Big Brother 15: Premiere Episode RECAP!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, first let me introduce myself! I’m Cory Patrick I’ll be working with Eric and MJ this summer to bring you recaps on the 15th Season of Big Brother. I’m what they would call a Big Brother “Super Fan”, and I’ve been peeping at Big Brother since I was about 12 during Season 3. Of course I wasn’t as much as a fan then as I am now, but my love for the show has definitely grown with age. I will be bringing you recaps and or Live Blogs during Wednesday’s Eviction Nights/Rotating Tuesday Episodes, as well as giving weekly Power Rankings of the Houseguest with Eric. Outside of that, you can follow me on twitter @therocprince and get my further personal insight into the Big Brother 15 house! I ALWAYS have an opinion about what’s going on inside the Madhouse…

The 15th season of Big Brother kicked off with a BANG! A brand new remodeled house, 16 BRAND NEW houseguests and an AMERICAN twist! Julie Chen greeted fans in a modern yet throwback style house, and an even cooler sleek new studio.

When the houseguests got into the house, they wasted no time getting familiar with each other or making game connections. The infamous couch introductions took place in the living room, featuring bright new faces and one familiar face. Elissa Slater, who introduced herself as a Nutritionist and Mom however did not reveal who she really was…The Sister of Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly. Rachel who is known for her loud voice, often considered obnoxious laugh, and her showmance turned marriage to fellow BB12/BB13 houseguest Brendon Villegas. Rachel played the game twice (first in season 12), and took home the prize two years ago over Porsche Briggs. The former winner personally delivered her sister’s key herself. However, Elissa’s introduction didn’t convince fellow houseguest Judd Daughtery who immediately thought she looked familiar. Houseguest Candice Stewart would later agree with Judd, that she believed Elissa was indeed Rachel’s sister being the first two cast members to notice the resemblance of the two.

The first official alliance, if you could call it official was formed by Jeremy McGuire, Howard Overby, and Spencer Clawson. However, a few seconds later Jeremy made another pact with fellow contestants David Girton and Jessie Kowalski. All before the HOH competition even kicked off! These newbie contestants were definitely ready to play the game, and I was impressed with their quick thinking. You have to realize that for the last few seasons past houseguest have been returning, often intimidating the newer cast mates so it was refreshing to see new people so eager to play this crazy game!

    The HOH Competition

The HoH Competition was a tough endurance game which involved all 16 houseguest hanging on for dear life in the sky to a huge popsicle. The competition also included a “licking” tongue hitting the houseguests as their popsicles passed making the competition harder, and in less than 6 minutes Judd had fallen as the first person out of the game. All the houseguest would soon follow leaving four male houseguest left in this first competition. David Girton, Jeremy McGuire, Nick Uhas, and McCrae Olson would be greeted by Julie with a tempting reward for the next two houseguest who were to drop from their popsicles.
Two lunch pails were revealed, Julie told the remaining contenders that inside of one of the pails was a pass called “Never A Have Not”, the person who got the pass would Never Ever Ever for the entire summer be a Have-Not player. This meant, no cold showers, no sleeping in the Uncomfortable Have-Not bed room (which has not been revealed yet), and most importantly NO SLOP! The first houseguest to drop due to Julie’s tempting offer was David, who dropped to only end up selecting THE WRONG pail and receiving Nothing. Of course this left only one option, Jeremy was the second drop and he scooped up the crazy prize. The Final 2 guys hanging on were McCrae Olson, and Nick Uhas. Ultimately ending in a “safety” deal between the two, and McCrae the Pizza Delivery boy from Minnesota becoming the first HoH of the season!


“Expect The Unexpected”, is the motto in the Big Brother House so of course the seasons twist was revealed to the houseguest after the comeptition. This year, America will play a huge role each week in the game. Fans will get to vote for an “MVP” each week who will have an advantage over the game. Usually, the HoH (Head of Household) nominates two houseguest for eviction weekly, but fans and players learned that this American dubbed “MVP” will name an additional THIRD nominee each week. This makes it harder for contestants to escape the block weekly, or in Big Brother lingo “float” through the game. The BBMVP will be noticed in secret, and can make their sole nominee in secret as well making the award even more powerful, as the “MVP” players can go through the game with no blood for a week.
However, I still have a few questions about the award. Like, can the MVP player still be nominated? Is the MVP eligible to receive the award week after week, or like the HoH not eligible after the previous week? Hopefully those questions will be answered soon!
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Stay Tune to find out what Eric & I think about these new faces in our next weekly Power Rankings. My opinions have DEFINITELY changed! For now, tell us who are your faves in the comment section!? Who don’t you like? Who do you think will get the boot first?! Let us know…