into not crossing her.  Elissa says her actions weren’t personal, but connected to her game. But, bygones are bygones (Right).  Julie wants to know why the bedroom is so messy. It’s Spenser’s fault. He thanks Julie for finally asking him a question.

Time to vote!

Aaryn thanks her family. She can’t wait to see them. She thanks Big Brother. She speaks as if she knows she’ll be evicted. Andy quotes Abraham Lincoln. Uhm. OK. “Goodnight, good luck, and I love you Anderson Cooper.” I have no idea what he’s talking about.

The live vote begins!

Judd – Aaryn
Spenser – Aaryn
Gina Marie – Aaryn (TEARS)
Amanda – Aaryn
McCrae – Aaryn

It’s unanimous! Aaryn has been evicted. Gina Marie was sobbing.

Damn. I’m so bummed. Because she is headed to the Jury House, Julie can’t tell Aaryn what’s going on in the outside world. Julie announces that Aaryn is evicted. She doesn’t look surprised.

Half hearted screams and BOOS greet Aaryn. Oh boy. Aaryn understands why Gina Marie evicted her–so she wouldn’t be a target afterward. She was upset with Elissa when she didn’t admit right away that she was Rachel’s sister. Julie delves into the racist stuff. Aaryn uses the “I’m southern” excuse. The audience laughs. Julie reads back some of her worst racist bits and asks her to respond. She says she DOESN’T REMEMBER SAYING THOSE THINGS. WOW. The audience continues to laugh at her. She insists that her remarks weren’t serious. She swears she loves everyone in the house. The audience laughs some more. This is REALLY AWKWARD. I’m cutting this interview and putting it up as soon as the show is over. Aaryn says she feels horrible. “In Texas we say things’… we’re only joking.” OMG she’s digging her hole even deeper. Julie hopes that after she watches footage of herself after the competition is over, that she gains some perspective on herself.

Next, it’s the HoH competition. “Hopportunity” involves the houseguests wearing bunny ears and hopping to a cage to grab an egg and work it through the caging in before pulling it out.  The HG with the most eggs wins. America has spoken. The loser of the competition will have to wear a chicken suit.

Next week? A DOUBLE EVICTION. There will be a surprise competition on Sunday. The HoH competition continues. We’ll be posting spoilers later!

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