Big Brother 15: Jury to be Biggest Ever!

CBS will be keeping their “Biggest Season Ever’ theme going, as they announced today that the Big Brother 15 jury will be the biggest jury ever! It’s no secret that Fans have been let down by this season of Big Brother so far, and obviously the game play isn’t enough to carry the theme nor is the extended season. However, Tomorrow marks the first Double Eviction of the season and two houseguests will walk out the door during the one hour Live show.
What the houseguests don’t know is that the two evictees of tomorrow’s eviction will become the first two members of the jury, and will end up choosing the seasons winner. This will be the first ever NINE MEMBER JURY, shaking up the usual seven member jury of seasons pasts.

So the final eleven are still much apart of the game, as nine of them will be choosing the winner, while two of them will be sitting at the finale awaiting their fate.

Tomorrow should be an interesting eviction…

What do you think about this 9 member jury?!