Big Brother 15 Daily Updates [Veto Competition SPOILERS]

Tonight, the Veto competition took place. As previously noted, if Helen did not win the competition, there’s a very strong chance she’ll be evicted this week.

After feeds returned tonight, we learned that Elissa has won the Power of Veto. Many people believed that Elissa is incapable of winning competitions, but it appears that when she NEEDS to win competitions, she’s able to pull them out (last time she was on the block, there was a decent chance that she’d have been evicted).

This was the OTEV competition of the season. To those that are unfamiliar with this comp, OTEV (Veto backwards), is a random entity (he’s been a singing clam, a lost alien) that says a riddle that describes one of the previously evicted Houseguests. The players must search through the backyard for an item containing that player’s name, race up a ramp, and take a spot in front of OTEV. The setup is similar to musical chairs, in which there is one fewer spot than Houseguest, so a player is eliminated in each round until one victor remains.

Apparently Elissa was absolutely ruthless during the competition. Andy was hit in the face, Aaryn cut her finger, and Spencer was injured as well. All of the attribute their battle wounds to Elissa. (Good for her! Truly fighting for her life!)

Now, 3AM is back on the “boot Helen” initiative. If they want to do it and Aaryn puts up Spencer, they have the votes (Andy, Amanda, McCrae….3 votes make up a majority) to pull it off.

Helen better start trying to work out some deals. She still thinks Spencer is the target this week, so unless she figures it out, she may not even campaign. We’ll see what happens.