Big Brother 15 Daily Updates [VETO COMPETITION SPOILERS]

First of all, it was noted in the last spoiler that Elissa won MVP again. The original plan was to nominate Howard as the third nominee, but Elissa ended up nominating Spencer as the third nominee for eviction. This kind of ticked off Amanda and McCrae, but I’m thinking they’ll get over it once they realize they don’t have the numbers to go off on their own.

The Veto competition also took place yesterday and Helen, Aaryn, Kaitlin, Spencer, Candice, and GinaMarie competed in a memory-based competition that involved jumping on a trampoline to see a puzzle, memorizing it in mid-air, and then running around a wall to complete the puzzle on the other side based on memory. Apparently, Kaitlin did an amazing job (as she did in memorizing items for the HoH competition) and Kaitlin won the Power of Veto.

Currently, it appears that Kaitlin is going to use it on herself, because Helen and Co told her that if she doesn’t use it, she’ll go home (they need to put a little force on her, or else she’ll be tempted to not use it to save Jeremy). She’s planning on using it, but she’s also trying to really sell the idea that Howard should go home instead of Jeremy. Helen listened to her whole pitch, but still remains set on the idea of evicting Jeremy.

We’ll see if more goes down tonight.