Well, y’all, we have a new Quack Pack. We’ll get to that in a minute.

First of all, the Veto ceremony took place today, and as expected, Kaitlin used the veto and Jeremy is the replacement nominee. Unless something very crazy happens, it’s looking like Jeremy will be heading out the door this week.

In other news, some members of the group that ousted Nick last week have come together as a formal alliance. Helen, Andy, Judd, McCrae, and Amanda have officially formed the Goof Troop. This is an interesting group of  people, and as an Amanda and McCrae fan, I’m excited to see that they’re semi protected despite being an obvious duo. What I DON’T like is that Elissa was left out. Obviously, I know it’s impossible to make a formal alliance of the 8 people that conspired against Nick.  I’m aware of this. However, it’s just a little vile to me that the Goof Troop is literally only associating with Elissa to use her. As soon as they drop the MVP twist or if Elissa ever loses it, they’ll toss her out in a heartbeat. That being said, her relationships with Helen (MomSquad) and Judd may keep her safe for a while to come, since both of them really like her on a personal level.

In terms of things that are to come, Amanda and McCrae are seriously gunning for Howard after this week. They’re so committed to getting him out that they made a fake alliance with him to make him feel safe around them. The Goof Troop plans to nominate him and Candice as soon as possible (they feel Candice would campaign for him, so they want to negate her vote). Additionally, some members of the Goof Troop have sort of  been making side “deals” (they may not uphold them) with other members in the house. Helen’s been trying to get closer to Kaitlin, telling her that she’s safe in her book for weeks to come. McManda have been having similar discussions with Aaryn. So we’ll see what will happen with those two as the possible nomination choices are limited.

As far as what I wish would happen, with the birth of the Goof Troop, I’m kind of hoping that Helen keeps her strong relationship with Elissa and that they still maintain an alliance together. Judd (who’s gotten really close to Jessie the past week) really wanted to include Jessie in the Goof Troop (he was shut down), so I’m hoping the four of them (plus maybe Candice once Howard leaves) can eventually team up. I guess we’ll see how these groups break down. It’s important to keep reminding ourselves that there are still 14 Houesguests remaining, because it feels like SO much has happened, but that just means more excitement is to come!