Big Brother 15 Episode 28 Discussion and Recap *Updated*

Happy Sunday folks. This should be an action packed episode. We will see what happened between commercial breaks on the Thursday Double Eviction as well as the Head of House competition that took place Friday early morning and the nomination ceremony. We may even see some of the PoV stuff since Wednesday is a Live Eviction.

Either way I will be back later tonight with my recap and as always you can discuss the show below.


Thanks to an HTC phone that just wouldn’t work the way it should I got home late and then found out that I might have missed the taping for Big Brother which was delayed due to tennis. Luckily I leave in Canada so the Canadian feed was started on time.

And as the episode starts we get the warning that CBS and Big Brother does not support or condone the actions of the houseguests. That leads to the recap with Amanda and Elissa heading out of the house. Tonight we will get a lot of footage of what happened between commercial breaks on Thursday as well as the Head of House after Elissa was sent packing.

After it is revealed that it was a tie McCrae instantly checks the reactions of Elissa and Andy since one of them lied to him. He didn’t expect to have a showmance in the house but that is what happens and now he has to put on a brave face and fight.

Elissa actually asks McCrae if he voted to evict Amanda and Andy is right there to try to throw her under the bus and frame her. We then see McCrae win the HoH and he says he needs to get his head in the game.

Andy says he needs to convince McCrae that it was Elissa who flipped and even through McCrae says he knows Andy is lying for some crazy reason he says he needs to follow the house and evict Elissa. I’m not a violent person but I actually wanted someone to punch Andy in the face the way he is lying. Also I know it is part of the game on his part but he is just so fake right now.

As we all know McCrae nominated Elissa and GM and Judd wins the Veto. GM tells Judd to not use the Veto so that she can get extra trust in the Exterminators. Elissa is basically begging at this point for Judd to play the Veto and begging for everyone to not use the Veto.

Judd doesn’t use the Veto and Elissa is sent packing. I still think McCrae played a horrible hand this week since at this point he needs to win the Veto followed by two HoH wins to have any chance at winning the season.

In the bedroom McCrae is crying since he misses Amanda. He says he doesn’t know how he will play without Amanda and it is obvious she was the thinker in their team.

While McCrae cries in the bedroom the Exterminators are celebrating and spraying the kitchen. Again McCrae could have send one of those fools home.

Spencer “throws” Andy under the bus in the bedroom trying to play up the “fact” that Andy tried to stick with McCranda. He says he knows why but that they have to work together now. McCrae says that no one has really seen him play the game. Apparently he hasn’t been doing anything all summer.

It’s time for the HoH competition that McCrae has to win he is not eligible to play. A pixelated picture of a past competition is shown and when you know the competition you have to use the cubes to put together the face of the winner. The Winner of the HoH will also pick prizes for those who are left.

All the Exterminators say they need to win to guarantee their safety since McCrae can play in the veto since there are only five players left.

The first puzzle is Jeremy as the victor and Judd finishes first followed by Spencer. Andy is doing horrible and GM buzzes in to eliminate him. Andy is now scared because he doesn’t want to be on the block against McCrae.

The next picture is the Las Vegas roulette challenge won by Aaryn. GM buzzes in first. Judd is having a horrible time putting together Aaryn’s hair and starts yelling at her hair because it won’t fit as Spencer finishes. He then gets to find it.

It is down to GM and Spencer and McCrae is hoping for a Spencer win because he is foolish and doesn’t realize that everyone is against him. It’s the BB Express challenge won by Helen and Spencer actually pulls off a win for HoH. Spencer is happy he won’t be nominated this week.

McCrae knows he will be at risk for everyone so he needs to start playing game. They are also all scared because they know McCrae could win the Veto so they need to keep themselves safe.

It’s time for Spencer to hand out gifts. McCrae and GM are giving the gift of friendship and are attached to each other by a friendship bracelet for 24 hours.

Andy is giving the gift of wealth and sometime in the next 24 hours he will have a chance to win up to $5000. Judd is giving the gift of health and for the next 24 hours will need to do what a drill sergeant tells him. He starts with 15 push ups.

Spencer explains to GM that he chose her to go with McCrae because he doesn’t fully trust Judd to be attached to McCrae to be in close proximity to each other to make deals.

We now get to see Spencer’s HoH room and Marilyn is a real girl (joking). As Spencer reads his letter he is cut off by Judd being yelled at to do 15 jumping jacks.

GM and McCrae start talking about who Spencer will be nominating since really McCrae has no choice but to talk to her. McCrae ties to toss out the idea of a final two with GM. He thinks he can beat her in the end and he thinks GM needs someone to bring her to the end. He tosses out the idea that everyone else has a final four agreement which GM tries to deny. She says McCrae is too smart and needs to be exterminated.

He get some more footage of Judd being woken up to do push ups. Even in the DR session he is told to do some push ups. He is interrupted even during dinner and the shower. He doesn’t even get to finish his DR Sessions without being told to do jumping jacks.

For Andy’s gift he gets to smash open three pigs to add up to $500. His first two get him $85 and $9. He is hoping for big money on his last pig and gets $0.83 for a grand total of $94.83.

Up in the HoH room GM and McCrae each take the time to speak with Spencer with one of them sitting in the hallway with the friendship bracelet under the door. GM instantly sells out McCrae’s idea for a final two between him and GM. Spencer knows he will nominate McCrae but is unsure who to nominate after that.

McCrae takes his turn first and Spencer tells him that McCrae will be the pawn with GM going home and if GM wins then Judd will go up and Andy will vote to keep him. Spencer wants McCrae to feel as safe as possible so he doesn’t try hard for the Veto. McCrae is smart enough to not really buy this since he feels like Andy, Judd, and Spencer have an alliance.

It’s the nomination ceremony and Spencer safes … He is cut off by Judd having to do squats. Judd is saved first followed by Andy. Spencer tells McCrae that he was nominated because McCrae has violated his trust all season and GM is put up because she has nominated Spencer twice. Spencer says McCrae is the final speed bump for their final four and Judd is happy with GM’s acting skills the way she pretended she didn’t know she was being put up.

There is a special eviction night on Wednesday along with the footage of the Veto ceremony and competition. We will also see the return of Big Brother 14 winner Ian. I’m still not sure who will be here on Wednesday but someone will be either Live Blogging or recapping the episode.